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SNTON Group Manages Change with Ventuz Application


In order to manage a large enterprise efficiently, a lot of data from many different sources needs to be gathered and analyzed. Keeping a good overview is not always easy, and certainly visualization technologies help to understand where change could be helpful. The Chinese company Shangdong SNTON Steel Cord Co., Ltd is a significant subsidiaries of SNTON Group and the country’s second largest steel cord manufacturer. As a development hub for national standards in tire engineering, SNTON is now establishing new monitoring procedures with a Ventuz powered installation that gives detailed insight into the plant’s operation. This is the first case of Ventuz being used in industrial automation data visualization project in China.

The application, which was designed and created by Chinese agency Anystage, is permanently installed at the company’s showroom and serves both important business partners as well as internal use. By tapping into the live data from Manufacturing System and Energy Management, the Ventuz application visualizes the entire production line in depth. Through interactive technology, users can dive deeper into certain areas, focusing on a specific stage of production or take a closer look at a certain data set. Since all data is streamed into application dynamically, all numbers and figures are always up to date and displayed in intuitive designs for quick understanding.

The goal of this setup is to use the live data to optimize Enterprise Resource Planning by identifying opportunities to streamline workflows or implement new technologies. Through the vivid visualization, managers and decision makers are presented with all the information necessary to make the right changes. The open nature of Ventuz make it the perfect tool to not only gather all available data in real-time, but also to put it into an appealing and easy to understand form.


About SNTON Group

Located in Dongying City, the central area of Yellow River Delta, Shangdong SNTON Group Co.,Ltd was founded in January, 1987. SNTON Group has four major industries: Metal Products, Fine Chemicals, New Materials and Real Estate, integrating with Machinery, Electrical Equipment, Construction, International Trade, Minority Supplies and Technology Research & Development. Besides, it ranked No.386 among Top 500 Chinese Enterprises in 2013. SNTON Group has total assets of 13 billion RMB, 5000 employees, total land area of 3 million square meters and 3 high-tech industry processing bases.

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