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In touch with Oral Health


The German agency OnScreen equips European sales meeting of Heraeus Kulzer with an interactive Ventuz presentation.Heraeus Kulzer is a world leading manufacturer of high-tech dental products. Their love for technology was to be represented by the setup for the European sales meeting at the beginning of the new business year in February. The German agency OnScreen supplied them with a high-end presentation that could be operated via a touch screen by the speakers on stage.Following the motto „Give a hand to oral health“ the entire event revolved around the hand as an image and tool – thus the use of a touch screen. Via the intuitive touch interface, speakers could trigger their own presentations, which were streamed live into the Ventuz backdrop projection. Additionally, the speakers could highlight certain aspects of their presentations by drawing onto the screen. The three preview monitors on stage also included a clock to make sure that all speakers stayed within their given timeframe.OnScreen chose Ventuz for this task, because it offers easy ways of creating flexible scenes that communicate seamlessly with each other. The Heraeus Kulzer sales force, consisting of 320 people from many different countries, and the company’s management were very impressed with the outcome.

heraeus kulzer moderating on stage in front of the audience