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Ventuz Experts Provides Real-Time Know-How to Clients Worldwide

The event industry is heavily influenced by highly specialized freelance workers who are hired on project basis. Through this strategy, clients make sure to secure the right know-how for each project, depending on the requirements at hand. The same is true for the fast growing market of real-time graphics design and programming.
Especially when it comes to the 3D real-time software Ventuz, the demand for freelance support by clients oftentimes exceeds the number of freelancers available on the market. The newly founded agency Ventuz Experts has set out to relieve this problem. “Ventuz Experts serves as a middleman between event agencies and freelancers”, said Julia Glueck, founder of Ventuz Experts. “We want to establish ourselves as a one-stop-shop solution that event organizers and managers call when they need support. Depending on the project and its specific requirements, we can select the perfect expert from our database. Additionally, we organize travel, accommodation and, if necessary, visa and other official procedures.”
Julia Glueck looks back on a long career as Project and Business Development Manager in the event industry. Her extensive network in the Ventuz environment not only supplies her with the necessary personal contacts, but also allows her to quickly evaluate a project in regards to the expertise needed.
“Ventuz Experts is the perfect addition to the Ventuz market”, claimed Erik Beaumont, COO of Ventuz Technology. “We plan to cooperate closely with Julia and her team, since we are contacted quite frequently by customers who ask us for freelance support. Ventuz Experts will bring operators and clients together in a most efficient way and thereby allow for even greater Ventuz powered projects.”
Ventuz Experts can be contacted by both Ventuz agencies and freelancers at www.ventuz-experts.com.
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