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Ventuz integrates iPad Calligraphy into Chinese Game Show Broadcast Graphics


Chinese game show Character Hero uses Ventuz for all on-air and in-studio broadcast graphics.

Calligraphy is a traditional and very sophisticated craft in China. The renowned broadcast channel HNTV has now developed a game show around this topic. Character Hero has a number of contestants compete against each other by drawing characters. 
The complex technical setup was developed by Chinese agency Multipixs using Ventuz. The contestants draw the characters on an iPad. The image is embedded live into the Ventuz scene on the backdrop video wall, which consists of 13 square panels. Additionally, 13 panels on the floor mark how many attempts the contestant has accomplished. 
Three individual screens are placed in front of the members of the jury and show the contestant’s drawing in close up, so that they can get a good look before making a judgment. Two Ventuz machines on the gallery allow full access to the entire network and serve as control interfaces.
Ventuz supplied and controlled all on-air and backdrop graphics, game logics, colors and movies. With 40 million viewers Character Hero has become one of the most popular shows in China. Already, HNTV and Multipixs are in production of season 2.
backdrop wall graphics displaying the logo of  Chinese game show Character Hero