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Ventuz lives the Hologram Dream


Music festival Noise Poison uses Ventuz for large holographic real-time projections and light show.

Last week, the Noise Poison Festival in Slovakia had 1600 PsyTrance-fans bounce to the heavy beats. Above them floated a holographic real-time projection realized by Czech agency XLAB with Ventuz. A water aerosol cloud served as projection surface and guaranteed a complete 3D visualization with real physical depth. The water screen was delivered by Cirque Production. The projection had a size of about 15 meters and was powered by two Sanyo 15,000 ansi projectors.

The 3D illusion was further enhanced by lasers and lights, which created plasticity and highlights inside of the Ventuz scene. Ventuz was also used as an integration platform for other multimedia content.

a 3D devil's head projected on a water aerosol cloud creating a hologram