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Ventuz Stages Projection Mapping at Italy’s Largest Theme Park


The Enigma Show, produced by Filmmaster Events for Cinecittà World, features massive projection with dancers and artists. Ventuz is used for all mapping and blending purposes.

Cinecittà World, located in Rome, is part of the famous Cinecittà film studios and Italy’s largest theme park at the same time. Naturally, all attractions in the park are dedicated to the wonderful art of filmmaking. 
One of their many shows is called Enigma, a 30 minute live movie about the race to fulfill one’s dreams. Enigma incorporates a massive projection backdrop, illuminated by a total of eight Barco projectors. The Italian agency Clonwerk is responsible for the graphics, projection and directing the show. They used Ventuz for the arrangement of the pre-rendered content, projection setup, blending and warping. 
Additionally, Clonwerk created a number of projection mappings for distinct parts of the show, in which objects on stage become part of the projection world. They also designed an interface for the operator in the gallery to trigger the entire projection and control and adjust real-time values on the fly, even while show is in progress. 
Clonwerk chose Ventuz because of the easy setup of complex projection projects and its flexibility in terms of integration. Enigma takes place three times on every day of the week, and the Ventuz systems have proven to be a reliable and essential part of the show.
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