World’s First 4k Conference Enhanced with Ventuz Graphics


Turkish TV network Turksat recently launched its new communication satellite “TURKSAT 4B”. To celebrate this event, the network held its “Satellite, Space and Technology Days powered by TURKSAT” with the world’s very first 4k video conference. The broadcast of this conference was enhanced with Ventuz 4k real-time on-air graphics by agency Konatus.

The event took place at the Halic Congress Center in Istanbul where the Turkish Ministers of Transportation, Economy, Technology and Sports came together to discuss the city’s largest development projects. Live transmissions were installed to four sites: the 3rd Istanbul International Airport, the 3rd Bosporus Bridge under construction, the Gulf Passage Bridge and TAI Satellite Test Centre. The Ministers were then able to speak to the personnel in charge and inquire about the project status and latest updates.

The entire event was broadcast live on Turksat 4k with a full set of on-air graphics created by the Konatus. Ventuz was their real-time graphics tool of choice because it allows for the quick and cost effective implementation of 4k graphics. For a smooth integration into the broadcast workflow at this resolution, an AJA Corvid44 I/O board was used.

The broadcaster was more than satisfied with the event and feels very well prepared to enter into the next era of broadcasting at higher resolutions and greater graphics performance.

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