Ventuz User Manual - V4.07.xx

Welcome to the Ventuz User Manual. Ventuz is a powerful, highly extensible application for real-time presentations and as such is most likely different to any other piece of software you have worked with before. In this section, we have collected some great starting points to help you begin learning Ventuz. However, the best way is to start up Ventuz and see it live in action. Inside your Ventuz installation you will find a large collection of tutorial scenes and we highly suggest that you browse through them first to get an in-depth look. Ventuz also contains a great contextual help system, so if you've got a question just hit F1 while hovering over the element of interest.

As with all creative software, this help can only show you examples of what can be done and explain the underlying technology. But it's up to you to use that technology to create something truly beautiful. Think of Ventuz as the brush and canvas to create your presentation: It is up to you what you do with it and how great the result will be.

Video Tutorials

Ventuz 4 Video Tutorials Playlist on YouTube

What's New in Ventuz 4

Latest Changes

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Advanced Topics



If you still got questions after consulting this documentation or requests for further information, get in touch with us. The best way to do this is to go to the Ventuz Forum and post your question there. The Ventuz staff and the Ventuz community constantly checks the forum for new questions and suggestions and answering your question there will help others with similar problems as well. There might be an answer for your problem there already...