Tianjin gets the power going

Date: 18th October 2012, Location: China, Tianjin, Event: Presentations
Agency: CRE Imagination
Technology: Data Visualization, Video Wall

Chinese agency CRE Imagination equips Tianjin Electric Power Corporation with a high-end real-time control center.

Control rooms are like bee hives for real-time data. With information speeding in and out at all times, it gets hard to stay on top of things. Which is why a quick and intuitive data visualization is key to working effectively in a control room environment. Chinese agency CRE Imagination took this credo to heart when they created the visualizations for the new dispatching center of Tianjin Electric Power Corporation. Their tool of choice: Ventuz!

The sophisticated installation shows a geographic diagram of the power grid, all real-time data of the substations, real-time data from renewable energy sources, and an entire grid contingency plan. The data is translated into high-end visual presentations that make it possible to quickly grasp all processes in the network.

The data visualization is displayed on a gigantic video wall made of 68 Barco OVL-815 modules which are based on LED technology. The content can be controlled via an Android tablet and is thus fully interactive. Government officials and affiliates of Tianjin who have visited the facility have been very impressed with the installation, and employees see a great improvement in their work.