Ventuz 5 Brings Real-Time Graphics Creation Closer to the Artist

Date: 26th August 2015
Technology: Graphic Design, Motion Graphics

Software developer Ventuz Technology today announced the launch of Ventuz 5, the newest generation of its renowned real-time 3D graphics software suite. Ventuz 5 introduces increased performance and a wide variety of features and changes aimed at simplifying workflows and optimizing graphics quality.

Ventuz 5 has been anticipated by the broadcast graphics as well as the event and presentation industries, both of which are core markets for Ventuz Technology. With this latest release, Ventuz is introducing a completely new approach to the artistic side of the software by revolutionizing the workflows and technologies needed to create high-end 3D graphics.

Usability has always been an important topic for Ventuz”, explained Erik Beaumont, COO of Ventuz Technology. “With Ventuz 5 we are committing to our users, the digital artists, by picking up many of the workflows that they are familiar with and implementing them into Ventuz. We want to make sure that they can create their best work using our software without having to make any compromises.”

This approach becomes apparent when taking a closer look at Ventuz 5. One of the biggest changes is a new layer based workflow for real-time 3D compositing, which also incorporates well-known blending modes and effects. In addition, Ventuz now features many industry standard paradigms of operation, which will lower the entry threshold for newcomers and speed up workflows of long time users. Also, a new material engine serves for more realistic textures through increased performance and by allowing the use of assets from libraries and texture creation tools.

With Ventuz 5, the previously announced Live Link between Ventuz and Cinema 4D is also available for users. This feature interlinks the two software packages so that changes made to an object in Cinema 4D are immediately transferred into the corresponding Ventuz project. Ventuz 5 has also upgraded import options for many 3D formats, such as Collada, 3DS, DXF, LWO, LXO and FBX, as well as Photoshop files, which can now be brought into Ventuz including all their layers and blending modes.

Another big step has been taken in terms of performance. “For this release we have developed a completely new real-time 3D render engine that features an exclusive shader permutation technology”, said Erik Beaumont. “This allows our users to implement complex 2D and 3D effects without having to keep an eye on performance. With this engine at the core of Ventuz, we can continue to expand the possibilities for creating high-end dynamic graphics during the years to come.”

Ventuz Technology will start a beta testing phase in December of 2015. The final release of Ventuz 5 is planned for Q1 2016. Until then, a number of promotions are in place to ensure that customers who are interested in purchasing Ventuz today will get a free upgrade to Ventuz 5 upon release.

Interested parties can take a first look at Ventuz 5 at Birtv in Beijing and at IBC in Amsterdam, where Ventuz will be showcasing the new release on select partner booths. Additionally, the company will hold a series of webinars and online workshops during the coming months that user will be able to sign up for on the Ventuz website.

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