Ventuz 5 Supports Launch of Audi A5/S5 Coupé

Date: 28th July 2016
Customer: Audi, Agency: Rayd, Location: Ingolstadt
Event: Events, Presentations
Technology: Data Visualization, Graphic Design, Video Wall

Here is one of the very first projects realized using Ventuz 5. For the launch of the new A5/S5 Coupé models, automotive manufacturer Audi turned the main plaza of their headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany into a massive media projection circus. A phalanx of 35 2k projectors illuminated an area of 2000 square meters. Production duo CREATORS/Rayd was responsible for this installation used Ventuz for real-time content and the event’s highlight sequence.

Audi used a series of real-time Ventuz powered presentations to introduce the newest technologies and design features to the attending press. Rayd profited from the power of the new material engine which was introduced with Ventuz 5 in creating especially slick and realistic textures. Additionally, Ventuz was used for mood animations for the closing part of the event, when the press was invited onto the stage to take a close look at the new models.

The highlight moment of the show however was the introduction of the cars themselves. This was enhanced with a sophisticated tracking sequence that translated the cars’ movement on the plaza into the real-time Ventuz content. Rayd created a custom optical tracking system that tracked the positions of up to three cars at all times and sent them to the Ventuz server, where they were incorporated into the animations. Visitors were clearly impressed by this feature and the entire show was widely recognized.