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Ventuz 5: what's new?

Ventuz 5 is getting better and better with each release. Check what is new on our state of the art 3D real-time graphics suite!

Released just a few months ago, Ventuz 5 is rapidly becoming the reference in the real-time 3D graphics world. A streamlined interface, improved specifically to unleash all the creative skills of the artist, more integration with 3rd parties applications, like a Live Link with Maxon Cinema4D or the PSD Import, were just the first steps to a major series of improvements and features. We are now excited to share what is coming next with you! And wait for more...

Ventuz 5.3: What's new!

New features in Ventuz 5.3

Layer 3D Reference

This feature allows creating 3D layers with rendered result of other 3D layers. They can be manipulated as any other layer, so their properties like transformations, blending modes and opacity and effects can be adjusted independent from the original referenced layer, while keeping a link to it. Changes made to the original layer are reflected on the reference layers, but not the other way around. 3D Reference Layers also support independent camera projections, so they can use the same default camera as the original 3D layer, another existing camera or create one manually. Furthermore, an offset can be added to each camera position.

Cluster Event Nodes

Two new Logic nodes that retrieve/push status data about the Cluster setup and performance have been added.

Cluster Data: Sends status info based on task completion – mostly used by cluster slave machines.

Cluster Task: Retrieves information about cluster tasks and their current status. It allows setting cluster task completion timeout and delays, so new actions can be triggered depending on the task completion time and status – used by cluster master machines.

Features from Ventuz 5.2
Features from Ventuz 5.1
VR Whitepaper

Do you want to know all about Ventuz 5 and VR? We created this specific whitepaper for you.

Download 5.3!

You can download Ventuz 5.3 and try all the new features by using our PLE version of the software.