• screens for controlling on air graphics and camera angles behind the scenes

Ventuz Academy

The Ventuz Academy is our in-house training center. We offer a variety of classroom and online courses at different levels of expertise. Students have the opportunity to get familiar with the entire Ventuz software suite and graduate as certified Ventuz Operators.

You can find a detailed training calendar here



Other Training Partners

INCAS Training und Projekte GmbH & Co.KG
multitouch object recognition screen

Europark Fichtenhain A 15 
D-47807 Krefeld, Germany

Phone +49 2151 366 250
Fax +49 2151 366 2529
E-mail ventuz@incas-training.de
Web www.incas-training.de

Rayd GmbH - Basic and Expert Trainings

Landsbergerstrasse 326 
D-80687 Munich, Germany 

Phone +49 89 520 33 435 
Fax +49 89 520 33 569 
E-mail info@rayd.de 
Web www.rayd.de