Ventuz Immerses Hyundai Showroom in Seoul

Date: 20th October 2016, Location: Seoul, Event: Motorstudio Hanam, Presentations
Agency: Interactive Asia, SMG Asia, Customer: Hyundai
Technology: Video Wall

The new showroom of Hyundai in Seoul, which is called Hyundai Motorstudio Hanam, was opened to the public in September 2016 with a big blast. Located in a highly sophisticated country when it comes to digital media, the showroom features some of the finest technology, both for the automotive as well as entertainment area.

The centerpiece of the showroom is a digital media room. Three walls, the ceiling and middle columns are covered in LED panels and display videos and images that underline the spirit of freedom and mobility. The agencies SMG Asia and Interactive Asia created this impressive setup and are powering it with ten Ventuz servers that are now running reliably on a 24/7 basis. Ventuz handles all video playback as well as the shaping and HLSL blending between videos.

Interactive Asia also utilized their custom tool OptiREMOTE to manage the Ventuz project. Not only does it provide full control over the entire Ventuz cluster, it also offers the possibility to influence the content. This is especially important, as the Hyundai showroom staff needs to be able to adjust the videos over time without having to call in an expert.

The showroom has been perceived with great appreciation by the public and press alike. Hyundai lays a focus on electric and hybrid technology and environmentally friendly mobility, and has used the media cave to enhance this message with images, videos and animations of nature that invoke feelings of peace, freedom and elation.