Ventuz Interaction Features with Technology by SOLUTIONS4AV, a brand of LANG AG

Date: 3rd July 2018
Customer: Solutions4AV, Agency: Lang AG
Market: POS/POI
Technology: Interactive, Touch Screen

Because Ventuz offers a powerful set of features for the production of multitouch content, we are always keeping an eye out for new developments in this space. Recently, we received word about some new releases by our partner LANG , a vendor and rental house for presentation technology. For close to a decade now, they have been using Ventuz to present their display and projection devices in their showrooms, on roadshows or on exhibition floors.

The first interesting release is the new generation of fluxTOUCH screens, which offer capacitive touch on UHD resolution ranging between 32”and 65” sizes, all based on the latest 3M PCAP system. The combination of UHD resolution and high-res touch systems allows Ventuz users to design highly detailed interactive content, which fits perfectly with the motion graphics and effects toolkit that was introduced with Ventuz X. This system allows you to add interactive particles to your presentations – cooler effects, fancier designs.

The fluxTOUCH gen3 screens recognize up to 80 touch points simultaneously, which offers free range for the development of multi-user applications, such as digital collaboration tables in meeting rooms or touch games on trade show floors. Additionally, the flat front of the display gives it an added visual appeal – because the device should look as good as the content.

In addition to capacitive touch technology, the screens also support a new development by SOLUTIONS4AV called TOR, which stands for Tangible Object Recognition. It allows you to equip your product (or a 3D model thereof) with a TOR chip. When the object is then placed on the screen, interactions are triggered. The system uses up to ten chips per screen and uses the TUIO protocol, which is natively supported by Ventuz. Using objects instead of hands for interaction gives Ventuz users great opportunities to design slicker, more complex and unique interfaces and navigation menus for interactive applications.

Touch tables and screens have become a must-have for retailers, brands and marketeers in almost all industries. Innovative and smart-looking technologies such as fluxTOUCH gen3 screens paired with well-designed 3D real-time Ventuz content offer ways to set your applications apart from the rest. You want to see more interactive Ventuz content? Check out this Youtube playlist. Want to learn more about the many ways to use touch inputs? Read about it in the Ventuz user manual. And your next chance to see it in person is ISE 2019, where we will be on exhibiting on booth 8-K330. Use our VIP Code 916004 for free entry to the show.