Ventuz Powers Interactive Experience for LA 2024 Olympic Bid

Date: 3rd November 2016, Location: Rio de Janeiro, Event: Presentations
Agency: Pictures That Move
Technology: Data Visualization, Interactive, Projection Mapping, Touch Screen, Video Wall

Big impressions on a small space – that is the essential challenge faced by every Olympic Bid City during the Games Season. At the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the candidates for the 2024 games, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome and Budapest, were each given no more than 20 square meters to present their concepts in an informative and appealing way.

The team from LA2024 commissioned Move Wild, a joint venture between Madrid based Ventuz agency Pictures That Move and Thinkwild, to transform their 20 square meters into an immersive, interactive experience. The installation centered around a media table that featured a physical model of the city of LA. A 5K NEC laser projector, that was installed above the model, provided a seamless projection mapping and painted the white model in the brightest of colors.

Via a touchscreen, visitors were able to navigate through the 5 different so-called Sports Parks that LA envisions for their games concept. When selecting one of the parks on the touchscreen, the respective area on the city model was highlighted and sports venues, streets and public transportation were made visible. In-depth information including all relevant numbers and stats was made available on the touchscreen.

But that was not all. To provide full immersion, the entire room also reacted to the visitor’s input. Three 10K Epson projectors turned three walls of the room into media surfaces that showed images and video clips explaining the LA2024 concept and vision. A 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound system completed the setup.

Move Wild chose Ventuz mainly because it was the only software that could cater to every need of this divers project. From projection mapping to interactive interface, from media handling to playout, Ventuz controlled the entire workflow and provided synchronicity across all display outputs. Since the content required occasional manual adjustments, Move Wild used an Excel Sheet as a data source for the Ventuz content. That way, the client was able to change text and figures as needed, and the presentation updated automatically. Images and movie clips could be managed via an external media folder.

Idea, concept, realization by Move Wild
Design of table and city model by Aecom
Construction of table by Mediascreen
Construction of city model by ExArchitects
Movie Clips by 72Sunny and Colin Rich