Ventuz powers Interactive Mirror for BMW

Date: 23rd December 2013
Customer: BMW, Agency: Stereolize, Location: Dubai
Market: POS/POI
Technology: Data Visualization, Graphic Design, Interactive, Touch Screen

BMW shows unusual interactive mirror installation with Kinect gesture control at Dubai Motorshow.

At the Motorshow Dubai in November of 2013, premium car manufacturer BMW equipped their booth with two high-end Ventuz installations. One featured a custom made corporate animation, specifically designed to fit a multi-segment display installation. It consisted of a main screen and horizontal LED bars hanging from the ceiling. When standing at the right position, all elements formed one smooth image.
The second installation was a mirror display panel positioned in portrait mode positioned in front of the BMW X5 and the i8 hybrid. A hidden Kinect made it possible for the visitor to control the content via gesture control. The combination of the mirror image and the 3D real-time content gave the impression being a part of the virtual world. The Kinect also tracked head movement to make sure the content appeared at the right position of the screen. As a special highlight, visitors cold record short movie clips of themselves interacting with the content.
Find more info on the stereolize website.