Ventuz powers Live Medal Count for VOLKSWAGEN Group Russia at Sochi Winter Olympics

Date: 28th April 2014, Location: Russia, Sochi, Event: Events, Live Medal Count, Winter Olympics
Agency: Luxoom, Customer: VOLKSWAGEN
Technology: Data Visualization, Video Wall

The medal count presents one of the essentials for both Winter Olympics and Paralympics and always assures worldwide media and public frenzy.

The athletes’ and countries’ competition to score one of the top five ranks was converted by VOLKSWAGEN Group Russia into an exciting interactive show combining impressive design, live data feed and dynamic real-time content as well as a powerful dance show with up to sixty dancers on five floor levels in front of the LED. Additionally, highlights of the day were displayed in between shows showing the names of medal-winning athletes, live tickers and facebook comments.

The digital content for this extraordinary show was created and developed by Luxoom Medienprojekte GmbH in cooperation with Avantgarde Munich using Ventuz as their programming tool of choice for all live data feed integration.

Luxoom Medienprojekte GmbH decided to use Ventuz due to the software’s easy process of adjusting animations with short reaction time. “When dancers, music and content have to work together, timing is essential”, said Tobias Sievers, Creative Director of Luxoom Medienprojekte GmbH. “With Ventuz we had complete freedom until the last days before the big kick-off, which was very important in order to create a perfect show.”