Ventuz powers massive Interactive Video Wall

Date: 29th November 2013, Location: Moscow, Russia, Event: Presentations
Agency: 2RISE
Technology: Graphic Design, Interactive, Interactive Video Wall, Touch Screen, Video Wall

The Moscow City Government presents urban development project Yuzhni Port with complex multimedia installation.

The Moscow City Government was not only one of main sponsors of the Open Innovations 2013, but also had their own booth. On their behalf, IP Agency hired 2RISE for the stand design and to create an impressive video wall installation, which was used to present an ambitious urban development project: The old industrial area at Yuzhni Port is to be remodeled into a new district for modern living and innovative businesses. 
The installation consisted of a total of eighteen 60” screens embedded into an LED backdrop, resulting in a 13 by 4.5 meter video wall. To call this an eye-catcher would be an understatement. Via a touch-screen desk located in front of the installation, the speaker was able to select one of six topics that highlighted certain areas of the development plans.
The content was created using the high standard of design that 2RISE is so well known for. The complex data of the Yuzhni Port project was transported via easily understandable graphs and diagrams, which also came in handy during panel discussions on the booth. 
The presentation at Open Innovations was a great success and will be used again at future events by the Moscow City Government to present their plans for Yuzhni Port.