Ventuz Supports Second TV Debate for Spanish Elections

Date: 19th July 2016, Location: Spain
Agency: MSL Media
Market: Broadcast, Technology: Motion Graphics

The need for reelections in Spain resulted in a second presidential debate which took place on June 13th. This time, the four main candidates to be the president of the country took part: Mariano Rajoy – PP, Pedro Sanchez – PSOE, Pablo Iglesias – Unidos Podemos, and Albert Rivera – Ciudadanos. Agency MSL Media provided the clock and TV graphics for this event using the Ventuz software suite.

In order to make sure every candidate received equal speaking time, monitors showing digital clocks were installed in viewing distance of the candidates and moderator. The clocks were controlled by officials from the gallery. A Ventuz network transmitted the timing information from behind the scenes into the studio. The live TV graphics were also managed by MSL Media using two Ventuz broadcast stations. They consisted of candidates’ and moderators’ presentations, entrance titles and exit rolls.

The debate was watched on Spanish TV by over 10.5 million people, a full 57% of the entire TV audience. The live signal was sent to 17 channels all over the globe, among them USA, Mexico, Russia, France, Germany, Italy, and China. The debate was also streamed online to more than 350.000 people worldwide.