Volvo Uses Multi-Sensory Installation for German Roadshow

Date: 5th April 2016, Location: Germany, Exhibition: IAA
Agency: Sonntagnacht, Customer: Volvo
Market: POS/POI, Technology: Interactive

It is the essential question every brand faces: How do we reach our audience. In 2015, automotive company Volvo chose a different path to achieve this goal. Instead of exhibiting at IAA, Germany’s largest auto show, Volvo created a mobile brand house and went on a roadshow across 16 cities.

The agency Sonntagnacht was asked to contribute a scalable, interactive installation which need to provide information about Volvo’s Vision 2020 – a technological movement which shall prevent all fatalities for people driving a Volvo within the next 4 years.

To visualize the complexity of driving assistance and security systems in an understandable manner, Sonntagnacht developed a Ventuz powered multi-sensory application. It consists of a sensory table which shows a digital map. Visitors can “drive” along the map with model Volvo XC 90 – a custom made software registers position, movement and rotation of the car. When the driver reaches specific traffic scenarios, the digital background highlights the functionalities of the security systems and explains how the situation will be solved.

The installation was a great success at each stop of the roadshow and provided visitors with a playful experience. Customer Volvo was very impressed and is already considering the use of the application in showrooms and dealerships across Europe.