Wrapping Around the Salesforce World Tour

Date: 16th June 2016, Location: Washington DC, Event: Events, Presentations, Salesforce World Tour
Agency: Meru Interactive
Technology: Projection Mapping

When Salesforce goes on tour, be sure to prepare for something big. At the Washington DC stop of their World Tour 2016, they invited visitors to enjoy their keynote speeches in an immersive media room. Meru Interactive used Ventuz to wrap the media content around the 360° projection screen.

A total of four 20k projectors illuminated the 28 by 3-meter surface, shooting from a very narrow 45°-degree angle. All blending and warping was accomplished with Ventuz custom projection management toolset from a single Ventuz server. Ventuz also handled the changing between presentation content and interstitial video, which used the American flag as its main element to pay tribute to the location and audience.

Meru Interactive honored Ventuz as their go-to choice for extravagant media setups, saying: “The more complex the situation is, the more we need Ventuz to make it possible.”