Command Line Options

By default Ventuz executable files are installed in this folder.

C:\Program Files\Ventuz Technology Group\Ventuz 4

The installation may differ if the user has selected another installation path or the system driver letter is not C:\. If a Ventuz process is launched by the Windows Explorer, these options are used to define which project has to be opened or presented. Creating Windows Shortcuts makes it easy to apply such options and launching desired standard projects or presentations.

Ventuz Designer Options

The Ventuz Designer supports the following command line syntax:

Ventuz.exe [project] [options] 

The optional project argument selects a Ventuz Project file (*.vzp) to be loaded. If a project is specified on the command line, the Project Browser will not be shown during start-up.

Ventuz Presenter/Runtime Options

Ventuz Presenter/Runtime can run in two diffent modes:

Additional options:

Option Description
-stats Enables the Perfomance Statistics
-diag Enables the Input Diagnostics
-kill Any other running VentuzPresenter.exe process will be killed before launching the new instance.
-default:scene Defines the scene identity (name) of the default scene to be initially loaded when launching in Director Mode. If this option is omitted, Ventuz tries to load a scene named "/default".
-override Only valid if a Ventuz Presentation is specified: Edit the project configuration overrides. (see Deployment)
-win Forces the Runtime to start in windowed mode.
-nosplash Disables the splashscreen.

Example: Start Ventuz Presenter/Runtime in Director Mode and disable log output. The scene named "/start" will be loaded as startup scene.

VentuzPresenter.exe "C:\MyProject\MyProject.vzp" -log:0 -default:/start

General Options

Ventuz Designer and Ventuz Runtime accept some general command line options.


Both Ventuz applications write the log messages to a log file on harddisk. These files are




The Ventuz Presenter/Runtime has the ability to select the log level with the -log: option.

Option Log Level
Debug FFmpeg

The special option -df enables logging of dropped frames. Every time Ventuz drops a frame, a log entry is written. Please note that writing a log message itself can cause another frame-drop. This option could turn into a vicious circle of dropped frames caused by dropped frames!

Option Description
-df Enables logging of dropped frames for quality control.
-al Append Log. Messages of a new Ventuz session are appended to an existing log file. By default a new file is created.