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Hard and Software for 3D Real-Time Content Creation

Ventuz comes in three versions for the different stages of production. The Ventuz Designer is the creation and authoring environment, where projects are designed and brought to life. The Ventuz Director offers an easy-to-use interface for playout control during events and shows. Lastly, Ventuz Runtime is the 3D render platform which puts the final project on the screen. Find more details below.Additionally, we offer licensed Ventuz hardware at different sizes and configurations. The VBOX is provided by our partner XI-MACHINES.

Ventuz Director

ventuz director interface modelling 3d images Ventuz Director is a playout control application dedicated to driving Ventuz content in any kind of audiovisual production realm.Ventuz Director requires no system specific knowledge to use as an operator and a minimal learning curve. It allows for the operation of any kind of configuration or show... READ MORE

Ventuz Designer

Ventuz Designer is the creation and authoring application for Ventuz content.Ventuz Designer combines the worlds of logic, animation, compositing and design in a real-time 3D environment. Complete freedom of creativity paired with data connectivity, state-logic animation, and instant implementation... READ MORE

Ventuz Runtime

Ventuz behind the scenes setup for Porsche Ventuz Runtime is the output software for projects created in Ventuz Director and Designer. It brings with it a highly stable 3D engine for maximum performance and reliability. A variety of output options offers the perfect solution for any given task at hand: be it machine clusters for video... READ MORE


Logo Ventuz VBox The VBOX is a Ventuz licensed machine perfectly suited for the production and playout of Ventuz products. The VBOX comes in a variety of configurations and sizes, ranging from small form factor workstations for POI/POS Installations to high-end machines for broadcast and event purposes. ... READ MORE