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Core subscription

Realtime is the future and Ventuz is by far the most intuitive and versatile solution in the real-time graphics market. Developing experiences without coding – a dream of all creators comes true! Our subscription-based licensing model for the Ventuz Core product line  makes it even easier to take the step into professional real-time graphics domain. Affordable monthly and annual subscription options lower the entry barrier and provide maximum flexibility in terms of duration.

Subscription vs Perpetual

Flexible Licensing – monthly and annual plans


Perpetual license

Ramp up your license pool at peak times


One-time invest, i.e. for fixed installations (Core Runtime)

Tailor licenses to project duration


Perpetual license – buy once, use permanently

Affordable plans, starting at EUR 60.00 (net)


Initial cost starting at EUR 990.00 (net)

Up to Dual 4k resolution


Up to 4k resolution

Always current with active subscription


You decide when you want to buy a new version

inty pro ++

„With Ventuz Designer we can create tasks fast even without scripting, using only nodes, which is helpful for the designers in our team.“


An increasing number of customers have been requesting greater flexibility when it comes to licensing. We also hope the new low monthly price will reduce the entry barrier for aspiring artists, freelancers, and small businesses.

Core Edition subscribers can create projects that use two (2) 4K outputs. This is twice the number of pixels compared to Core Edition perpetual licenses. Subscription licenses are also completely digital. They do not have physical license media and need an internet connection to function.

Subscription was introduced with the launch of Ventuz 6.11, and is not compatible with older versions.

Ventuz Core Edition is our most used product, so it was logical to first introduce Subscription for this edition. Many Enterprise Edition users are running longer-term fixed installations with more specialized uses. At this time, subscription would not provide any extra value to our Enterprise customers. Thus, only perpetual licensing options are available for Enterprise Edition currently.

Perpetual licenses cannot be switched to subscription, and vice versa. This is due to the completely different licensing authentication we use to for those products.

Your license will expire at the end of the subscription term, and you will no longer be able to start the Ventuz software using that license. You can subscribe again at any time.

No. Subscription licenses have access to all software releases, service updates and bug fixes published during the active subscription term.

Subscription and perpetual licensing are non-transferrable, and credit cannot be given.

Absolutely! We want to offer our customers solutions that best fit their needs and budget.

Nothing will change. Existing perpetual licenses will not be affected by subscription. All updates and fixes are included until the end of your maintenance period. After your maintenance period has expired, you can choose to either extend your maintenance or switch to a Subscription license to stay up to date with current releases.

The Enterprise Edition of Ventuz contains an expanded set of features that are not included as part of Ventuz Core edition – therefore there are no plans to offer subscriptions for Enterprise at this time. For information about our Enterprise products, please contact our sales specialists.

We offer both monthly and annual subscriptions for Core Runtime and Core Studio. Customers who commit to an annual subscription are helping us plan for the long term and invest in the development of our products. As thanks for this loyalty, we will be offering annual subscriptions at a lower price when compared with a monthly subscription for the same 12-month period.

Dongle-based subscription is not available yet, but we are working on a solution that will allow hardware-based licensing. We will inform our customers as soon as we have a solution in place.

Your subscription will renew automatically until you cancel your license. You can cancel up until the last day of your current subscription term. Kindly note that for technical reasons the subscription term will always be extended by the same period as the first one: An annual subscription is extended by one year, a monthly subscription by a month. If you want to switch to another plan, you must first cancel the old subscription and order a new one with a different duration.

Ventuz Core Subscription can be purchased exclusively from our online store. Payment for the selected term is due in advance via credit card.

Subscription licensing can only be purchased online via our web shop.

We cannot accept bank transfer as payment for subscriptions. Subscription requires a credit card on file to allow us to manage payments properly.

When the subscription is first purchased, a warning message will appear if the transfer fails for any reason. The purchase process will not be completed until the payment process is successful. If the charge fails at renewal time we will notify you via email. We will attempt to charge the account several time, after a grace period for which you will receive a notification. If those subsequent attempts fail, your subscription will be terminated, and you will need to purchase a new one.

Subscription allows you to work with one (1) concurrent seat per license. The licensing works through online leases, so your system must be connected to the internet to start a license.

For technical reasons, it is currently not possible to mix perpetual and subscription licenses in one shopping cart. You’ll have to purchase them separately.

It is not possible to cancel individual licenses of subscriptions that were purchased in one transaction. If you anticipate that you need to do this when a project ends, we recommend that you purchase each set of licenses separately.

The Ventuz software periodically contacts our license server to update the lease. If the connection fails, a warning prompt appears and you have 5 minutes to reconnect or save your project, after which the software will stall. The software cannot be used until the connection is re-established and the lease is renewed.