Ventuz 6.6 comes with updated drivers and codecs:

  • We have updated the SDI Board Drivers introducing new boards, like Deltacast 12G boards. For more details have a look at our Supported Hardware documentation
  • The NDI SDK Integration has been updated to Version 4.5.
  • Ventuz now supports H.265 decoding

For the handling of Far Eastern Languages, Ventuz has added two new nodes: The IME Textfield Input allows keyboard input with an Input Method Editor and the Chinese Character Conversion node can convert texts between certain Chinese standards, like Simplified, Traditional, Hong Kong etc.

The new Web Interface Configuration Editor allows for Remote Configuration and Scene Management from machines that do not have Ventuz installed – like mobile phones, or tablets. It holds some additional features compared to the desktop version of the configuration editor:

  • A License Manager to view the current licenses of a remote machine
  • Quick access of output logs of the Ventuz Runtime, Director and Designer
  • Remote Performance Diagnostics for easier tests of performance issues

Lastly, the Ventuz Designer’s Property Editor now supports tabs for properties of Hierarchy Containers, Content Containers or Layers. With these you can keep the overviewability of your custom nodes.

The logical release date of Ventuz 6.6.0 is April the 30th 2020.
This means that users with Maintenance until the end of April can run this version.