Control your show using the newly added Companion integration for Enterprise Director! Create custom shortcuts for any Elgato Stream Deck to control Ventuz Director. Harness the power of Ventuz for virtual production and AR using our newly integrated FreeD camera tracking protocol. Integrate with the latest versions of Unreal Engine! Ventuz 6.11 now fully supports Unreal Engine 4.27.2 in addition to Unreal Engine 5 beta integration.

Companion Director Integration:

Introducing support for Elgato’s Stream Deck family of hardware controllers. We have created a new set of tools for Bitfocus Companion, that can be used to personalize and program custom functions for any Stream Deck. The Director module for Companion allows Ventuz Enterprise Director to be controlled from any Stream Deck. This includes advanced functionality like custom buttons, stacked actions, feedback, etc. The combination of Elgato Stream Deck and Ventuz Enterprise Director offers an affordable and flexible control solution for your real-time graphics playout in broadcast, fixed installations, and professional AV events.

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Enhanced Support for Unreal Engine:

Ventuz 6.11 now officially supports Unreal Engine 4.27.2. Our improved Engine-to-Engine integration opens the door to robust and efficient workflows. We also give you a sneak peek at our new Unreal Engine 5 integration *.

*UE5 E2E integration is currently a feature preview and not production ready!

Repository Updates:

Repositories are a powerful tool in Ventuz that allow you to pack, store and retrieve parts of your hierarchy and content, to reuse later within the same or different projects. Ventuz 6.11 brings many new improvements to the repository workflow. Find instances and references to any repository items used in your project much quicker and easier than before. It has also never been simpler to propagate changes made to repository items across all instances used in a scene.

FreeD Camera Tracking Integration:

We are thrilled to announce the addition of FreeD camera tracking to our list of supported protocols! Expanding our camera tracking support enables even greater possibilities for using Ventuz in virtual, augmented, and mixed-reality workflows. In addition, we can now apply advanced lens distortion* effects to our rendered output to accurately mimic in-studio camera setups.

*Advanced lens distortion may require special licensing




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Ventuz Core Subscription is now available

New Core Subscription:

The Core Edition is now available as a subscription model with reasonably priced monthly and annual plans. Get the advantages of Ventuz 6.11 and future releases at an incredibly competitive price.

New Dynamic Expression Node:

The new Dynamic Expression node now allows input and output values to be manually defined and includes the new Array data type. This gives you even greater flexibility when creating logical C# expressions. We have also expanded the list of available expression parameters to include DateTime values, making it easier than ever to program time-based events without needing dedicated C# scripts.

RAM Disk Writer Node:

The Ram Disk Writer node unlocks new possibilities for generating content from resources that only exist in memory. Store data in an internal RAM disk and generate a URI required to make the items available to resource loader nodes. This allows you to use C# Scripts and the Simple HTTP node to easily generate new content stored as byte-arrays.

Additional Features:

– Introduction of a fully OpenCV compliant lens distortion model (forward and backward) as a layer effet.

– Material merge when importing 3D assets has been optimized

– Added Mute Audio option to Web Browser node

– C# scripting now supports up to .NET Framework 4.8

– Improvements to HTTP node Reponse Body

– ClusterData node can now handle double-type values

– Directory node can now handle Ventuz URI schemes

– Updated emoji installer to v1.3