Ventuz 6.10 offers improved workflows and numerous new features

New nodes and graphic improvements 

New effects are now available on 3D layers, like the new and improved Depth of Field (DOF) calculation. It now creates much better and physically accurate results, and even allows to visualize the “Focus Plane”.

A new Depth Keyer has been added to 3D layers, that allow keying out certain parts of the scene based on the depth buffer information.

A new IPP (Image Post-processing) effect has been added to all 2D and 3D layers, the SwapRGB effect, used to reorder and re-assign the color channels of any given layer.

The brand-new Simple HTTP node is another key feature in Ventuz 6.10, that allows you to send asynchronous GET, POST, PUT and DELETE commands to an HTTP server. The resulting data can be presented as a string that can be parsed later using Ventuz content nodes, and it can trigger  events on successful or failed transfers.

Other minor node improvements include an extended ShrinktoFit Text Effect, that gives you greater control over the text layout and the ability to write Log files when using Log Nodes.

Workflow improvements – integration with 3rd parties 

Ventuz has always been designed to integrate with other industry applications to create very advanced scenes. Ventuz 6.10 adds new tools and enhancements that will help you to update and streamline your workflows.

The integration with 3rd party 3D applications has been greatly improved. Maxon®  Cinema4D LiveLink now supports up to the latest Cinema4D R25 version. The file-based workflow has been improved with a renewed Geometry Import node, that now supports updated versions and more features for most 3D exchange formats, and new 3D file formats, such as STL.

Improved Adobe Substance integration for advanced materials now supports up to Substance Engine 8.08.

In addition, Ventuz v6.10 updates NDI® support, that now works with the latest NDI® version 5.03, released earlier this year.

Ventuz editions changes 

Ventuz Community and Core editions have also received an update with a new maximum output resolution of 4K DCI (4096×2160 px), increased from the previous maximum resolution of 4K UHD (3840×2160 px).

In addition, Community and Core editions can now run on standard Virtual Machines, like VMware, VirtualBox or Hyper-V. This feature was limited to Enterprise editions before, nevertheless, running on cloud solutions like AWS will be still only supported on Ventuz Enterprise editions.

Ventuz Director updates  

Ventuz 6.10 includes various new features for Ventuz Director, with the new filters in the Asset Browser window, that will make a lot easier to find assets that will be used on Director templates.

The recently introduced Director Macros functionality has also been updated with a brand-new Macro List Window, that allows triggering macros in your GUI, without the need to use keyboard shortcuts.

Other minor Director improvements include the option to remove shows from the Recent Shows start screen and new Playlist column that can display thumbnails of the items in the playlist.

Other improvements 

But Ventuz 6.10 includes other improvements  too, like:

  • updated Audio Gain control for AV inputs, that now can go up to 24dB
  • Interaction Rectangle that features extended touch capture options

Please, check the latest Release Notes for more in-depth information.

Would you like to work with Ventuz? Here is an overview of our Ventuz editions:

Our Ventuz Editions

Ventuz Software Suite is available in three main editions plus the well-known PLE – Prototyping and Learning Edition.

Community EditionCore EditionEnterprise EditionPrototyping and Learning Edition

Ventuz Community Edition – FREE

Is a new and FREE edition of the Ventuz product line (Designer,Director and Runtime) which is aimed at creating a larger user base and reaching more people. It also aims to reduce the financial entry barrier into the software. The free Community Edition can also be used to support young talents in your company and even contribute projects since the files are compatible with the commercial editions!

  • Permanent internet connection for license verification required.
  • Scenes created and saved with Community Designer can be loaded into Core and Enterprise Editions without any limitation.
  • Resolution Limit of Ventuz Community Runtime at 3840×2160 = 8,294,400px (UHD) for one physical Output (Mosaic/Eyefinity not possible)
  • Primary Node Limit per Scene or in the rendered scene tree is 500.
    • Scenes cannot be saved from Ventuz Community Designer if this limit is exceeded.
    • Loading more content into the Runtime will render a disruptive watermark.
  • All outputs, including clips created with Render 2 Disk, are permanently branded with a modest, configurable watermark.
    • it can be selectively customized in visual type and position, but not in content (wording and size). The permanent watermark is only visible if the Scene runs in Community Edition. Scenes played in Core or Enterprise Edition are not watermarked.
  • Ventuz Community Runtime can also output one single NDI, one single SDI 1080p or one single encoded (H.264/H.265) stream (via SDK) – all fill only (no alpha/key).
  • Ventuz Community Director can only control the local machine on a single Director Channel – no remote Runtimes allowed.
  • Warping & Shaping for one physical Output (using span-mode like Mosaic/Eyefinity is not possible)

Ventuz Core Edition

Is a new and cost-friendly edition of  the Ventuz product line (Designer, Director and Runtime). Ventuz Runtime Core will replace the current “Runtime Lite” (see below).

  • Resolution Limit at 3840×2160 = 8,294,400px (UHD) for multiple physical Outputs (span modes like Mosaic/Eyefinity are allowed)
  • No permanent watermark and Primary Node limitations
  • Single SDI 1080p (3G) Fill-Only Output
  • Single NDI  Output (all Formats <= 4k)
  • Single Encoded Stream (H.264/H.265) via SDK
  • VIO Input. (uncompressed RGBA/Depth/Anc via SDK)
  • Director Plugin API available and fully functional.
  • Can run without a license dongle, but there must be a permanent internet connection then.
  • Warping & Shaping for one logical Output (Mosaic/Eyefinity is possible)
  • Not expandable with Options (EXTIO, BC1, BC2) (see Options section)
  • One Director Channel
  • One Remote Ventuz Runtime can be controlled from Director, additional to the local one.

The price for Ventuz Runtime Core is identical to the price of the old Ventuz Runtime LITE, which will be taken out of sale in Q3 2020 and out of maintenance in Q3 2021. From then on, purchased Ventuz Runtime LITE licenses can be converted to Ventuz Runtime Core free of charge or upgraded to Ventuz Runtime Enterprise with a fee.

Ventuz Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition is the new name for the well-known, full featured  product line (Designer,Director and Director, except Runtime Lite). It offers all functionality of Ventuz and represents the Ventuz Flagship. It comes without any feature limitation. It is extensible with features for certain applications and industries (such as TV-Broadcast, Newsroom, etc.)

  • No watermarks or Primary Node limitations
  • Unlimited resolution
  • The number of Pipes has been increased from 2 to 4, and therefor you are able to run:
    • Four NDI outputs or
    • Four SDI (3G 1080p fill only) outputs or
    • Four encoded streams (H.264/H.265) outputs (via SDK)
  • Full warping and shaping support on all outputs
  • Multi-Machine Cluster and GPU sync support
  • Full render-to-disk capabilities
  • Fully featured Director including Director Plugin API
  • Director can control an unlimited number of Remote Runtimes and Director Channels

Ventuz PLE (Prototyping & Learning Edition) – FREE

This edition is intended to prototype and pitch your project and to try out features (POC). The feature set is identical to the Ventuz Enterprise Edition (with Broadcast 2 option), except

  • Permanent watermarks on all outputs
  • Scenes saved with Ventuz PLE Designer can’t be loaded into any other Edition