BUGB16717DMX / Nodes: Fixed wrong DMX universe display in Designer when both Art-Net and sACN are enabled but one of them fails to initialize.
BUGB16465Designer / ContentEditor: Custom node icons with alpha were blended on black and the transparency was discarded. Fixed!
BUGB16620Designer / Nodes: Icon for orthogonal camera projection was missing. Fixed!
BUGB16652Designer / Nodes: When dragging .vzm files from Win Explorer a deprecated node was used to render them. Fixed!
BUGB16688Designer / Nodes: Fixed bug in FX Node where the blur and mirror FX could effect the render resolution.
BUGB16707Designer / Nodes: When previewing Screen, Canvas or Design Preview, the Texture Saver node did not work. Fixed!
BUGB16628Designer / Nodes / PropertyGroups: Extracting PGs that had a binding to a Container created an illegal binding directly to the node inside the container and not to the container property itself. Fixed!
BUGB16532Designer / RenderToDisk: Async MovieClip & MovieFrame nodes were not forced to sync mode during R2D playout so that you could have slightly different results with every R2D run. Fixed!
BUGB16637Designer / Script Editor: Some assembly entries in the Reference control had wrong color and were hard to read. Fixed!
BUGB16676Render Setup / Runtime: Fixed rounding errors that resulted in rendering artifacts when using oddly sized screens.
BUGB16418Runtime / LiveVideo / SDI: Fixed crash when scene with Live Video input was unload trough Sceneport.
BUGB16698Runtime / Nodes: Certain SVGs could crash Ventuz due to a StackOverflow Exception. Fixed!


CHANGEC16410Director / Configuration: Added reading of Machine Configuration for information about desired logging behavior.
BUGB16545fixed frame alignment of black magic output streams.
BUGB16519Audio Playback: Fixed possible crash when using ASIO outputs.
BUGB16072Configuration / Render Setup / Warping & Shaping: Test patterns where not visible until you did hit save. Fixed!
BUGB16477Configuration / Warping & Shaping: A new and unsaved render setup did not apply the shaping & warping and test pattern live immediately. Fixed!
BUGB16215Designer: Node-Color icon did not scale correctly with DPI settings > 100%. Fixed!
BUGB16306Designer: The Project Browser had a wrong aspect with DPI scalings > 100%. Fixed!
BUGB16234Designer / Hierarchy Editor: Quad icon for Material preview was only black. Fixed!
BUGB15561Designer / Layers / Hierarchy Editor: Compositions with the same name are now also showing the correct error when the Hierarchy Editor is used for layers.
BUGB16053Designer / Nodes: PBR lights can now be renamed.
BUGB15381Designer / Remoting: Project Data editor is now correctly scalable.
BUGB16084Designer / RenderToDisk: Fixed that when starting RenderToDisk from Designer, there is no preview.
BUGB16490Designer / RenderToDisk: Fixed audio output when using RenderToDisk from Designer UI.
BUGB16501Designer / RenderToDisk: Fixed Crash with RenderToDisk and TIFF output when no alpha is used.
BUGB16502Designer / RenderToDisk: Fixed Designer getting slow or stuck after using RenderToDisk sometimes.
BUGB16525Designer / Textrendering: If rendered text contained emojis and one disabled emojis in Project Settings Designer crashed. Fixed!
BUGB16487Director / Asset Browser: Fixed display of Keywords and ChannelIds values in details view.
BUGB16506Director / Asset Browser: Fixed column headers and options from the settings popup to not be updated after language change.
BUGB16269Interaction / Nodes: Fixed alpha handling in Touch Paint node with non-additive mode.
BUGB16183Multipipe Rendering / Previz: Fixed the automatically generated "<previs screen>" in multipipe scenarios.
BUGB16432Nodes: Interpolator nodes could break parts of the scene validation if inputs were NotANumber or Infinity. Fixed!
BUGB16509Nodes: AudioAnalysis crashed Ventuz when validated in background thread. Fixed!
BUGB16366Runtime / Template Engine: When loading the same scene to multiple ports sometimes not all ports managed to load it. Fixed!
BUGB16426Scripting / Runtime: Script nodes did not update source code from external Visual Studio projects when Runtime was in Director mode (started with VZP file). Fixed!
BUGB16475TUIO Input Diagnostics: Fixed mapping issue when a screen is split across multiple outputs.


FEATUREF16273Runtime / Presenter: Added -rendersetup command line option so users can override the current RS on launch.
BUGB16295CRITICAL / VMS: Fixed severe memory leak in VentuzMS.exe.
BUGB16119Configuration / Device Configuration: Fixed wrong output pipe assignment when a pipe gets deleted in the Device configuration
BUGB16076Configuration / RenderSetup: In some mixed DPI cases it was possible to see unnassigned pixel boarders inside Designer or Runtime. Fixed!
BUGB16071Configuration / Warping & Shaping: When warping, the second warp group was invisible. Fixed!
BUGB16141Configuration / Warping & Shaping: Enabling the warping GUI on projectors by pressing 'd' will crash Ventuz. Fixed!
BUGB16070Configuration / Warping & Shaping Editor: Pressing 'Solo' button did not switch off other outputs, but flipped them. Fixed!
BUGB16112Configuration Editor / Render Setup Editor: Fixed very subtle rounding errors.
BUGB16212Designer: Double-clicking on Scene icon in Property Editor crashed the application. Fixed!
BUGB16235Designer / Layer / Mask: Fixed loading of SVG files as Layer masks.
BUGB16247Designer / Nodes: Fixed Audio Crosspoint groups showing up multiple times in the Volume Control node.
BUGB16230Designer / Preview : Fixed Alpha Channel ('Show Key') appearing gray instead of white.
BUGB16192Device Config / Runtime: Fixed crash when in Device Config the Preview Window render Gpu is set to a Gpu that does not exit (any more) on the system.
BUGB16097Director / Topology: Fixed creation of new Topology in editor to also create equal amount of Channel Slots according to number of Ports.
BUGB16107Engine / Movie Playback: Fixed crash when trying to play certain video files with broken timestamps using GPU acceleration
BUGB16073Multi-GPU / Runtime: Fixed situations where a computer with multiple GPUs of which only one is configured, but some processing is still done on the unused GPU (often a slow integrated laptop one). This would happen for instance with offscreen rendertargets.
BUGB16188Nodes / Runtime: Under certain circumstances the FX node could crash Ventuz. Fixed!
BUGB16147Runtime / E2E: Fixed a Ventuz to Notch communication issue in some Multi-GPU setups.
BUGB16113Runtime / Interaction: Allow SHIFT CTRL ALT from GPU outputs for the windows keyboard node, not just from the preview window, as it was before version 7.0.
BUGB16135Runtime / Layers: Blur Effect on Offscreen Rendertargets when effect bleed was used caused black image as result (since V7.0). Fixed!
BUGB16245Runtime / Layers / Live Input: Fixed interlaced live video 2D Layers, when crop or fit mode is used. The aspect was calculated wrong because interlaced sources have twice as many lines as the texture has.
BUGB16296Runtime / Movie Playback: Fixed rare, random crash when background-loading scenes with Movie nodes.
BUGB16106Runtime / Nodes: Fixed bug when Flipbook Loader needs a buffer larger than 4GB. That is width x height x number of images in Flipbook x 16 bytes per pixel (for internal RGBA float calculation) + 33% for mipmaps.
BUGB16274Runtime / SDI: Fixed crash when Ventuz Presenter is started without any monitor on the GPUs (for instance, with only SDI outputs).
BUGB16198Video Input / Output: Blackmagic ATEMs were not recognized as video input. Fixed!


BUGB16055Designer / Device Config: If one was using a Device Config which did not match the actual Audio HW, Designer was repeatedly showing an exception popup when selecting Movie Clip nodes. Fixed!
BUGB16077Designer / Nodes: Deleting Movie Clip nodes in a scene configured as Layout Scene caused exceptions and the deletion did not completely succeed. Fixed!
BUGB15994Designer / Repository / Nodes: Custom icons with alpha for Nodes and Repository items were blended on black. Fixed!
BUGB16052Designer / Runtime / Nodes: Ventuz could crash if null or empty string was set to the File property of the Skybox node. Fixed!
BUGB16047Designer / Stage Editor: Show Bezel button did not work. Fixed!
BUGB16020Designer / Text & Fonts: Bevel icons in 3D Mesh Font Style dialog were too small in DPI settings > 100%. Fixed!
BUGB16010Director: Fixed some performance optimizations that could caused crashes in rare cases.
BUGB16065Multi-GPU / Movie Playback: Fixed problem with identifying which GPUs need the video when a scene is loaded in background. In rare situations, this caused the movie to be played only on the first GPU.
BUGB16074Particle System / Touch: Touch events on Particles were fired even if the mouse did not hit a particle. Fixed!
BUGB16079Render To Disk: Fixed wrong alpha mode and blending when rendering from Designer. Now formats without alpha support do not allow changing Alpha option.
BUGB16064RenderSetup / Runtime: When using output rotation, the rendertarget resolution was calculated wrong. The output looked correct, but it was scaled up / down. Fixed!
BUGB16028Runtime / HDR / Nodes: Fixed wrong gamma when using FX nodes under certain circumstances.
BUGB16056Runtime / Multi-GPU / Movie Playback: Under certain circumstances some movie clips were not rendered on a multi-GPU setup because the GPU Masking ('Auto' mode) did not work correctly. This fix applies to the Movie Clip & Movie Frame nodes!
BUGB16050Runtime / PBR Skybox: Cubemap generation could cause errors in background thread. Fixed!


FEATUREF14406Configuration Editor / Device Configuration Editor: In the Preview Window Settings you can now select which connected screen will be used in Designer for Fullscreen mode.
FEATUREF15928Configuration Editor / Device Configuration Editor: Video Output Devices now have properties to handle newly introduced output of HDR signals.
FEATUREF15632Configuration Editor / Render Setup Editor / Layout Mode: A new measurment information box has been added which shows useful information, such as their length in pixels.
FEATUREF15630Configuration Editor / Render Setup Editor: Measurement markers are now sticky to the item they reference.
FEATUREF15223Configuration Editor / Render Setup Editor / Layout Mode: Implemented copy/paste functionality for Compositions, Screens and Touch areas.
FEATUREF15631Configuration Editor / Render Setup Editor / Layout Mode: The measurement line is fixedly resized at an angle of multiples of 45 degrees when "shift" is pressed.
FEATUREF14888Configuration Editor / Render Setup Editor / Output Mapping: By clicking on the "Import device configuration" button, a new dialog appears that allows to import (output) streams and TUIO inputs to Output Mapping. If a groupt (cluster) is selected, the import is performed for each active configuration of each machine.
FEATUREF15286Configuration Editor / Render Setup Editor / Output Mapping: Added the possibility to rearrange outputs between machines.
FEATUREF15607Configuration Editor / Render Setup Editor / Output Mapping: Outputs can now be labeled.
FEATUREF15560Designer: Increased the amount of Textures that can be used at the same time. From 8 to 14 for pixel textures and 4 for vertex textures / effects. The order in which vertex effects are applied may be different than in Ventuz 7.00 Check the Usermanual for limitations.
FEATUREF15760Designer: We've added more default gradient textures to the respective loaders.
FEATUREF15506Designer / Materials: Texture Sampler Property Group now has BorderAlpha in addition to BorderColor. The default is 1.0 (full alpha), which is the old value. Alpha is not pre-multiplied to color.
FEATUREF15552Designer / Materials / Normal Maps: can now be inverted on the Y axis
FEATUREF14776Designer / Nodes: The Chart Nodes can now evaluate the Y value for a given X value.
FEATUREF14987Designer / Nodes: The Chart Nodes can now handle XY value pairs in the format (X0, Y0, X1, Y1, X2, Y2, ...). See documentation for further details.
FEATUREF15068Designer / Nodes: Container Info Node now outputs the Composition name.
FEATUREF15224Designer / Nodes: The Movie Clip methods Restart, Pause, Play, Seek and the AutoStart can now be synchronized in a multi-machine Cluster (similar to the Cluster Task node). See documentation for further details.
FEATUREF15668Designer / Nodes: Introducing new PBR Light Node. The type of light can be changed between Point, Directional, Spot and Ambient. This light Node should be used when working with PBR.
FEATUREF15762Designer / Nodes: Introducing new PBR SkyBox Node and Aliases that are optimized for doing the prefiltering required for image based lighting inside Ventuz without external tools. The old Node can still be used even though the new one is much more convenient.
FEATUREF15846Designer / Nodes / SkyBox: Added HDRi default textures to the SkyBox and Environment Texture Loader.
FEATUREF16017Designer / Runtime: Ventuz now features a high quality physically based rendering pipeline that supports industry standard material workflows.
FEATUREF15909Designer / Script Editor: Added possibility to clear the message log via context menu.
FEATUREF15284Designer, Runtime / E2E / Notch: Introduced multiple GPU support! Check the documentation to learn how to set it up.
FEATUREF15236Designer, Runtime / Logs / Videoengine: Improved Logging "Info" for detecting Window Media Foundation devices (Webcams, etc).
FEATUREF15523Designer, Runtime / Output, Engine: Ventuz is now able to output signals in HDR color spaces. Enabling HDR in the project settings will switch all parts of the compositing engine to 16bit float calculations and enable the correct output conversion.
FEATUREF11572Designer, Runtime / Remoting 4: the Cluster class was extend by methods to reconnect to running Ventuz Runtimes and to handle backup scenarios where machines have to be added/exchanged to/in a running Cluster. See API documentation for Cluster.TryReconnectAndSync(), Cluster.SynchronizeMachine() and Cluster.SynchronizePreloadedMachine().
FEATUREF15796Director: Added filtering capabilities to the Published Scenes dialog.
FEATUREF15929Project Properties / Format / Color Space: A project can now be turned into an HDR project in the format section of the project properties
CHANGEC14802Configuration Editor: Modified icons for editing and renaming configurations.
CHANGEC15611Configuration Editor / Device Configuration Editor: In case the device Icon cannot be obtained for any reason, a default one will be displayed.
CHANGEC15784Configuration Editor / Machine Configuration Editor / Logging: Changed the defaults of the "Log File Options" and "Max Number of Backup Logs" options to "Keep Old Logs" and "10" respectively.
CHANGEC15501Configuration Editor / Render Setup Editor: Set the "Cancel" / "Create" buttons under "Create new render settings" dialog in the correct order.
CHANGEC15571Configuration Editor / Render Setup Editor: Renamed and moved the button for importing compositions to the lower left corner of the Layout mode and also, improved the layout of the button to connect preview scenes.
CHANGEC15674Designer / Materials: Renamed "Spherical" to "Spherical Reflection" and "Spherical Simple" to "Simple Spherical Reflection" to avoid confusion with spherical mapping, which would be a globe like projection.
CHANGEC15847Designer / Materials: Updated the suffixes to load TextureSets. You can find the extended list in the user manual - Node Color Material - Texture Set section.
CHANGEC15308Designer, Runtime / Logs: GPU / monitor debug logging is done only once during startup
CHANGEC15386Designer, Runtime / Movie Playback: Significantly reduced load/startup latency for looped videos
CHANGEC15627Designer, Runtime / Performance: Performance improvement for very large very high quality blurs. (up to x2 on some GPUs). Blurs with default quality do not take this code path independent of how large they are.
CHANGEC15170Videoengine / Configuration: when choosing an output as cluster clock, SDI is prioritized over less precise timing sources like NDI and other streaming. Formerly, the first usable output was chosen, now the outputs are tiered and the first usable output in the best non-empty tier is chosen. The preview window will only be considered if there is nothing else.
BUGB15831Notch did not initialize correctly in some cases. Fixed!
BUGB15677BREAKING CHANGE - Designer, Runtime / Engine: Gradients now look consistent regardless of layer type or context. This can potentially affect existing projects!
BUGB15705Designer: Image postprocessing is no longer applied to internal buffer previews (like the SSAO ambient or normal vector previews)
BUGB15256Designer, Runtime / Engine: Fixed wrong gamma in offscreen layers that contained linear content such as gradients


BUGB15957Fixed wrong gamma when using live video inputs in HDR layers
BUGB15903Configuration Editor / Device Config Editor: Fixed "Tracking Source" label and tooltip for GPUs.
BUGB15833Configuration Editor / Render Setup Editor / Output Mapping: Fixed output conversions (from screen to manual and from grid to manual) when a previs scene is linked.
BUGB15905Configuration Editor / Render Setup Editor / Shaping and Warping: When using a render setup that has more than one warped screen per physical output, only one of them was shown. Fixed!
BUGB15927Configuration Editor / Render Setup Editor / Shaping and Warping: Fixed Shaping when using manual outputs that map only parts of a screen.
BUGB15942Configuration Editor / Render Setup Editor / Shaping and Warping: Fixed some broken user interactions around the Shaping editor (reload prompts, etc).
BUGB15407Designer: Adding bookmarks to Content nodes was not possible. Fixed!
BUGB15874Designer: When switching Ventuz could crash if Layout scene contained Effect or Mirror nodes. Fixed!
BUGB15968Designer / E2E / Nodes: triggering 'Sync Fields' on E2E Data Nodes in the Property Editor caused Exceptions. Fixed (in 6.12.7)!
BUGB15966Designer / LayerEditor: Adding Unreal/Notch Layers caused an exception. Fixed (in 6.12.7)!
BUGB14808Designer / Nodes: A memory leak could occur if Mirror, Effect FX or Light nodes with shadows were used and the Scene Tree was changed by adding or removing nodes. Fixed!
BUGB15901Designer / Nodes: Touch Ripple Node provided wrong XY coordinates in Designer if the Render output had a different aspect ratio than the Renderer window. Fixed!
BUGB15873Designer / Nodes / Circle, Cylinder: Ventuz could crash if Circle or Cylinder primitive's input properties Angle or AngleStart were 'NaN' or 'Infinity' Fixed!
BUGB15837Designer / Nodes / Script Node: C#/VB Node scripts created in VS with Ventuz 6 did not compile in Ventuz 7 due to referencing Ventuz assemblies from V6 installation. Fixed!
BUGB15988Designer / RenderToDisk: R2D dialog threw an error if a Device Config was used that had Video Inputs configured that were not existing anymore. Fixed!
BUGB15979Designer / Runtime / Nodes: recovering a WebBrowser node too early after creation could crash Ventuz. Fixed (in 6.16.7)!
BUGB15960Designer / Runtime / Text Rendering: 3D text rendering was broken in Drawing Mode: Lines. Fixed!
BUGB16002Designer / Text Rendering: TextureFont Style dialog was available in the Fonts section of the Project Properties even though TextureFonts rendering is not support since V7.0 anymore. Fixed!
BUGB15883Designer, Runtime / Layers / GPU-Mask: GPU-Mask for Offscreen Layers was not applied hierarchically through Layers. Fixed!
BUGB15300Designer, Runtime / VIO, Notch: VIO with Notch didnt work properly, fixed!
BUGB15840Designer, Runtime / Videoengine: Fixed rare case when Live Video input reports a framerate of 0/1 during a mode-change, which leads to a fatal division by zero when calculating the frame duration.
BUGB15964Director: sometimes a progress popup did not close when 'Reload all Templates' was triggered via Show menu or Director Remoting. Fixed (in V6.11.5)!
BUGB15977Engine / Previsualization Scene: fixed matrix issue with uneven scaled Previs Screens, resulting in different lighting
BUGB15999Installer / MigrationHelper: It tried to link wrong version of Newtonsoft.JSON.dll and thus may have not worked on some systems. Fixed!
BUGB15967MultiGPU / Nodes / Particle System: Fixed problem where with certain timing, some particle nodes and mesh animation would appear one frame early on second/third/fourth GPU. Specifically the Data Emitter, Spline Emitter and Extruder particle nodes were effected.
BUGB15941Runtime / Designer: If you had more than 4 GPUs in your computer, Ventuz crashed. Fixed!
BUGB15761Runtime / Designer / Shaping and Warping: Rotated Cuts where downscaled in Designer and Runtime. Fixed!
BUGB16011Runtime / Nodes: Live Video node did not take Ordinal change into account when this happened in a background validation like in a Preview/Program scenario with Director. Fixed (in 6.12.7)
BUGB15978Runtime / Touch / TUIO: Particle System interaction did not work properly with TUIO inputs. Fixed!
BUGB15368Runtime / Videoengine: Fixed problem with Decklink / Black Magic output stream queues, which were misclassified (displayed red or green in the performance statistics) and failed to re-align when out of sync. This did not apply to other SDI vendors.


CHANGEC15832E2E: Notch Blocks can now run in Ventuz without the necessity of installing Notch (Changed in 6.12.6)
BUGB15431Fixed a problem where when using two distortion effects in a row, the effects would be placed wrong in a Cluster. Distortion effects include lens distortion and tile / kaleidoscope effects.
BUGB15586Disconnected VIO outputs were not limited in framerate when the global framerate is set to automatic. Fixed!
BUGB15593Fixed an issue where Unreal E2E could cause Intel drivers to crash on systems with integrated Intel GPUs (like laptops).
BUGB15626Fixed problem that, when rendering slightly below targeted framerate, caused additional stalls in some configurations.
BUGB15655Fixed problems with NDI outputs when global framerate was set to automatic. Now if another output stream that defines a framerate is present (like an SDI output), that framerate will also be used for NDI.
BUGB15698Fixed bug when in the same frame, one light with shadows is switched off and another light with shadows is switched on. Ventuz would confuse the shadowmaps.
BUGB15709Fixed occasional Designer crashes when previewing an output with warping on.
BUGB15729Tracking stopped working for VR Headsets when used with a previs node and no Render Setup.
BUGB15746The Shrink2Fit Text FX node could swallow the last line under certain circumstances. Fixed (in 6.12.6)!
BUGB15747Certain fonts did not display ligatures. Fixed (in 6.12.6)!
BUGB15748Fonts with extremely detailed glyphs may have not been rendered correctly. Fixed (in 6.12.6)!
BUGB15753Designer/Runtime does not reject a Device Config anymore because an audio device was not found. Now missing audio devices produce a warning, not an error anymore.
BUGB15765Exclusive Fullscreen mode didn't use the right FPS in some scenarios. Fixed!
BUGB15769The Spark Text FX node could log errors under certain circumstances. Fixed (in 6.12.6)!
BUGB15822Under certain circumstances Ventuz can crash when using InteractionRect node with a VR touch device. Fixed (in 6.12.6)!
BUGB14155Device Configuration: Corrected the name of the OpenVr manufacturer.
BUGB15652Director: Fixed deserialization of Name property when loading a Playlist from file. (Fixed in 6.12.06)
BUGB14925General Configuration: Pressing "Enter" not only enters the new value but also moves the focus away from the inputs to enhance the user interaction with the components.
BUGB15613IMPORTANT: Fixed highly SEVERE BUG in handling of arrays in Ventuz nodes which could cause crashes.
BUGB15730Render Setup: Tooltip of the link options inside the Output Mapping is displayed on the whole button instead of only on the icon.
BUGB15781Render Setup: Fixed a crash after doing undo in some cases.
BUGB15638Render Setup / Layout Mode: The Undo functionality takes into account changes in measurements and document scale / resolution.


CHANGEC15492Input received through the back channel of Stream Out outputs is now routed to the correct composition.
CHANGEC15622Configuration Editor now disables editing of configurations and shows a warning when the targeted machine has a newer version installed.
BUGB15546Remote Render2Disk ignored configured FPS and Resolutions. Fixed!
BUGB15578Fixed VioAPI DX11 device creation.
BUGB15579Touch paint node did reset on any property change. Fixed!
BUGB15580LineChart had invalid UV coordinates if only the first line segment was visible. Fixed!
BUGB15588Fixed wrong rendering of skinned meshes with more than 255 joints when imported from GLTF.
BUGB15589LineChart had wrong vertices for certain combinations of Value arrays and VisibilityX settings so that the line chart looked broken. Fixed (in 6.12.5)!
BUGB15590Notch E2E implementation did not work when started from a VPR. Fixed (in 6.12.5)!
BUGB15595Project Browser did not take saved value of 'Show Online Demos...' option into account on initial Designer start. Fixed (in V6.12.5)!
BUGB15602Correctly display preview rendering in runtime log window, even when using GPU outputs.
BUGB15608In some cases a scene could not be loaded if Layers have been deleted beforehand. Fixed!
BUGB15610Fixed layout of Live Video layers not updating when input video resolution changes.
BUGB15612Changing the Camera on Layer Root between 'Normal' and 'A/B' for a Layer with enabled Interfacing corrupted the scene and prevented it from loading. Fixed (in 6.12.5)!
BUGB15616The Scene Tab icon did not change to yellow Animation State icon when hovering over it. Fixed (in 6.12.5)!
BUGB15617Drag&Drop operation with Hierarchy nodes in Content Families failed if the 'Show all members of Node Families in selection' was enabled. Fixed (in 6.12.5)!
BUGB15635Fixed NDI sources not showing up in Config Editor when editing while the Runtime is active.
BUGB15641Fixed output alpha always being premultiplied despite the AlphaOutput setting in the Device Config.
BUGB15592CI Presentation Demo Project: updated String Expression nodes, which caused errors in the log
BUGB15195Render Setup: The Add Dialog does not close automatically when the click is released outside of it, only when proper click (down/up) is performed.


CHANGEC15387Per frame Performance Statistic logging was limited to 8192 characters. This limit has been removed, which is especially useful when using the web-interface to view performance statistic.
CHANGEC15559Improved error messages around composition names (both tool tip and message log).
CHANGEC15540Device Configuration: Actual desktop resolution is used in place of the custom one when "FullScreen (desktop rate)" is selected, the warning was removed.
CHANGEC15502Render Setup: If there are no Compositions or Screens created and a new one is added, it will appear with the name "default".
CHANGEC15517Render Setup: Changed default screen name from "default" to "Default" for consistency with other elements.
BUGB15432Fixed loading of badly formatted radiance HDR files (mostly cubemaps).
BUGB15437A Composition Projector in a Previs scene draw red lines in Designer (when enabling "Show non-render object") - these lines do not take into account the "override resolution" property. Fixed!
BUGB15485Fixed crash when playing back NotchLC videos.
BUGB15493Set Extension causes performance problems and flickering when the design eyepoint changes. Fixed!
BUGB15500Set Extension ignores AlignX in screen, causing wrong projection (AlignY worked). Fixed!
BUGB15508Fixed movie clips starting without audio after loading a scene.
BUGB15513Property value of Shadow Option "Cast" was ignored and always on. Fixed!
BUGB15514MigrationHelper tool did not copy .VDC files when 'SOFTWARE LICENSES' was selected for migration. Fixed!
BUGB15518MJPEG videos did not play on Nvidia GPUs because an attempt was made to decode them on GPU. Fixed!
BUGB15519Re-enabled a CPU optimization that was prevented from happening in V7.0.0 related to using materials.
BUGB15529Bounding boxes in Designer preview (white) were not visible in Preview Screen, Preview Output, and Preview All Outputs. Fixed!
BUGB15533Fixed that Previs Screens can not be selected in Designer edit mode.
BUGB15543Remote Render2Disk did not work as the initialization failed with an unhandled exception. Fixed!
BUGB15544Emoji Installer did not work with Ventuz 7. Fixed!
BUGB15548Fixed Designer crash when deleting FX node.
BUGB15565Minimized Runtime without GPU output had old icon in notification area of Taskbar. Fixed!
BUGB15574The Line Chart disappeared if the VisibilityX was reduced such that only the first line segment was visible. Fixed!
BUGB15516Designer: Scene Load/Save option 'Check compatibility...' showed wrong major version number. Fixed!
BUGB14722Director: Removed Remoting exception log entry that occurred when Director started Runtime.
BUGB15324Render Setup: Output Mapping selection is correctly synchronized on undo to avoid sporadic errors.
BUGB15385Render Setup: Fixed wording for unassigned output/cut/tile warnings.
BUGB14971Render Setup / Layout Mode: The renaming mechanism has been modified, a blank space is now added followed by the generated number to ensure uniqueness (values are trimmed), warning messages have been improved and new names are suggested when adding elements.
BUGB15451Render2Disk: Fixed error message when trying to render as QT animation.
BUGB15545The Remote Render To Disk device had a default framerate of 24 Hz since Ventuz 7.00.00. This was changed back to what it was in Ventuz 6: 60.00 Hz.


FEATUREF8540A GPU output can be used as "tracking source" to synchronize tracking packets if the GPU is synchronized to house sync.
FEATUREF11540The four window layout buttons in Ventuz Designer can now have custom names.
FEATUREF13004Performance statistics can now show the NVIDIA Sync board status
FEATUREF13200Settings for Performance Statistics and multi monitor options are now saved with the user settings across projects.
FEATUREF13317You can now disable the Preview Renderer window in the Designer via the Device config under "Preview Window".
FEATUREF13595Allowing preview of Live Video streams. Note that this will enable a live video stream even if it is not used otherwise, potentially slowing down Ventuz.
FEATUREF13825The SystemID node can now provide the Project ID Guid.
FEATUREF14757Added possibility to measure the distance between Screens and Compositions in the Render Setup Editor.
FEATUREF15344Multiple Tracking Devices per Machine! Ventuz now supports multiple tracking devices like camera tracking systems per machine.
FEATUREF15345Multiple Touch Devices per Machine! Ventuz now supports multiple Touch Input Devices like TUIO or Windows Touch on one machine.
FEATUREF15346Mixed On/Offscreen Outputs! Ventuz now allows onscreen and offscreen outputs in parallel, like Shared Surface and GPU output from a single runtime.
FEATUREF15347Multiple output adapters in parallel! Ventuz now addresses output adapters individually. No more Mosaic or Eyefinity setup needed! Output across multiple GPU outputs directly!
FEATUREF15348On the fly config changes! Device configurations for Video and Audio can now be changed on the fly while Runtime is running. No Runtime restart needed anymore.
FEATUREF15349All new Render Setup Editor! The Render Setup Editor has experienced a full rewrite for extended feature set and to match the new workflows.
FEATUREF15350Extended amount of pipes! The amount of pipes that can be used has been increased.
FEATUREF15351Configuration Editor overhaul! The Configuration Editor has been overhauled and merged with the WebUI for an extended feature set and newer technologies.
FEATUREF15352Mixed DPI support! Adding physical size to the Render Setup, it is now easy to create setups for output devices with different pixel density.
FEATUREF15353Screen Rotation! The Render Setup now allows to rotate screens individually at any angle.
FEATUREF15354Multi Canvas Workflow! Introduced all new Multi Canvas and Multi Composition workflow for layering and re-using elements on different screens.
FEATUREF15356Preview in original resolution in Designer preview window! Preview graphics in original resolution and pan in Designer independent of preview window size.
FEATUREF15357Zoom in Designer preview window! Introduced free zoom and pan to Designer preview window.
FEATUREF15359The Stage Editor has been improved and extended to the new feature sets.
FEATUREF15364Enable additional outputs in Designer: Ventuz now allows to enable outputs other than the preview window.
FEATUREF13196Extended Performance Statistics: output labels to identify GPUs and Monitors; detailed timing debugging; some stats are disabled by default as they can cause frame-drops in rendering. These are NVIDIA related stats for Sync boards and GPU frequency / utilization.
FEATUREF15360Graphics across multiple output streams: output scenes across multiple SDI, NDI ... streams!
FEATUREF13283Improved VMS discovery and Cluster communication for multiple ethernet interfaces: Control the used interfaces from the NetworkConfig.vnetcfg directly. No more Windows routes needed.
FEATUREF15358Increased Preview Options in Designer: preview individual screens, canvases, compositions in Designer or preview live video inputs directly in Designer.
FEATUREF11690Movie Clip: The OverrideFrameRate property now works for video files as well
FEATUREF15365Movie Playback: Support for fully Hardware accelerated Movie Decoding on Nvidia GPUs ([https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-video-codec-sdk NVDecode]). This allows you to playback 8k@60, 4x 4k@60 or 8x 4k@30 per GPU without an impact on the CPU.
FEATUREF15343Multi GPU: Cluster in a Box; Ventuz now supports rendering and output on multiple GPUs in parallel.
FEATUREF11521Particle System: Added further particle collider geometries like Circle and Sphere.
FEATUREF12965Remoting 4: It is now possible to release scenes that have been loaded due to a Cue command afterwards via the Release command.
FEATUREF12973Remoting 4: Extended the SceneStatus class with a field to identify the loader of a scene.
FEATUREF12921Remoting4: Added estimated CPU & GPU memory usage to Scene Model (Remoting4). E.g. <ResourceCollection CPUMemMBHint="221" GPUMemMBHint="198" Capacity="38">
FEATUREF15355Render Setup per project! All new Render Setup workflow: the render setup is now part of the project instead of machine global.
FEATUREF15361Stage Previsualization: create an interactive previsualization scene using all new previs nodes. Set up preview screens in a virtual environment, test interaction setups, have the previs scene create your output configuration on the fly.
CHANGEC12781Bindings to and from selected nodes are now highlighted by default in the Content Editor.
CHANGEC13801SDI option "Input Frame Delay" for Deltacast Boards was removed because it did not work anyway.
CHANGEC13851The Windows Mouse, TextField Input, IME TextField Input and Windows Key nodes now filter inputs according to composition layers. These nodes will only receive input if the composition layer they are inside is displayed on the GPU output or preview window the input came from. When the preview window is set to machine preview or display all outputs, input from the preview window is not passed to nodes. SDI outputs can not receive windows input (mouse or keyboard), so the input must come from the preview window, in Runtime and Designer. The DirectInput Key node and the DirectInput Mouse node work globally like before, as this input is not associated with windows handles.
CHANGEC13855If the Colorpicker node is not connected to a texture, it will take the color from the first output that is rendered for the content where the color picker is in. The old behavior was taking the color from the output associated to the pipe, but now there are multiple outputs which makes things more complicated. Note that the node does not take the color from the layer it is in, the color is taken from the output after compositing.
CHANGEC14046The Touch Marker node now reports TUIO coordinates in their original 0..1 range instead of cluster pixels, as in complex V7 setups pixels don't have a precise meaning any more.
CHANGEC15174The state of the Animation Editor monitoring is now saved with the Designer layout like it's already done for the Property Editor.
CHANGEC15253Updated Chromium Embedded Framework to version 103.0.5060.134
CHANGEC15291In Remoting 4, the response to PipeInfo and VentuzInfo contains a field PipeMode. In Ventuz 7, this response can change when the Device config is changed while Ventuz is running. Please update your remoting code if it relies on this field to never change.
CHANGEC10977BREAKING CHANGE: Removed 'Permanent Seal' for Containers. Use Password Seal instead.
CHANGEC11135BREAKING CHANGE: Matrix Rotation/Scaling/Translate nodes are now deprecated; they still work in old scenes but have been removed from the Toolbox. Use Matrix Transformation node instead.
CHANGEC11563BREAKING CHANGE: The white bounding boxes will now render correctly when rendering the same scene from multiple cameras, but will not render correctly any more when using long-obsolete Ventuz 4 style viewport nodes.
CHANGEC12569BREAKING CHANGE: Ranks for external Chroma Keying are now inherited from Layer groups to their children.
CHANGEC12713BREAKING CHANGE: Following legacy (<= V4) nodes do not work anymore: RenderTarget, Viewport, Texture, View, Projection, Image Filters & Transforms, TextureGenerator, ImagesToCubeTexture, Html2Image and all hard-coded Shader nodes like VertexNoise or Corona.
CHANGEC14582BREAKING CHANGE: The very old TextureText node (deprecated since V4) does not work anymore if present in old scenes.
CHANGEC15262BREAKING CHANGE: the bounding box for Text Provider nodes that do not contain any text has zero width & height now.
CHANGEC12842Remoting 4: for the PipeInfo response, added GPU Adapter LUID (local unique ID) for more robust identification of GPU on Multi-GPU systems.
CHANGEC12940Remoting 4: VMSProjectDetails now also contains the full XML of a Ventuz Project file to retrieve special information like Layout Scenes etc.
BUGB13496Fixed stutter when queuing and starting certain movie files.
BUGB13749Remoting4 connection sometimes just closed unnecessarily. Fixed!
BUGB13860Cluster and Machine size in System Id node makes no sense with the changes in Ventuz 7. Now these values depend on the Layer the node is in. Cluster position reflects the design size of the composition and machine position reflects the currently rendered portion. Machine position will change when changing preview options in Designer. When setting preview to all outputs, Designer preview reflects Runtime values.
BUGB14728Imported Meshes and Generated fonts are now stored in Ventuz File Format version 3.0, which can not be read by Ventuz 6.
BUGB14750AJA boards will now automatically configure genlock when using internal hardware keying modes.
BUGB14824Fixed last few frames not getting decoded properly / slightly wrong duration estimation on some video files.
BUGB15163Fixed problem where the Touch Paint node cast a shadow from an invisible rectangle. This was present in V6.x, but only fixed in V7 as it has a complex interaction with the Viewport hierarchy node. As that node was removed in V7 it was an easy fix in V7.
BUGB15372Improved floating point precision of some shaders, which may lead to slightly different particle positions, dramatically diverging in simulations with time, like with the "butterfly effect".
BUGB11550BREAKING CHANGE: Custom character spacing could cause strange text layouts. Fixed!
BUGB12534BREAKING CHANGE: Vertical text alignment was wrong for 'Center', 'LastLine' and 'Bottom' if the LineSpacing property was not 1. Fixed!
BUGB15457BREAKING CHANGE: Counter Node had inconsistent behaviour in AutoRun mode depending on which kind of Node was bound to the AutoRun method. Fixed!
BUGB13204Director: Improved the check for a running Runtime to warn about an upcoming restart, primarily when opening a Show right after a Topology switch.
BUGB11668Movie clip nodes: "No movie" color now also applies when no file is loaded yet.
BUGB10460Remoting4: Scenes directly loaded to a different Pipe than 0 could not be released. Fixed!


BUGB15947Designer / E2E / Nodes: triggering 'Sync Fields' on E2E Data Nodes in the Property Editor caused Exceptions. Fixed!
BUGB15952Designer / LayerEditor: Adding Unreal/Notch Layers caused an exception. Fixed!
BUGB15962Designer / Runtime / Nodes: recovering a WebBrowser node too early after creation could crash Ventuz. Fixed!
BUGB15996Runtime / Nodes: Live Video node did not take Ordinal change into account when this happened in a background validation like in a Preview/Program scenario with Director. Fixed.
BUGB15972Runtime / Touch / TUIO: Particle System interaction did not work properly with TUIO inputs. Fixed!


CHANGEC15830E2E: Notch Blocks can now run in Ventuz without the necessity of installing Notch.
BUGB15656Fixed crash when playing back NotchLC videos.
BUGB15727The Shrink2Fit Text FX node could swallow the last line under certain circumstances. Fixed!
BUGB15738Fonts with extremely detailed glyphs may have not been rendered correctly. Fixed!
BUGB15745Certain fonts did not display ligatures. Fixed!
BUGB15767The Spark Text FX node could log errors under certain circumstances. Fixed!
BUGB15820Under certain circumstances Ventuz can crash when using InteractionRect node with a VR touch device. Fixed!
BUGB15651Director: Fixed deserialization of Name property when loading a Playlist from file.


BUGB13112The Noise Distortion's Amount property on Layers could be set to negative values which did not have any effect anyway. Fixed!
BUGB15581The LineChart had wrong UV coordinates in 'Lenghtwise' texturing on partial line segments. Fixed!
BUGB15583Notch E2E implementation did not work when started from a VPR. Fixed!
BUGB15584Drag&Drop operation with Hierarchy nodes in Content Families failed if the 'Show all members of Node Families in selection' was enabled. Fixed!
BUGB15585LineChart had wrong vertices for certain combinations of Value arrays and VisibilityX settings so that the line chart looked broken. Fixed!
BUGB15591Scene compatibility check in the Load/Save Options was only allowed up to version 6.9. Fixed!
BUGB15594Project Browser did not take saved value of 'Show Online Demos...' option into account on initial Designer start. Fixed!
BUGB15605Fixed rare random crashes when switching NDI sources.
BUGB15609Changing the Camera on Layer Root between 'Normal' and 'A/B' for a Layer with enabled Interfacing corrupted the scene and prevented it from loading. Fixed!
BUGB15614The Scene Tab icon did not change to yellow Animation State icon when hovering over it. Fixed!
BUGB15624Movie Frame node had problems with running backwards in a loop. Fixed!


FEATUREF15380Updated the Ventuz Plugin for Cinema4D to work with CINEMA 4D 2023.1.3
BUGB15056VentuzEnvironment.ini had duplicated entry for VPRTEMP. Fixed!
BUGB15297IME Textflied Input node could sometimes cause crashes. Fixed!
BUGB15389Timer node result was always missing the duration of one frame. This resulted in the fact that measuring the duration between two consecutive frames gave 0. Fixed!
BUGB15410Movie playback could stutter shortly before loop point. Fixed!
BUGB15430In some cases Fonts of same family may swap their glyph mappings and text is just gibberish. Fixed!


BUGB15263Fixed renderer crashes after using Render2Disk on Windows 11
BUGB15271Fixed playback of NotchLC videos that have an odd width and length.
BUGB15274There were unnecessary limitations when using keying and dual link modes on Decklink 8K Pro boards. Fixed!
BUGB15278Fixed a crash when repeatedly re-initializing SDI inputs from Deltacast and Black Magic boards.
BUGB15315Rendering failed with "Scene Layer" (Port) set to normal blending. Fixed!
BUGB15323Movie Clip node did only fire the Error event on the first file in a sequence of missing File URLs. Fixed!
BUGB15325Ventuz could crash if Circle or Cylinder primitive's input properties Angle or AngleStart were 'NaN' or 'Infinity' Fixed!
BUGB15334When starting multiple Director instances they could not be stopped properly. Fixed!
BUGB15362Shortcuts to Designer/Director documentation did not work from Start menu. Fixed!
BUGB12604Director: Fixed "Update Available" dialog on startup to now being displayed.
BUGB15252Director: Fixed the activation of the Playlists duration control if a too small number was entered, resulting in "00:00:00.000". The Playlist Item was then skipped immediately.
BUGB15194Particle System: Designer crashed when switching to Material Property in Nexus Renderer module. Fixed!


BUGB15107HTTP Remoting was always logging an error when triggering Methods without numeric arguments. Fixed!
BUGB15109Auto-Resolve mechanism for old TextureText nodes (deprecated since V4) was missing. Fixed!
BUGB15113Double-clicking on a VZS file outside a Project folder kept Designer in an endless error messages loop. Fixed!
BUGB15125Could not start Designer via double-click on a VZS file in a Project structure that contained more than one VZP file. Fixed!
BUGB15130On a few systems one could not edit property values by double-click in the LayerEditor. Fixed!


CHANGEC14871Assets bigger than 2GB are now supported in scene archives and presentations
CHANGEC14780Ventuz Extension API: Now supporting arrays of Color4b as input and output properties.
CHANGEC14818Ventuz Extension API: ParameterSets for ICustomResource instances must now implement Equals() & GetHashCode().
CHANGEC14835Ventuz Extension API: Added static VxLog class for simpler logging to Ventuz logs.
BUGB14896OSC nodes did not allow certain characters in addresses (like -,+,!, etc.) but that was not OSC specification conform. Fixed!
BUGB14932In Designer the icon for the 3D Mapping Provider was missing. Fixed!
BUGB14993Text scaled in Enriched Blocktext had wrong kerning. Fixed!
BUGB15006Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to manually add fields to E2E data nodes anymore
BUGB15024Horizontal & vertical flipping in the Image Layer was swapped (the naming). Fixed!
BUGB15025PSD import did not display non-ASCII characters correctly in the LayerEditor. Fixed!
BUGB15055Shaping Editor: Undo did not work on new shaping setups, only after you saved them. Fixed!
BUGB14828Ventuz Extension API: VX Matrix array conversion to the native Matrix array did not work. Fixed!
BUGB14883Ventuz Extension API: VxLegacyNames attribute did not work at all. Fixed!
BUGB14900Ventuz Extension API: Attributes like VxCategory or VxLegacyNames were not applied to Node methods. Fixed!


FEATUREF5123Introducing new String Array Analysis node. See documentation for further details.
FEATUREF8261Directional Light can have a Shadow Volume now. The Volume can be made visible by using the 'Show non-render Objects' option in Designer.
FEATUREF10239The Angle of the Circle and Cylinder primitives can now be opened counterclockwise.
FEATUREF10517SystemID node now provides the Machine Tag defined in the Configuration Editor.
FEATUREF11310The Text Effect nodes (Alpha, Spark, Scale and Rotate) now support a per-line mode which applies the corresponding effect per text line and not only to the whole text.
FEATUREF12717When pasting copied nodes in Content Editor they are now positioned at the mouse location if enough space is available.
FEATUREF14086Expression nodes can now additionally handle byte arrays.
FEATUREF14088Added PasteFromClipboard method to TextField Input node to paste copied text.
FEATUREF14105Integration with ioversel Vertex. Vertex can load and playback Ventuz projects and scenes. See documentation for further information.
FEATUREF14106Integration with Notch. Ventuz allows to access the render output of Notch as a new layer. Two way data-communication between the engines is enabled through new Ventuz Nodes. Depth-composition of additional objects into the scene is not supported. See documentation for further information (E2E Nodes and How To).
FEATUREF14110The Content Editor now has an option to show all members of a Content Family if at least one member is part of in/direct selection.
FEATUREF14468Ticker node now has the AutoStart property to make sure that a Ticker starts on scene load and the Restart method to force a restart when Ticker is stopped.
FEATUREF14543The Extended IO license option now additionally enables the use of AWS CDI video format.
FEATUREF14744It's now possible to have up to 4 Offscreen Surface outputs configured in the AV Config.
FEATUREF13342Director: new Button in Playlist Control to add an "All Out" item which performs a Take Out of all items on the current channel.
FEATUREF14115If starting a VPR and having multiple outputs configured (Multi-Pipe) the corresponding scene is activated on all Pipes. Starting Runtime in Director Mode allows activating different default scenes per Pipe with the -default<NM>: startup option - see documentation for details.
FEATUREF13409Introducing Ventuz Extension API (Alpha 0.9): Ventuz Extension API enables programmers to extend the functionality of Ventuz Designer and thus solve tasks that are impossible or difficult to implement with the built-in capabilities.
FEATUREF12422Particle System: We included the Sine Function into the Math Module. Function is : sin((valueA + valueB ) * 2 * 3.14159265)
FEATUREF14119VIO API: The Ventuz Video I/O API now supports VIO OUT.
CHANGEC12385The AutoSave popup does not steal focus from other applications anymore.
CHANGEC13578We updatet to the latest 12.4 Blackmagicdesign Drivers for Video in and out!
CHANGEC14198Designer is now able to run if user does not have Admin rights.
BUGB14683Fixed documentation for meshes in Ventuz file format (VFF).


CHANGEC14982Page Editor Plugin: The list of available Publish Contexts is now sorted alphabetically by title.
BUGB15338Fixed a memory leak in the VMS MOS module.
BUGB15494BoundingBox provided by the Block Text nodes for empty strings ignored the LineAlignment property. Fixed!
BUGB15028Director: Fixed the activation of the Playlists duration control if a too small number was entered, resulting in "00:00:00.000". The Playlist Item was then skipped immediately.
BUGB15333Director: Remote Playlist dialog could crash with empty list
BUGB15948Director: sometimes a progress popup did not close when 'Reload all Templates' was triggered via Show menu or Director Remoting. Fixed!
BUGB15327PageEditor: Fixed rare freeze of plugin while loading a Show.
BUGB14827Render2Disk: Fixed XDCAM-MXF output files not being completed correctly


CHANGEC14618Log node now writes to log file in WriteToLogFile mode even if Performance Statistics are not enabled.
BUGB14503Some fonts did not display ligatures like 'ft' correctly because reading the GSUB table of the font file failed. Fixed!
BUGB14586Arrange node could cause a crash after updating a Repository item that contained Arrange nodes. Fixed!
BUGB14607Fixed occasional audio clicks when loading a movie clip in paused state.
BUGB14617Under certain circumstances the Audio Clip node could crash Ventuz if an invalid file URL was specified. Fixed!
BUGB14650Fixed Movie Clip error when seeking to the end (or beyond) of certain video files like possible in the Animation Editor.
BUGB14654Fixed some unreplaced tooltip placeholders in the AV configuration stream properties in the Config Editor.
BUGB14688Fixed rendering of controllers for Occulus Rift S.
BUGB14725StringSplitter node allowed a recursive binding between IsNullOrWhitespace and Input properties and also outputs were already invalidated only if separators changed. Fixed!
BUGB14765Fixed Designer hangs when Render2Disk fails to start
BUGB14775Director could not load Pages if these had numeric values stored which exceeded the 'decimal' range. Fixed!
BUGB14651Designer: Memory leak could occur if Mirror, Effect FX or LIght nodes with shadows were used and the Scene Tree was changed by adding or removing nodes. Fixed!
BUGB14796Director: Fixed restoring of default duration when loading a playlist from file.


BUGB13287The Exists output on the URL node did not work correctly for Scheme Ventuz. Fixed!
BUGB14413It was not possible to drop Expression nodes on bindings (except 'Expression (dynamic)'). Fixed!
BUGB14446Fixed NDI outputs getting stuck after about two weeks on some machines.
BUGB14467Ticker node did not start the crawl on Scene load automatically and one had to change the Data Property in Single and Loop mode to make it run. Fixed!
BUGB14498Fixed rare Runtime crashes with a invalid texture access in RenderSetup code.
BUGB14500Fixed bug in SVG import that caused exceptions with certain files.
BUGB14445Director: Fixed a special case where the check of the red "changed" indicator of the PropertyEditor could lead to an exception.
BUGB14529Director: Fixed "Flatten Folders" option of Asset Browsers not showing any assets when in a subfolder.
BUGB14540Director: Fixed missing grouping and sorting options of an Asset Browser if the current folder was empty when loading the Show.
BUGB14520Particle System: Module Data Emitter, in mode "Multi", the channels Aux0 to Aux3 were not written correctly. Fixed!
BUGB14530Particle System: Data Emitter Module in Multi-Mode, the data array was not completely used. Fixed!


BUGB13381Popup for the Default property of an Asset Data Channel was displayed at wrong location if multiple AssetPools were enabled. Fixed!
BUGB14118Fixed mathematical instability with Anchor Arrow node when two points lie perfectly superimposed on the XZ-plane.
BUGB14131To-String conversion of arrays on corresponding properties did not work in PropertyEditor if the arrays were shorter than 500 elements. Fixed!
BUGB14172Merging materials did not work when importing certain 3D models. Fixed!
BUGB14179The FX Effect node in combination with enabled SSAO on the Layer root could cause rendering problems. Fixed!
BUGB14201Fixed crash when extracting material as content that had a projection texture.
BUGB14228Worked around an issue in the NDI SDK that let Ventuz crash with certain 3rd party NDI sources when changing resolution.
BUGB14251Fixed the display of Live Options for the SDI Software Chroma Keying mode.
BUGB14266In the Layer-Processing (IPP) debugging of the Performance Statistics, some shaders were mislabeled. Fixed!
BUGB14287Adding a Touch Ripple node to Hierarchy Editor caused an exception and the corresponding node tree was not created correctly. Fixed!
BUGB14341Fixed Render to Disk clips sometimes having the wrong duration when rendering DNxHD/HR out of Designer.
BUGB14365Particle System: setting negative values to the Rate property of the Source Emitter froze the renderer. Fixed!


BUGB13966Remoting4 client can't set data item of type double array (as binary). Fixed.
BUGB13999The "Look at" version of the Camera node created an invalid camera when target and position where the same. Now a camera looking towards Z is chosen when camera and target are (almost) identical.
BUGB14060Emojis of some Emoji sets where not displayed in text. Fixed!
BUGB14067Ventuz 6.11.0 came with the Hockey demo project where the LayoutScene could not be loaded. Fixed!
BUGB14079MovieFrame node could freeze Ventuz with certain HAP movies. Fixed!
BUGB14084Multi Switch node could not add Texture and Event type properties. Fixed!
BUGB14087Array properties with huge number of elements significantly degraded Designer performance if PropertyEditor's monitoring was enabled. Fixed!


FEATUREF6666Introducing new RamDiskWrite node which allows to write byte array streams to memory and access these via a special Uri from the resource loader nodes like TextureLoader. See documentation for details.
FEATUREF8413Expression nodes are now able to handle DateTime and Array types as input and output properties.
FEATUREF8664ClusterData and ValueBuffer nodes can now be dropped on supported binding types.
FEATUREF13467Scene Statistics dialog can now filter for Repository referencing Containers and those that have a reference to a newer version in the Repository.
FEATUREF13479The general Repository Item page now shows the items Generation value. For a Interface Container referencing a Repository item the tooltip now also shows the Generation value.
FEATUREF13482Added "MuteAudio" property to WebBrowser node to mute the corresponding node.
FEATUREF13483It is now possible to update all Interface Containers of a scene that have the same Repository reference via context menu.
FEATUREF13490The ClusterData node can now handle values of type Double.
FEATUREF13675Added FreeD Tracking Input Device to receive camera postion and orientation data using the FreeD protocol. An additional lens calibration file can be loaded for further calibration.
FEATUREF13827HTTP node now provides ResponseBody as byte array.
FEATUREF13906Added support for Unreal Engine 4.27.2.
FEATUREF13907Improved the Material node merging during a 3D Import to reduce the size of the imported Hierarchy Tree.
FEATUREF13912Introducing the forward and reverse full OpenCV lens distortion model as a Layer Effect.
FEATUREF13923The Interaction Rectangle node received a further TrackingMode 'NonCapturedWithAllKeys' which allows to always capture all keyboard events.
FEATUREF13988A Companion module has been created to control the Director through Stream Deck using the commands described by Director Remoting, this implementation includes the use of actions, presets, custom variables, and feedbacks.
FEATUREF13986Added preliminary E2E support for Unreal Engine 5.0. NOTE: check documentation for known issues.
FEATUREF13936Director Remoting: "show.cue" and "show.can.cue" can now be performed by Template or Page display name.
FEATUREF7735It's now possible to navigate to the Repository item referenced by a Interface Container: use the 'Find Reference' context menu entry. Search is performed on all open Repositories.
FEATUREF13785New Machine Configuration option: Disable the Presenter's preview pane when outputting over SDI/NDI/etc.
FEATUREF10998The Directory node is now able to handle the 'ventuz://' URI Scheme. This allows e.g. to list items in the project folder without the need of specifying the absolute project path.
FEATUREF15720VPE: Make Timecode Control more useable and introduce a new MOS plugin configuration value that controls how the Timecode control reads and outputs the entered value, e.g. {{{hh:mm:ss}}} to omit the frames/fractions part.
CHANGEC13520Ventuz now requires .Net Framework 4.8.
CHANGEC13790Updated the .Net connector Dlls for the case that the Database node wanted to access a MySQL DB.
BUGB13577The following A/V stream options did not work since Ventuz 6.8 : FrameRateMultiplier, EncodeBitrate, EncodeConstQP, TrackingCameraId, TrackingStudioId, TrackingScaling, TrackingLensDistortion, YUV clamping and Chroma Keying Parameters.


CHANGEC13831Documentation was wrong. The Delta-h4k2-elp 20 board can capture HDMI with audio.
CHANGEC13840Loading many images asynchronously and in parallel via TextureLoader node could cause severe stalls in the whole application. Fixed!
BUGB10844String Expression node logged a Cast Exception that could occur if a non-string input property was null. Fixed!
BUGB11547Binding indicator in Property Editor was not shown on bound PropertyGroups like the Material node is using. Fixed!
BUGB13041Fixed an issue which could lead to closing of other applications in rare cases.
BUGB13117Fixed a bug where the E2E aspect ratio was inconsistent if the layer's layout was adjusted manually.
BUGB13883Could not delete certain bindings between two nodes if they had more bindings than fit inside popup - popup now shows scrollbars in such a case. Fixed!
BUGB13915Boolean Expression node did not clone the input arrays and therefore may have modified them in the compiled expression. Fixed!
BUGB13952In Animation Editor it was possible to drag&drop (with CTRL key) a channel sub-folder inside itself and that resulted in application crash. Fixed!
BUGB14032The HTTP node did not work with string arrays bound to RequestHeader properties that contained null elements. Fixed!
BUGB132173D Import: create a single Material Node for a single material, if the Material is used multiple times it will create a Material Reference Node.
BUGB13967Remoting 4 returned wrong Project ID via VentuzInfo in VPR mode: it was the ID of the exporting project and not the unique ID created during export. Fixed!


CHANGEC13449Ventuz does not stop rendering anymore if Windows goes into Lock Screen.
CHANGEC13535Text Editor in Designer could only handle 32K of text - increased to ~10MB.
BUGB5800Tooltip popups on Repository items sometimes flickered extremely. Fixed!
BUGB13415Changing the Live Option "Gpu Info" did not update the checkmarks in the Performance Statistics options of the Designer. Fixed!
BUGB13428The Unreal Engine Layer had an degrading effect on the performance even if no UE Layer was used in a scene. Fixed!
BUGB13445Under certain circumstances VMS could crash. Fixed!
BUGB13682Materials AlphaValue property was not taken into account with Particle System Renderer and Extruder. Fixed!
BUGB13688Referenced Particles / Extruder Nodes with embedded materials did not render correctly with Effect nodes and other situations. Fixed!
BUGB13708Sometimes Designer could crash when working in Script Editor and an IntelliSense popup should have been shown. Fixed!
BUGB13727Fixed Render2Disk hangs when using embedded audio.
BUGB13735Fixed problems with interlaced DNxHD codec during Render2Disk.
BUGB13739A blocked Web Browser node reacted on mouse & touch inputs and also continued playing audio. Fixed!
BUGB13742The Shrink2Fit node could cause exceptions with empty strings which resulted in wrong output. Fixed!
BUGB13751Director could crash on asset drag&drop operations. Fixed!
BUGB12706C4D plugin: fixed issue where splines sent over live-link would sometimes be incorrectly open/closed
BUGB13647Director: Fixed a specific crash when changing data in the Property Editor.


BUGB13437Secured concurrent access on network sessions. Unsecured access could result in termination of the Ventuz Machine Service.
BUGB13435CRITICAL: Fixed memory leak in renderer which was introduced in V6.10.0 that was present with every scene.
BUGB13417Director: Fixed an issue were plugin windows were only displaying "unsupported" after switching layouts.


CHANGEC13141Unreal plugin now supports Unreal Engine V4.27.
CHANGEC13309The UE4 plugin now supports the experimental UE4 setting "Allow alpha through tonemapper"
CHANGEC13310Empty overridden Tabs of exposed properties are now handled the same way as default empty (inherited) Tabs.
BUGB13273Fixed several issues around interlaced NDI video and improved interoperability with certain 3rd party solutions
BUGB13306Binding indicators in Property Editor used wrong color for Animation, SceneData and ProjectData bindings. Fixed!
BUGB13322Runtime could crash in multi-pipe rendering due Particle Systems in the scene. Fixed!
BUGB13337Sometimes navigating to a node of a scene loaded via ScenePort could crash Designer. Fixed!
BUGB13338Asynchronous scene loading and validation could sometimes crash Ventuz. Fixed!
BUGB13348ShrinkToFit Node did not work with Emojis in LayoutAndScale mode. Fixed!
BUGB13353LFOs on properties sometimes did not work if Scene was opened via the automatically displayed Scene Open dialog on Project change. Fixed!
BUGB13360It was possible to encounter false 'License Exceed' warnings in AV Config Editor when trying to configure a remote Ventuz 6.09.x or older installation from a Ventuz 6.10.0 machine. Fixed!
BUGB13388Director: Fixed missing underscore characters in generated main menu items (mnemonics).
BUGB13390WebBrowser node: Bugfix 13138 from version 6.9.4 was missing in Ventuz 6.10.0. Fixed!


FEATUREF7743The Shrink To Fit text effect node is now able to re-layout text to fill the target bounding box more effectively by using "Layout and Scale" as ShrinkMode.
FEATUREF12352Introducing Simple HTTP Node, to asynchronously send GET, POST, PUT and DELETE requests to a HTTP server. See user manual for more details.
FEATUREF12913InteractionRect node can now filter captured touches to only send non-captured, similar to the Touch Ripple node Tracking mode property.
FEATUREF12935Added new SwapRGB IPP effect on the Layer.
FEATUREF13121New Depth Keyer feature on the Layer Root nodes of all 3D Layer types, keying out parts of the scene based on the depth buffer.
FEATUREF13134Added a better quality Depth Of Field method which is using an aperture based physical approach for DOF size calculation. In Designer it is now also possible to visualize the focus planes.
FEATUREF13147Log Node got a new property "Write to log file" which lets the user write messages to the Ventuz log files.
FEATUREF13181Increased the 4K resolution limitation in Community & Core Edition to 4096 x 2160 pixel (4K DCI).
FEATUREF13226Updated Cinema 4D Live Link plugin to work with Cinema 4D R25.
FEATUREF13238We now allow the Community & Core Edition to run on ordinary Virtual Machines like VMWare, VirtualBox or Hyper-V. Restrictions for Cloud solutions like AWS are still active!
FEATUREF3731Director: Recent Shows displayed on start screen can now be removed by clicking the upper right button on the show icon.
FEATUREF9760Director: Added new Asset Browser filters "Data", "Geometries" and "Sounds/Audio".
FEATUREF10463Director: Added a new column for thumbnails of items to Playlist window.
FEATUREF11424Director: Added new dockable window for Macros list, so they can be executed without shortcut via double-click.
FEATUREF12657Updated the Assimp library used for geometry import to the latest stable release. Imported Cameras will be set as active upon import. Materials will be connected to one Material Reference Node if multiple materials of the same type are found. Chains of Axes that are not animated and have only one child will be collapsed to one single node (CollapseTransformChains property) Set "NoLighting" (No Color) shading for imported geometry as default for Prebaked Environments. AutoNormalSmoothAngle can be defined for imports which don't include any smoothing or normals. Additional supported Format: STL. Error Messages and Warnings will now appear in the Log Message Window instead of a pop up. For further details see documentation.
CHANGEC13072Audio gain for AV inputs and outputs can now go up to 16.0 (+24dB)
CHANGEC13162NDI SDK updated to version 5.0.3
CHANGEC13187Substance Engine for complex material imports updated to Version 8.08


CHANGEC13183Director: Improved texts of items in Remote Playlist Browser in case playlist is empty.
BUGB11173Mover node with Random function did not stop on Reset when in Infinite mode. Fixed!
BUGB11220Binding indicators did not work for properties exposed over more than one container level. Fixed!
BUGB12321Creating bookmarks in Designer did not mark scene as modified. Fixed!
BUGB13048Fixed problem where changes in the Layout Scene dialog (project properties) did not update the Designer Scene Tree dialog.
BUGB13085Touch Excluder node was showing output properties that did not have any functionality. Fixed!
BUGB13103Fixed a bug where the camera projection offset wasn't applied correctly in E2E layers.
BUGB13138WebBrowser node stalled for long time on re-activation of it's parent scene. Fixed!
BUGB13193When loading scenes in Designer to a Layout Scene where the first Port was locked, the user was not informed about the reason why the scene was not rendered. Fixed!
BUGB7527Director: Plugin windows now reconnect when re-enabling a plugin in dialog.
BUGB13136Director: Fixed wrong label for Asset Type condition in Channel Rule dialog.
BUGB13139Director: Fixed missing underscore characters of template names in Published Scenes dialog.


CHANGEC12988Director: Increased Remoting performance for several commands, e.g. for "show.cue".
BUGB12959Unreal Engine Layer instances had some issues when running in Multi-Pipe rendering mode. Fixed!
BUGB12987Validating WebBrowser Node in background crashed Ventuz. Fixed!
BUGB13049Fixed bug in a VMS dependency which has broken some HTTP communication.
BUGB13071NDI outputs can now handle audio that goes over 0dB peak without distortion
BUGB13076Unreal Engine preview quality could changes after loading different Scenes. Fixed!
BUGB13105For certain (complex) RenderSetup/Shaping files the Save button in Shaping Editor was not enabled on modifications. Fixed!
BUGB13102Alpha Blending of sRGB textures in HDR Layers can lead to grayish results. This can be compensated by a new shader option : Alpha Target = PMAlphaHdr. This will not change behavior in SDR. The new option is slightly slower.
BUGB12993Director: Fixed an issue where the Playlist caused a refresh at an invalid time, leading to a missing control in playlist window.
BUGB13104Director: The GPIO receiver could miss GPIO commands. Fixed!


CHANGEC12909Increased receive buffer of UdpReader to make OSC message reception more reliable.
CHANGEC12978The SceneTab tooltip in Designer shows the last version that was used to write the scene.
BUGB11154Webbrowser node did not display PDF documents after load. Fixed!
BUGB12843Scene Optimization did not work with some new E2E Nodes. Fixed!
BUGB12878Some Vio modes were broken. Fixed!
BUGB12897The User Manual link of the Configuration Editor now opens in users default browser.
BUGB12907In some very rare cases Text was not displayed in a VPR. Fixed!
BUGB12908File Open dialog in Designer automatically checked 'Reference' checkbox when loading assets from outside current project folder. Fixed!
BUGB12917Interaction Rect was sending wrong touch release position when touch was released outside geometry. Fixed!
BUGB12941VMS could crash when receiving messages of a new format. Fixed!
BUGB12912Director: In very rare cases a running Playlist just stopped taking new Templates. Fixed!
BUGB12920Remoting and Template Engine: The Release flag did not work under certain circumstances. Fixed.


BUGB12849Fixed some input events getting lost when an E2E layer was in the scene.
BUGB12850Fixed UE4 instances not shutting down correctly when Ventuz is stopped from the Config Editor.
BUGB12853CRITICAL: Fixed a wrong license issue warning when using SDI outputs which made the SDI outputs effectively unusable.


FEATUREF11682Added support for AV1 encoded video playback.
FEATUREF12664The Texture Saver node now has a checkbox to unpremultiply the saved image file.
FEATUREF12803Integration with Unreal Engine 4. An new Unreal plugin is provided that enables Ventuz to access the render output of Unreal as a new layer. Depth-composition of additional objects into the scene is supported on the Ventuz side. Two way data-communication between the engines is enabled through new Ventuz nodes, Unreal Blueprints and Unreal Components. See documentation for further information.
FEATUREF12806Added Matte Choker properties to the Color Difference Keyer to allow fine tuning of the key to grow/erode it.
FEATUREF12666Director: Added DisplayName property of Channel interface to Director API.
FEATUREF12681Director: Improved Plugin API by extending Playlist, Channel and Drag & Drop capabilities.
FEATUREF12804Director: Introducing Remoting API (Websocket and REST). See Director Remoting documentation for further information.
FEATUREF11898Movie Stream: Added support for the SRT protocol
CHANGEC12707The PLE Edition is now allowed to run on Virtual Machines.
CHANGEC12757Updated FFmpeg library to revision 4.3.2.
CHANGEC12784Help Browser now also searches the tags of a Page to improve search results.
CHANGEC12820Updated the underlying CEF/Chromium code to make the WebBrowser node compatible with the latest web technologies.
CHANGEC12573Director: Added label for thumbnail size slider in Asset Browser settings popup.
CHANGEC12653Director: Added Take count to Status of cued Playlist items and accumulated its value.
CHANGEC12623Effect FX Node: Changed the alpha-handling of the Lift parameter of Color Correction effect (which is wrong) to be consistent with the Color Grading effect (which is correct).


BUGB11787InteractionRect node did not work correctly with touches coming via TUIO if a TouchArea was defined in the RenderSetup. Fixed!
BUGB12763Fixed potential memory leak in Director.
BUGB127966.8.3 introduces a bug that prevented the Director to connect to a Runtime that is using SDI or NDI, not Shared Surfaces. This was fixed.
BUGB12802Fixed a resource leak when playing back DNxHD/DNxHR videos!
BUGB12809Movie and Audio nodes copied without controlling Animation did not reveal Control Methods in Property Editor. Fixed!
BUGB12817Since Ventuz 6.8.0, in HDR Layer3d, Live Video inputs were using the wrong gamma and looked too bright. Fixed!
BUGB12821InteractionRect node did not send a 'Touch Removed' message if the touch was released outside the rectangle bounds. Fixed!
BUGB12827Fixed an NVidia related performance issue that had added a constant, low overhead and more seriously, could cause spikes of overhead.
BUGB12838Sometimes Deltacast HDMI capture boards stopped working after mode changes. Fixed!
BUGB12769Director: Fixed an issue when newly saved Shows were not displayed in the "Recently opened Shows" list on Director main screen.


CHANGEC12730Director: The "Preload All Templates" command now respects the configured Channel Rules and skips Templates which are now allowed. This reduces some load and duration of the operation.
BUGB12739Permanently cueing and taking Templates with movies in a dual-pipe setup could crash Ventuz. Fixed!
BUGB12747Fixed problem with autodetect HDMI capture on Blackmagic/Decklink boards.
BUGB12748Ventuz 6.8.0 introduced incompatibility with DirectX11 graphics cards from before 2012 when using SDI / HDMI capture. This has been fixed.
BUGB12756Active bindings to ProjectData were not listed in the Performance Statistic. Fixed!
BUGB12766Config Editor could crash if a Help page was not found in the local installation. Fixed!
BUGB12777Fixed problems with BMD Decklink Quad Capture when trying to capture YCbCr 422 and RGB 444 at the same time (on different inputs). The Color Sampling board property is not needed for modern BMD hardware anymore.
BUGB12778DMXFromTexture node could crash Ventuz if the bound texture source was not valid. Fixed!
BUGB12788Visual Basic Scripts created before 6.8 did not compile in 6.8 due to a missing assembly reference. Fixed!
BUGB12789Default unmodified Scripts created before Ventuz 6.8 did not show any source code when opened in 6.8. Fixed!
BUGB12758Director: Added Save and Restore methods to IPlaylistItem interface to allow serialization of modified data.
BUGB12762Director: Fixed possible deadlock when using the Auto-Follow feature of the Playlist while Timeline is enabled.


BUGB12704Using TextureSaver node in background thread (via Remoting or async Ports) crashed Ventuz. Fixed!
BUGB12715Validating Live Video nodes in background (via Remoting or async Ports) crashed Ventuz. Fixed!
BUGB12719Validating Web Browser nodes in background (via Remoting or async Ports) crashed Ventuz. Fixed!
BUGB12720VMS Project Scanner always returned an empty project Guid for Presentation exported with versions >= 6.8.0. Fixed!
BUGB12724Project Guid changed when Project settings were opened from Project Browser. Fixed!
BUGB12727Updating WebBrowser node in background thread could cause an exception and break the functionality of the node. Fixed!
BUGB12728Continuously disabling & enabling WebBrowser node caused memory leak.Fixed!
BUGB12722Director: Fixed an issue where macros with action "Take", "TakeOut" and "Clear" ignored their configured channels and always operated on all channels.


CHANGEC12662Updated NDI to version 4.6.1
CHANGEC12692VS Scripting: Paths to Project Assemblies are now written as relative Uris for easier deployment.
BUGB12414Fixed the Texture output of the Effect FX node's changing every frame.
BUGB12593Fixed Effect Bleed was not functioning correctly in some cases. Fixed!
BUGB12644Fixed problems configuring Deltacast SDI boards when accidentally mixing drop-frame and non-drop-frame frame-rates.
BUGB12663Fixed NDI video frame rate glitches, especially with NDI|HX sources
BUGB12675Fixed problem when loading AV configs that contain Tracking devices that were created with Ventuz 6.7 or earlier.
BUGB12680Improved search results in Help browser when using too common words.
BUGB12694Fixed hang when using Render2Disk from Designer
BUGB12697Audio Clip: Fixed Position property going beyond the Duration under some circumstances.
BUGB12693Director: Fixed crash when assigning a special GPIO input shortcut to a Macro.
BUGB12691VS Scripting: Script nodes tried to update from referenced VS projects even though UpdateOnLoad was disabled. Fixed!


FEATUREF8338A selection box for the Hierarchy Editor was added. Holding the CTRL key adds children to the selection. SHIFT adds to an existing selection.
FEATUREF8874Added async. save functionality to Texture Saver node. For details see documentation.
FEATUREF11124Event Filter node has now an event called Rejected which is fired if the filter did not match on incoming events.
FEATUREF11151You can now use Visuals Studio to edit code of the C# & VB Script nodes. See documentation for further details.
FEATUREF12245OSC Input nodes can now optionally reset output values on scene load.
FEATUREF12382Introducing new Texture source for generating simple QR Codes.
FEATUREF12439Property Editor now accepts simple expressions as value, example "7 + 3 * PI".
FEATUREF12591Scene Statistics dialog now allows to highlight node filtering result in Hierarchy and Content Editor.
FEATUREF12621Added Newtek SpeedHQ decoding to the movie player nodes.
FEATUREF12658Improved SDI and Capture boards performance and increased range of supported boards. See documentation for further information.
FEATUREF11842Director: Added new shortcuts "Preload all Templates", "Preload all Templates in Playlist", "Preload all Templates on Timeline" and "Reload all Templates".
CHANGEC9110When importing VZA files multiple times, you will be asked for an alternative filename for the scene if it already exists in the current project.
CHANGEC10166Updated Script Editor to cope with new C# (VB.net) language features.
CHANGEC11260Excel Cell nodes now reset values if Excel Workbook is not available.
CHANGEC11508Updated Script Node compiler to Roslyn so that new C# 7.0 (VB.net) features can be used now.
CHANGEC12624Deltacast deprecated most HD and DVI boards, including the HD-e-key 22 and DVI-e 20. The last driver that supports these boards is Deltacast 6.13.1. As of Ventuz 6.8 we continue to support legacy 6.13.1 drivers as well as recent 6.15.1 drivers. For the foreseeable future, including Ventuz 7 releases, we will continue to use more recent Deltacast drivers, but the old 6.13.1 driver support will stay frozen to remain compatible with legacy boards. Please note that Ventuz can only work with one Deltacast driver at a time, so all boards must use either the recent driver or the legacy driver. Mixing boards that require legacy support, like the HD-e-key 22, and new boards that require later drivers, like the DELTA-12G1c-hmi10-elp, is not possible. You should avoid using legacy drivers as they run at lower speed and are less well tested with Ventuz.
CHANGEC12625Support for DVS SDI Boards (Atomix and Centaurus) has been removed.
CHANGEC12656Stream Out when using NVENC now always outputs at the specified frame rate regardless whether Ventuz rendering can keep up.
CHANGEC12594AV Config: removed unnecessary options from Tracking devices.
CHANGEC12600SDI : AJA boards accidentally set the "Tracking Source" option for all inputs by default.
BUGB12410The initially created help search index was not used. Fixed!
BUGB12413The search bar of the build-in Help Browser contained a '+' character when searching for multiple words at the same time. Fixed!


FEATUREF12679Added UpdateRequestTimeout to Assetmanagement Config


BUGB12632User manual could not be opened from Config Editor due a wrong path. Fixed!
BUGB12637Fixed issues in NDI buffer handling resulting in occasional stutters or excess memory usage
BUGB12639Fixed audio speed and stutters when using Ventuz to Ventuz audio crosspoints
BUGB12641Fixed diagnostics appearing on screen when WebUI diag page was open
BUGB12652Binding a null value to a Font property of the EnrichedBlockText node could break the scene validation. Fixed!
BUGB12630Director: Fixed the problem that the Timeline did not run when playing it after creating a new show.
BUGB12640WebUI: fixed a few number inputs that didn't accept numbers over 999


CHANGEC12328Increased default Annotation size in Hierarchy and Content Editor for easier use.
BUGB3669Input properties exposed to an Interface Container stayed bound on interface level when exposing was deleted (disconnected from Interface). This also affected Interface Container exchange. Fixed!
BUGB12225Fixed Color Picker and DMX Texture nodes taking too much CPU time
BUGB12565In External Chroma Keying mode with FG/FK/BG/GM a 2D Layer where the Rank was set to default was visible in all channels - not only in background where it should. Fixed!
BUGB12566Fixed accidental reset of network configuration for VMS.
BUGB12571Corrected rounding issue in color space conversion for some SDI modes.
BUGB12602Sometimes Designer UI was not refreshed correctly when loading scenes with only 2D Layers. Fixed!
BUGB12611AV Config refused to create new stream after deleting a stream. Fixed!
BUGB12613Fixed missing load of network configuration for VMS Session Service.
BUGB12312Config Editor: The Networking Mode in the Cluster Networking section could show a license warning even with a sufficient license. Fixed!
BUGB12445Director: fixed crash that happened when Director tried to inform about available update.
BUGB12603Director: fixed crash caused in the Timeline control due invalid time codes.
BUGB12583IME Textfield Input: The property CompositionPreview now shows the correct pinyin composition preview instead of the wrong commit preview.
BUGB12584IME Textfield Input: disabled the CAPS LOCK key for any pinyin IME processing, since the state of the key is not handled accordingly in Cluster and other network situations.


BUGB12402glTF importer when set to "Sort by Materials" did not import meshes with no material set. Fixed!
BUGB12408In some fonts text with ligatures was not rendered correctly and characters were missing. Fixed!
BUGB12421Fixed glTF importer failing when a file contained skins but no associated animations.
BUGB12463File Open dialog now navigates to Project/Repository folder if one selects View->Repository->Open menu entry in Designer.
BUGB12467Names of Node Properties that were identical to their Category were not displayed in Property Editor. Fixed!
BUGB12468Fixed crash when certain buggy ASIO drivers are installed.
BUGB12500Repository browser color did not change until app restart when Designer UI Theme was changed. Fixed!
BUGB12435Movie Clip: Fixed validation issue with the ErrorCode property
BUGB12477Movie Stream Node: Fixed certain RTSP streams not playing if based on TCP.


CHANGEC12340Added Cinema 4D plugin for version R23.
BUGB12337Repository item from a Layer could be dropped into Content Editor but not into Layer Editor. Fixed!
BUGB12338Could not add Containers to Repository via CTRL-C + CTRL-V. Fixed!
BUGB12343Freeflight Camera help text in Renderer was not displayed. Fixed!
BUGB12362Check For Update crashed Designer. Fixed!
BUGB12384Designer could not save scenes if Watermark symptom due license exceed was active. Fixed!
BUGB12393Implemented missing VMS1 commands OPT, INST and GETCFG in the VMS1 emulation layer. (TCP Port 20405)
BUGB12333Director : Remote playlists were sometimes not displayed in an open show. Fixed.


CHANGEC12327Improved buffer handling for the Movie Stream node to reduce stuttering in cases where frames do not come continuously enough.
BUGB11554Pressing CTRL-A or CTRL-B in Hierarchy Editor did not mark scene as modified. Fixed!
BUGB12319Fixed bad formatting in AV statistics.
BUGB12324Animations on top level of scene were not displayed in Animation Editor. Fixed!
BUGB12325Fixed NDI live video not working under certain conditions
BUGB12326Fixed another rare crash in the Movie Stream node
BUGB12320Director: Fixed a crash that sometimes occured when dropping external data into a show.


CHANGEC12246Increased the number of possible shadows to 8.
BUGB11986Scene Optimization did not handle Layer Switcher correctly. Fixed!
BUGB12310Merging Runtime Lite and Designer Only Enterprise licenses could fail on Runtime start and the License Manager was presented. Fixed!
BUGB12313Fixed crash when opening a video file with 16 mono audio tracks and the merge option enabled.
BUGB12314A few emojis like 'Bear' were not displayed in some Emoji Sets. Fixed!
BUGB12315Fixed occasional crash in the Movie Stream node when a stream cuts out and comes back in a different resolution
BUGB12316Fixed the Movie Stream Layer not updating layout when the stream's aspect ratio changes
BUGB12318Binding MovieStream texture to Interface property caused Cast Exception on copy or save. Fixed!


BUGB11289Some Emojis were not displayed even though they existed in the configured Ventuz Emoji set. Fixed! Additionally we released new Emoji sets with more emojis for download from out website.
BUGB12199Fixed certain video streams failing to play in the Movie Stream node
BUGB12202In some rare cases the VentuzMS_Systray6.exe would not start and the VMS taskbar icon was not displayed. Fixed!
BUGB12215Fixed wrong version displayed in an error message dialog when no valid license could be found.
BUGB12221Fixed NullReference Exception caused by Property Editor and exposed properties on Scene Ports.
BUGB12224Double-clicking Ventuz Project file could present an error message in Designer about missing default.vzs file. Fixed!
BUGB12239A bad URI at the ScenePort node could cause an Exception and break the validation of other nodes. Fixed!
BUGB12248Assigning null to Array input property in Script node caused exception in Scripts base class and broke validation. Fixed!
BUGB12249Online Dongle for CORE and COMMUNITY editions was not able to activate license on Spanish version of .NET Framework. (Other localized versions may have been also affected.) Fixed!
BUGB12250The Movie Stream node now follows a stream's resolution changes properly
BUGB12232Director: When "take out with recue" was requested, the Director ignored the "recue". Now this error is fixed.
BUGB12243Director: "Ventuz Technology" appeared instead of the show name. Fixed!
BUGB11102Expression Nodes: Couldn't add an additional property after bound 'A' was renamed. Fixed!
BUGB12212Remoting: Cluster.Snapshot() always provided the render output of Pipe with index 0 regardless of the pipe IID parameter. Fixed!


CHANGEC11709Windows Explorer can now Open a scene in Ventuz Designer or Play it in Ventuz Runtime. Scene must be located in its corresponding project folder.
BUGB12146Fixed problem where the Vio node had blurry video.
BUGB12149Fixed visible borders around PLE watermark.
BUGB12186Fixed issues in Script Editor that prevented adding new assemblies in the References tab. Also fixed template code generation for methods when they were double-clicked.
BUGB12190Discord and YouTube entries were not visible in Help menu of Designer. Fixed!
BUGB12191Fixed some issues in the Licenses Manager in combination with very old licenses.


FEATUREF11863Added small helper EXE to start Ventuz web-based configuration.
FEATUREF11888Introducing new NDI Receiver and NDI Source List nodes in order to use NDI streams in Ventuz without configuring NDI Inputs in the Audio Video Configuration. See User Manual for more information.
FEATUREF12140New Ventuz Community Edition (FREE) and Ventuz Core Editions released! See https://www.ventuz.com/whats-new-in-6-7
FEATUREF10929Particle System: Data Animation module has new option that enables it to be used with a source emitter, and also allows indexing of the data based on other channels.
CHANGEC8272In image based lighting, the roughness feature can now be disabled. This is useful for realtime cubemaps, as they are not correctly filtered. Also, the option "no prefilter" has been renamed to "linear".
CHANGEC11807Retired iVGA support.


BUGB11072Fixed blending options of Scene Layers (they where mostly ignored).
BUGB11692Fixed Audio Clip node firing extraneous Complete events when controlled by an animation
BUGB11735Fixed a minor bug with Rim Lighting that would sometimes cause black pixels/rectangles.
BUGB11788Expose Dialog in Designer was not DPI-aware. Fixed!
BUGB11824Cinema4D plugin installer now supports Cinema4D S22
BUGB11951Fixed heavy glitching when using really big blur radius with image based lens flares.
BUGB11955A too high (via binding) Ordinal property value on the AudioStream PropertyGroup could crash Ventuz. Fixed!
BUGB11998Some texts were not displayed in the correct language in Director. Fixed.
BUGB12023The Log Windows in Runtime and Designer where missing some early log messages. Fixed!
BUGB12038Sometimes the AV config crashes when editing a machine with different Ventuz version. Fixed the crash, but still editing compatibility may be limited between different versions.
BUGB11968Director: Fixed an issue where the "-nosplash" command line argument could cause a crash.
BUGB11987Director: Fixed an issue when loading a Topology with missing Pipe information for View (unconnected View).
BUGB11995Director: Fixed the error that appeared when playing the Timeline after a Channel was deleted.
BUGB12053Director: Could not open Runtime after switching Topology. Fixed!
BUGB12061Director: When closing a show without save, the insertion or deletion of Timeline Items was ignored, causing the loss of these changes. This problem is now fixed and a window that asks to save changes will pop up.
BUGB12063Director: Channel slots were not reassigned correctly after deleting channel. Fixed.
BUGB12076Director: Fixed the problem with some buttons from the Timeline after a Channel was deleted.
BUGB11599Particle System: Fixed crash when loading a scene with a Data Emitter and the stream had "DisableComputation" checked when saving.
BUGB11965Particle System: When switching "DisableComputation", things are not always correctly re-enabled. Fixed!
BUGB12043Particle System: scene with Particle nodes loaded via ScenePort/Layer could crash Ventuz. Fixed!
BUGB11952Web-UI Config: Fixed event triggers only working once in web scene/project data views.


CHANGEC11849Improved error message text when opening old AV configs.
BUGB11872Deleting WebBrowser node could sometimes crash Designer. Fixed!
BUGB11873Fixed crash when using Live Video Node mixed with Movie Clip Node.
BUGB11882Null Device was not visible in AV Config Editor. Fixed!
BUGB11895Fixed crash caused by Draw Touch Ray node.
BUGB11896Shaping did not activate in Runtime until changing Machine ID via Live Options. Fixed!
BUGB11874Deltacast I/O configuration : Changing the input/output config did only update genlock options after starting Designer / Runtine.
BUGB11878Director: The shortcut that allows going to the end of the show through the Timeline works correctly again.


BUGB11865Some scenes could no longer be loaded. Caused crashes. Fixed.
BUGB11868Fixed crash related to tracking devices, introduced in 6.6.0.


FEATUREF11700Added HEVC (H.265) decoder to the Movie nodes.
FEATUREF11793The new "IME Textfield Input" node allows keyboard input with IME (Input Method Editor) for Far Eastern languages.
FEATUREF11800It is now possible to group Properties/Events/Methods in tabs in the Expose Dialog to keep better overview on Containers with a lot of exposings. See Property Editor documentation for further details.
FEATUREF11808Introducing new node "CC" Chinese Character conversion to convert traditional Chinese into Simplified, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japanese Kanji standards and vice versa.
FEATUREF11846Updated drivers for Deltacast, AJA, DeckLink and Datapath; thus supporting new boards. See the 'Supported Hardware' page in the documentation for details.
FEATUREF11847Updated NDI SDK to version 4.5 for better performance and image quality.
FEATUREF11854SDI driver info is now displayed in Ventuz log.
FEATUREF11866Introducing webbrowser based Configuration Editor which adapts many features of the standalone Config Editor and even provides some new features. Use following URL scheme in your webbrowser: http://[Machine's IP Address]:20404 - for further details read the according Ventuz 6 Configuration Editor section in the documentation.
FEATUREF11840Movie Stream: Added OverriderBufferSize property to customize the size of the receive buffer.
FEATUREF11696NDI: Added option for naming the NDI output in the 'Advanced Settings' of the output configuration.
CHANGEC11714Remoting4: Querying a color data item now always yields an (A)RGB tuple instead of a named color.
BUGB11828User Manual: Fixed some broken links in several tables of contents.


CHANGEC11850MigrationHelper can now optionally overwrite files.
BUGB11778Removed NvEncodeApi related error messages when you're not actually trying to encode the output
BUGB11839Auto Scene Open Dialog on first Project start in Designer made DateTime node cause an exception and prevent scene loading. Fixed!
BUGB11848MigrationHelper used wrong destination folder for autostart.json and vms_persistence.db.
BUGB11786Remoting4 over HTTP/Websocket: Fixed setting DataItems on non-English locales.


BUGB11561Auto-Connect dialog in Animation Editor did not scale correctly with high DPI. Fixed!
BUGB11711Fixed some bugs in the Websocket Remoting responses. A response now contains the command address and the request ID.
BUGB11727Interaction option 'Intersect higher-level Layer first' did not take Template Layers into account. Fixed!
BUGB11728Reset with argument (via Event Binding) did not fully work on SlideManager. The according animation to Present state was not triggered. Fixed!
BUGB11729Copy & Paste Layers reverted the order. Fixed!
BUGB11738Adding texture to Rim Light Material caused exception. Fixed!
BUGB11739Fixed Ventuz crashes with certain ASIO devices.
BUGB11740WebBrowser node could sometimes cause long stalls when changing URL. Fixed!
BUGB11752Under certain circumstances a Particles System in the Scene could crash Ventuz. Fixed!


FEATUREF10094Ventuz now supports ASIO audio devices. See documentation for details.
FEATUREF11150Introducing 'Interaction Rectangle' node to grab the interaction events (mouse/touch/keyboard) on the rectangle and send it via UDP or an ANC channel of a live video source (currently only VIO). See documentation for further details.
FEATUREF11423It's now possible to disable video metadata reading for disabled Movie Clip nodes via options.
FEATUREF11462Movie Clip/Frame/Stream nodes now have a new property to specify the output color in case the File/URL is not available.
FEATUREF11528Ventuz now support Remoting 4 via Websocket. See documentation for further details.
FEATUREF11559Introducing Snapshot Framebuffer node that provides the texture that contains the rendering as it is done before / above the node.
FEATUREF11607Movie Clip, Movie Stream and Audio Clip nodes can now use multiple audio streams and mix and match them to multiple outputs
FEATUREF11655Added the "MultiPlay" property from the Sound node to the Audio Clip node, too.
FEATUREF11659The ContainerInfo node now also works inside Slides and provides the index via the LinkIndex property.
FEATUREF11669The Audio and Movie nodes in Ventuz now support audio channel configuration for multi-channel audio content. See documentation for details.
FEATUREF9840Director: Added Macros capabilities, which allow triggering of predefined actions via shortcuts, like cueing a specific Template or modifying a Project Data value.
FEATUREF11390Director: Added "Reload all Templates" option to menu which forces the Runtime to first unload and then load all templates of current project.
FEATUREF11393Director: Added name of current Project to window title.
FEATUREF11400Director: Added import and export of window layouts to the Layout Manager.
FEATUREF11442Director: Shotbox will now add a selected item when Enter key is pressed to the Playlist which was active at the time the shotbox was opened.
FEATUREF11443Director: Added possibility to disable a Channel Rule using the Channel property window.
FEATUREF11451Director: Added some improvements to the Playlist like scrollbar buttons, font scaling, freely dockable toolbar panel and tweaked scrolling during drag operation.
FEATUREF11452Director: Added some interface improvements for the Asset Browser, like the possibility to sort the items descending and scaling the thumbnail images in all views.
FEATUREF11454Director: Added possibility to change the layout orientation of the elements in the Property Editor to be either "Automatic", "Horizontal" or "Vertical".
FEATUREF11666Director: Added "Treat errors as warnings" option to keep the Topology in an operational state, even in the event of errors (e.g. a broken machine in a Cluster).
CHANGEC11396Director: Sub-Templates now ignore the Channel rules when applied to a template in the Property Editor to spare the effort to set the same meta data as its parent.
CHANGEC11426Director: Improved behavior when removing and reading a Ventuz License Dongle
CHANGEC11433Director: Improved German localization, especially sorting and grouping options of the Assetbrowser.
CHANGEC11441Director: Changed sorting of Asset Browser to use natural sort algorithm.
CHANGEC11683Director: Added scrollbars to Show Control, so the status of each Channel can be observed even when the Show contains a lot of Channels.
CHANGEC11685Director: The bottom toolbar of the Property Editor is now always visible.
CHANGEC11427VMS: Installer now configures fail action of the VMS windows service to retry starting after subsequent failures
BUGB8458Fixed Ventuz.Remoting4.Templates.TemplateCollection.CountAll. The wrong value was returned. Please check your code for the usages of this property.
BUGB11428The ShotBox now displays pages for cueing inside Page Editor plugin.
BUGB11459Director log file could only be 2 MB large and startup option to set number of log backup files did not work. Fixed!
BUGB11697Fixed a bug in the OscMessage.FromStream Method within the Ventuz.OSC.dll, that caused an exception when the given stream was longer than the contained OSC Message.
BUGB11398Configuration Editor: Fixed an issue where the VentuzConfig.vcfg got reseted to default after the VMS process was restarted.
BUGB11391Director: Fixed "Group By" options of Pages Asset Browser to allow grouping also by Keywords, Channel Ids etc.
BUGB11394Director: Fixed default values for NumericUpDown controls in Property Editor after Template was changed.
BUGB11404Director: Fixed Templates pre-loading when there are unconnected channel slots in use.
BUGB11405Director: Added a log message in case an item gets cued on a Channel which is not connected to a cluster in the Topology.
BUGB11406Director: Removed confirmation dialog when trying to delete non-deletable items like Templates from Asset Browser.
BUGB11409Director: Fixed threading issue which sometimes caused an exception when trying to cue an item.
BUGB11410Director: Added dialog message to ask how to proceed when loading a playlist from file containing items not matching the current channel rules.
BUGB11412Director: Fixed missing display name of Pages in Shotbox.
BUGB11413Director: Fixed an issue where the Playlist status of content created with a migration Channel Rule was not set.
BUGB11414Director: Fixed Asset Browsers sometimes loosing their current folder information.
BUGB11416Director: Changing the layout now destroys all current windows to make sure no window configuration value will be carried over from a reused window to the new layout.
BUGB11418Director: Fixed saving of Topologies when moved from embedded to local using the Embedded Topology dialog with renaming the topology first.
BUGB11419Director: Added an additional check to the "Navigate Up" button of the Asset Browser to disallow leaving the Pages folder.
BUGB11421Director: Fixed not-applying migration rules when assets got dropped directly onto playlists.
BUGB11425Director: Fixed an exception which may occur inside Asset Browser when constantly switching or reseting the window layout.
BUGB11450Director: Fixed re-appearing of deleted shortcut for functionality which have default shortcuts.
BUGB11456Director: Fixed an issue with inconsistent thumbnail scaling after scrolling a bigger collection of assets in the Asset Browser.
BUGB11457Director: Fixed crash due to some unescaped format strings during transformation from data model to UI element.
BUGB11686Director: Fixed toolbar button status of Property Editor to get re-enabled when e.g. a Take is done.
BUGB11440VMS: Fixed resource leak caused by calling missing endread and endwrites on pipestreams


CHANGEC11684Adding new machines in RenderSetup Editor (Production View) now places the machine at top right corner of Cluster border instead furthermore to the right with every new machine.
BUGB11592SVG Loader did not load certain files. Fixed!
BUGB11593SVG Loader in Async mode did not always update Width and Height outputs. Fixed!
BUGB11650If the first Expression node property with default name was bound and then deleted it was not possible to add new properties anymore. Fixed!
BUGB11657Cascaded and linked Arrange nodes did not work correctly. Fixed!
BUGB11693Fixed playback stutters with certain Hap and NotchLC video files
BUGB11695Designer could crash if one clicked on the Scene Tab icon to e.g. take Templates. Fixed!
BUGB11845relaxed driver version checking for deltacast to allow usage of old version of DELTA-3G-ELP-KEY 4k
BUGB11698License Manager showed wrong text about highest available version when Maintenance was expired: e.g. when maintenance expired after release of 6.4.0 and the user started Lic. Manager version 6.4.1 the warning text stated that highest available version is 6.3.x. Fixed!
BUGB11702Particle System: Fixed rare crash with Sprite Renderer.
BUGB11590SDI: Fixed problem when using External Chroma Keying without foreground Layer but with Effect Bleed.
BUGB11596SDI: Fixed problem with External Chroma Keying when using Offscreen Layers with Rank filters.


CHANGEC11570Ffmpeg messages in level 'Info' and 'Warning' are now also redirected to log level 'Debug FFmpeg' to allow filtering to prevent gigantic log files.
BUGB11558ContainerInfo node could kill performance if used in deep ScenePort hierarchies. Fixed!
BUGB11562NDI functionality is no longer initialized when no NDI inputs or outputs are used.
BUGB11569The MeshLoader PropertyGroup for the GeoRenderer node did not load geometry on scene load if the GeoRenderer was blocked. The old MeshLoader node did this pre-loading to prevent stalls when such a node got unblocked. Fixed!
BUGB11571If a 'Not For Resale' and PLE license was present none of the Ventuz applications except License Manager started. Now the NFR license is prefered!
BUGB11585Custom Fonts in Enriched Blocktext node did not show usual dropdown in Property Editor. Fixed!
BUGB11579Remoting: Some methods in the Cluster class did not compare Machine responses correctly for congruence. Fixed!


BUGB11548Designer options were not fully loaded if the Compatibility Check was enabled. Fixed!
BUGB11546CRITICAL Bugfix: Project Fonts were not exported to VPR and VZA!


CHANGEC11510Director: Increased size of clear button of Asset controls.
BUGB11499Fixed sprite rendering (from both particles or mesh) in mirrors.
BUGB11502Ventuz crashed when a Scene Port was unblocked that loaded a scene with Arrow nodes. Fixed!
BUGB11506Data View of the Animation Editor never showed a horizontal scroll-bar. Fixed!
BUGB11511Memory usage rose for scenes with Touch nodes when Windows was locked. Fixed!
BUGB11512Fixed occasional crash caused by shader cache after downgrading from 6.4.0.
BUGB11514Reference Layer with Layer Mask produced incorrect result. Fixed!
BUGB11518Ventuz could crash when unblocking a Scene Layer with certain scenes loaded. Fixed!
BUGB11532Deltacast 3G-elp-d 4c stopped working after killing Ventuz without proper deinitialization. Fixed!
BUGB11534Ventuz in Touch Client configuration crashed with NullReference Exception. Fixed!
BUGB11509Director: Fixed a Shotbox input focus issue.
BUGB11501Substance Material: Material options don't get reset anymore after saving and loading a scene.


FEATUREF861Introducing Scene Optimization section in the Scene Statistics dialog to detect and remove unnecessary nodes in the scene tree.
FEATUREF4776Introducing new GetBoundingBox node to retrieve the bounding box of a subtree.
FEATUREF8177In the Assets tab of the Scene Statistics it is now possible to replace assets for the whole scene or single nodes; additionally it is possible to start an automatic search for missing assets.
FEATUREF11109New option in the Z Test options to disable writing normals. This is useful when doing transparencies and SSAO.
FEATUREF11129Ventuz comes now with a Remoting4 Dll for .Net Standard and .Net Core. See Remoting documentation for further information.
FEATUREF11157The Reset event of the SlideManager now accepts an argument to make the SlideManager jump to the Slide with the specified index.
FEATUREF11326Introducing new Substance Loader node that generates textures from .sbsar files. The new Substance Material node additionally creates Material Stages based on these textures. See documentation for more information.
FEATUREF11478SlideManager node now provides a string array with the names of the Slides.
FEATUREF11493New option for Movie Clip node: OverrideFramerate defines playback framerate for image sequences (ignored for movie clips).
FEATUREF8013OpenVR: added vibration (haptic feedback) to Vive controllers (only Vive for now).
FEATUREF11474Video: Added NotchLC video decoding
CHANGEC9041Increased the support for VentuzVS extension to up to Visual Studio 2019 (Version 16).
CHANGEC11055ffmpeg decoding was limited to 16 threads. Increased the limit to 64 threads (a windows limit) and add statistics over cpu threasd used.
CHANGEC11155The order in which render-targets and post-processing is done is now less likely to lead to a one frame delay.


BUGB11020In Designer, when changing the size of the render window, the Effect node did not update its resolution. Fixed! The Effect Mirror node was not effected by this bug.
BUGB11301Layers that should not be culled (Offscreen, Referenced, PortLayer) were culled nevertheless if they were children of a culled Layer Group. Fixed!
BUGB11306Framerates like 60 / 1 and 60000 / 1000 were not considered as equal in a Cluster.
BUGB11313Automatic Update Check could extremely delay application start-up if network connection was present but no internet connection. Fixed!
BUGB11317Layer Mask Resources were not exported to VZA and VPR. Fixed!
BUGB11319Not all shaders were warmed up when runtime started. Fixed!
BUGB11327Empty string for Channel IDs of scene template caused exception on scene load. Fixed!
BUGB11332On Deltacast boards that required reconfiguration, setting genlock format caused audio to fail. Fixed!
BUGB11350Line rendering with animation produces wrong index buffers. Fixed!
BUGB11386Fixed problem with genlock and Deltacast 4c/8c configuration.
BUGB11468Arrow node with Path Source did not export custom SVG files to VZA and VPR. Fixed!
BUGB11473Under certain circumstances working with Particle System could crash Designer. Fixed!
BUGB11483Designer could crash under certain circumstances if one was exposing properties from an Interface Container. Fixed!
BUGB11484On Chinese Windows a checkbox in the Intersection tab of the Project Settings dialog was hidden by text label. Fixed!
BUGB11379Director: Fixed grouping criteria for Pages browser.
BUGB11279Rendersetup Editor: After canceling the 'Create New Setup' or 'Add Machine' dialog one could not add any machines to the setup anymore. Fixed!
BUGB11352VIO: fixed problems with memory transfer and Depth Buffer using DX11 (only VioApi.dll has changed)


CHANGEC11246UpdateCheck in Designer now informs about new Ventuz versions that are not under maintenance anymore and about the highest available update that is still under maintenance.
CHANGEC11261Web Browser: Chromium updated to version 74.0.3729.157
BUGB11177Fixed crash that happens sometimes when unblocking a scene port with a SkyBox node in it.
BUGB11180Far and Center aligned text with trailing spaces was not lay out correctly. Fixed!
BUGB11181Touch intersection test for Volume node was incorrect and detected it as always in front of all other objects. Fixed!
BUGB11182Fixed most of the occasional discontinuities in animation curves when importing FBX/Collada/etc files with animation.
BUGB11183The visibility of some properties on a deserielized Geometry Import node was incorrect (especially ImportAnimation was missing). Fixed!
BUGB11185Fixed bug in VIO SDK example program (no rotation).
BUGB11225Deleting parent node of a linked subtree deleted every node of the linked tree except the first. The copies of the linked tree now remain unmodified!
BUGB11233Deleting first node (selected without children) of a linked subtree gives completely illogical result. Fixed!
BUGB11247On machines with DPI scaling > 125% the Split dialog in the RenderSetup Editor did not show up and the application got unresponsive. Fixed!
BUGB11249Under certain circumstances Enriched Blocktext did not update text correctly if color properties changed. Fixed!
BUGB11255VMS Systray did not take NetworkConfig.vnetcfg settings into account. Fixed!
BUGB11257SplinePath module for Particle System could crash Ventuz when loaded via ScenePort. Fixed!
BUGB11262Fixed Web Browser not being able to access cached data and cookies in some situations.
BUGB11274Xml and Excel files did not auto-update in async mode when changes happened faster than re-loading the according file. Fixed!
BUGB11276Certain pixel formats could crash Designer when trying to preview an according image in the file browser. Fixed!
BUGB11277Fixed bounding box calculation for directional shadows if the first mesh rendered was not transformed with an axis.
BUGB11283During Runtime start error popups could be occluded by splash screen. Fixed by hiding splash screen if popup has to be shown.
BUGB11297Fixed image distortion with SDI SD NTSC Anamorph on Deltacast boards (other boards do work).


BUGB11149Designer could crash when trying to unlock Repository. Fixed!
BUGB11153Repositories saved with Ventuz 6.3.0 or 6.3.1 could not be opened with older versions. Fixed!
BUGB11158Text was not displayed if it contained an Emoji ZWJ Sequence which was incomplete. Fixed!
BUGB11159Ventuz could crash on input signal change with Datapath cards. Fixed!
BUGB11161Some emoji code sequences were not parsed correctly and thus according emojis where not displayed in text. Fixed!
BUGB11162WebBrowser node had some problems with cookies. Fixed!
BUGB11163Input stream from Datapath cards did not start if rendering and capturing frame-rate differed significantly. Fixed!
BUGB11165Fixed bug that sometimes detected a wrong display frequency and thus led to a wrong timing in Ventuz.
BUGB11171Wrong touch order in Z within single Layer with 'Intersect higher-level Layer first' enabled. Fixed!
BUGB11156Particle System: NVidia drivers around 4.19.67 broke an optimization in particle sorting. Disabled that optimization for NVidia.


CHANGEC11106Improved Repository performance for some cases.
CHANGEC11111Updated Emoji Modifier Sequence definition to be up-to-date with Unicode definition.
CHANGEC11119Improved video playback quality when playing streams with Movie Stream node.
BUGB11013Fixed crash when switching very specific property groups in the material, for instance from "Rim" to "Cell".
BUGB11032Touch nodes let objects jumps at the end of the reset animation if the reset target was changed during reset animation. Fixed!
BUGB11038Fixed crash when loading damaged Ventuz mesh files.
BUGB11066Fixed various bugs in the glTF importer
BUGB11067Output properties on Containers were not marked as bound and one could not navigate to the binding target via context menu. Fixed!
BUGB11075Fixed movie playback struggling to get into sync again when encountering a buffer underrun in cluster scenarios and added a warning when the disk drive can't keep up with the bitrate.
BUGB11081Watches for exposed Methods and Events did not show all information in Renderer Window. Fixed!
BUGB11085'Auto-set' mode (ChangeSourceOnSet disabled) of Video Source Selector node did not work if Ordinal or SourcName were bound. Fixed!
BUGB11086Fixed Movie Streams not auto-playing properly after loading a scene
BUGB11107Fixed rare crashes caused by audio decoding when receiving video streams with Movie Stream node.
BUGB11110Some Emojis in text rendering were followed by a 'Unknown Glyph' rectangle character which was a Variation Modifier code (0xfe0e & 0xfe0f). Fixed!
BUGB11118ValueBuffer node always fired Passed event on Pass even if value did not changed. For object types the Changed event was fired if Bypass was enabled even if value did not change. Fixed!
BUGB11120Receiving NDI and changing source via Video Source Selector node caused memory leak. Fixed!
BUGB11125Fixed Deltacast board option "Preserve EDID".
BUGB11127Some nodes (e.g. Material) logged unnecessary 'Duplicate Property Name detected' warnings in Designer. Fixed!
BUGB11133WebBrowser node could cause crashes and freezes when the URL was changed too fast. Fixed!
BUGB11134In Animation Editor the Connection of an embedded Animation did not show the name when the duration was set to 100%. Fixed!
BUGB11137Fixed Designer crash when deleting light-sources with shadows.
BUGB11095Designer: Fixed Animation Data editor not rendering properly under certain circumstances
BUGB11098Designer: Fixed preview pane in Open File dialogs on high DPI screens
BUGB11023Particle System: DisableComputation property did not work in Content Node Stream. Fixed!
BUGB11024Particle System: Nexus Renderer and Nexus Random were not in Module List of Content Stream Node. Fixed!
BUGB11083Particle System: Negative values on some modules crashed Ventuz. Fixed!


FEATUREF10793The Cinema 4D plugin now supports Cinema 4D R20.
FEATUREF10829MigrationHelper.exe now supports UI-less mode and startup options.
FEATUREF10947It is now possible to successively 'uncollapse' nodes in Content Editor with the 'Uncollapse All' command.
FEATUREF10952It's now possible to import Dlls to Script from the 'Local Assembly Cache' in the Ventuz installation and from the 'Scripts' folder in a Ventuz project. See documentation for further details.
FEATUREF10967In the Project menu it is now possible to open the project folder in Windows Explorer.
FEATUREF11009Improved password handling for locked Repositories.
FEATUREF10955Updated the Web Browser node: Now using Chromium 71; Rendering is now fully hardware accelerated and way faster.
CHANGEC11019NDI updated to version 3.8
CHANGEC11001glTF loader: "Merge Subsets" now actually merges subsets with the same transform and material.


CHANGEC10322Updated Emoji sets that can be used in text. See https://www.ventuz.com/emoji
BUGB11010Fixed Font Properties window not showing correctly with high DPI settings
BUGB11026In very rare cases VMS could crash. Fixed!
BUGB11031Sometimes Export warning was shown twice when opening Scene Statistics. Fixed!
BUGB11042Fixed default alpha hint for Hap A / Hap QA videos.
BUGB11015Designer: Newly added stops in the Gradient Editor showed up at the wrong place on high DPI displays. Fixed!
BUGB11005NDI: Fixed animation running too fast when using an interlaced output


BUGB10989When using 3D Reference Layers as offscreen render targets, under certain conditions Ventuz did crash. Fixed!
BUGB10991Fixed crash when adding NDI inputs to video config
BUGB10995ValueBuffer node did not work with Objects. Fixed!
BUGB10997Datapath input capture boards did not report signal loss. Fixed!
BUGB11000Fixed Project Maintenance window looking wrong on high DPI screens


BUGB10931Removed unnecessary Error logs when adding Material stages 'Normal Map -> None' or 'UV Distort -> None'.
BUGB10978In Script Editor the shortcut for Double outputs was wrong. Fixed!
BUGB10980Fixed Animation Editor showing nested animations with wrong height.
BUGB10979NDI: Fixed input timing that was sometimes unstable.


FEATUREF7407ShrinkToFit Text Effect node now provides the resulting bounding box of the manipulated text.
FEATUREF7786Added Audio Balance property to MovieClip and MovieStream nodes.
FEATUREF8828Port Layer now have a new property to disable Layer culling. This was introduced to prevent problems with Template Engine (Take not processed) caused by blocked Port Layers outside the view frustum.
FEATUREF9949It's now possible to enable Touch/Interaction for Offscreen Layer. But this only works correctly if the Layer has fullscreen size!
FEATUREF10231In Content Editor it's now possible to highlight bindings to & from selected nodes (Option 'Highlight bindings of selected nodes').
FEATUREF10394It's now possible to invert the Layer traversal for touch intersection via Project Settings (Interaction) to make it easier to build a touchable UI Layer on top of a touchable 3D content Layer. See documentation for further details.
FEATUREF10484The Excel Range Array node now additionally provides the cell values as string array.
FEATUREF10662Array and Array Indexer node now have Custom Verbs in the Property Editor to add and remove array elements.
FEATUREF10672Path Axis and Eval Path nodes can now evaluate the path with constant velocity.
FEATUREF10722Performance Statistics now displays the number of active bindings per frame (separated in Properties and Events) to help identify performance problems.
FEATUREF10730Audio Volume Control can go up to 400% to boost. No UI, binding only.
FEATUREF10769Added Spout Receiver Node to receive video frames via Spout 2.006
FEATUREF10803Container can now be sealed with a password.
FEATUREF10826Added support for Mo-Sys tracking protocol V 1.70 (including lens-distortion) and Mo-Sys over Ethernet.
FEATUREF10832Added support for skinned glTF meshes with the new Animation Rig node
FEATUREF10848NDI updated to version 3.7!
FEATUREF10922Added further Behavior Setting parameter for Transformation 3D node to get more accurate motion simulation when using VR Controllers. See documentation for further details.
FEATUREF10925Added High DPI support for Ventuz Designer UI.
FEATUREF10962Updated Deltacast SDI from V6.00 to V6.08.01 (patched). Please update using the Deltacast drivers that come with Ventuz, do not use the official drivers from the webpage. This adds support for most current SDI, DVI / HDMI and FLEX boards from Deltacast, see documentation for details and limitations.
FEATUREF10966Unloading large number of scenes at once in Designer is now significantly faster.
FEATUREF10675Line Rendering: New option for rendering planar geometry / paths with line rendering. This will avoid distortions with large field of view / aspect ratios, but perform worse when disentangling 3d curves.
FEATUREF10875Material, Shadow Options: added a Cast option (default on) next to the Receive option. Disabling casting is useful for transparent materials.
FEATUREF10184Particle System: Added option to disable particle streams without resetting the particle system.
FEATUREF10878Particle System: Added Data Animation module to use a float array not as emitter but to modify existing particles.
CHANGEC10688Limited Specular Power to a minimum of 1.0, because the value 0.0 causes problems on some GPU's.


BUGB10635With linked Particle Systems, only the original would work when setting a material in the particle system renderer node. Fixed!
BUGB10758Shadowmaps with the SimpleShadowReceiver option turned off will now correctly apply alpha testing. Before, there was an additional alpha cull when alpha falls below 50%.
BUGB10772Alpha Value of Material added to the Tip Mesh of an Arrow Node did not fade the Tip Mesh. Fixed!
BUGB10886Fixed problem in ImageSequenceTexture node (deprecated) when loading scene in background.
BUGB10901Dual touch transformation nodes behaved incorrectly if scale limit was reached. Fixed!
BUGB10930Fix SSAO half resolution mode not working with odd target sizes
BUGB10971Fixed rare crash/hang when using multisampled Rendertargets
BUGB10888Image Loader : some non-square textures with FastMipmap option caused assertion. Fixed!


BUGB10710After an Effect FX node, bounding boxes and transformation gizmos were not visible. Fixed!
BUGB10746Fixed Designer window sometimes rendering borders incorrectly when maximizing.
BUGB10782The internal ClusterClock did not work correctly if a VR HMD was configured. This resulted in slow animations when rendering did not reach full framerate. Fixed!
BUGB10789Director crashed if one clicked on the Project icon in the Show Properties dialog. Fixed!
BUGB10795Watches of Methods & Events displayed wrong trigger order. Fixed!
BUGB10799Sometimes a texture in a movie player would not update. Fixed!
BUGB10831An animated Particle System could make the Text Editor unusable due continuous refreshes. Fixed!
BUGB10835Renderer stopped when you pressed F10 or Alt key. Fixed!


CHANGEC10692Designer, Runtime & Director now write their start-up arguments to log.
CHANGEC10721Animation Editor: Slightly enlarged the mouse-over area for keyframes and spline handles to make it easier to hit them with the mouse pointer.
BUGB2101Copy and Paste of multi-selected Hierarchy nodes gave strange results with linked nodes. Fixed!
BUGB10227In Animation Editor Shift+Click on Timeline background deselected all keyframes and you had to start over. Fixed!
BUGB10355Some log entries on Ventuz start were not written to the according log files. Fixed!
BUGB10422Clicking on the Scene-Tab now also displays the Scene template if it requires data.
BUGB10553Fixed Designer window not maximizing correctly with certain multi monitor configurations and overlapping the Windows taskbar.
BUGB10679Some SVG paths could have doubled points and this resulted in strange behaviour when animated on the path. These duplicates are now removed.
BUGB10681Property Editor did not accept both . and , as decimal separators for Double values. Fixed!
BUGB10690DirectInput Mouse node did not invalidate their RelativeXYZ outputs correctly. Fixed!
BUGB10691The VisibilityX value on the Chart nodes could interrupt scene validation (due an exception) if the value was very close to 100%. Fixed!
BUGB10700Auto-save for auto-generated geometry import scenes saved in geometry source folder. Fixed!
BUGB10701VZAs were not saved to 'Archives' folder by default but to location of exported scene. Fixed!
BUGB10709WebBrowser was unable to add Methods and Events for JavaScript. Fixed!
BUGB10711Sometimes special textures were not updated correctly. Special textures are Shadows, Incident Lighting, Hatching and Cell Shading. Fixed!
BUGB10714Fixed Ventuz crash when creating a scene screenshot with a thumbnail area that was not the default one.
BUGB10720Fixed Ventuz crash when playing some videos with 16 channel audio.
BUGB10727Exposed Gradient Property within Interface Container prevented serialization. Fixed!
BUGB107283D Reference Layers did switch off when the referenced 3D Layer was not rendering (due culling) on the current machine in a Cluster. Fixed!
BUGB10729When a 3D Reference Layer did not reference anything, rendering stopped. Fixed!
BUGB10737Fixed rounding error that could cause very small layers to crash Ventuz.
BUGB10745It was possible to paste Hierarchy content to Layers (when displayed via Hierarchy Editor) and vice versa. Fixed!
BUGB10747Warping enabled itself automatically even if it was disabled in Warping/Shaping Editor. Fixed!
BUGB10757On Windows 7 machines with SDI / Offscreen / stream outputs, the framerate of the output could have been limited by the framerate of the Desktop. Fixed!
BUGB10433C4D plugin: Fixed occasional crashes when plugin was installed but Ventuz was not.
BUGB10756Director: Fixed typo in Plugin Manager which led to incomplete log messages.
BUGB10735Remoting: When loading very high numbers of scenes via Remoting 4 in a multi-machine setup the Cluster class could lose track of some loaded scenes and trying to access them resulted in a ServerException. Fixed! IMPORTANT: You need to compile your client application with the new version of the Ventuz.Kernel.Remoting4.dll!


BUGB10677Various glTF2 import bugs fixed (materials, animation splines).
BUGB10682Deployed demo projects were not up-to-date but in version of Ventuz 5.
BUGB10671Remoting4: Scene command "Scenes" didn't work anymore. Fixed!


FEATUREF9863Introducing new Array Ease & Array Ease Morph nodes to provide the possibility to interpolate between float & double arrays.
FEATUREF10244Drag & Drop to Content Editor now works with audio files.
FEATUREF10343String Splitter node now has IsNullOrWhitespace output property to signal that Input is null, an empty string or only contains whitespaces.
FEATUREF10344Scene Statistics Dialog can now filter Hierarchy nodes for being manually blocked or inactivated.
FEATUREF10476Geometry import node now supports import of glTF2 files
FEATUREF10486Point-Sprites are now properly lit, and there are billboarding options to change the normals for lighting effects. Also updated billboarding options when rendering meshes as sprites. Disabling the "set normal" option in the billboarding settings gives the old behavior, for compatibility or effect.
FEATUREF10559Design Eyepoint is used in 3D Projection mapping to set an eyepoint for which specular highlights and other reflective material properties are correct. Normally this is the camera position, but in projection mapping this is wrong.
FEATUREF10585Added support for Samsung Odyssey VR HMD
FEATUREF10592Sprite Renderer in Particle System and Sprite Render Mode of the Material now support culling options of Front- and Backfaces.
FEATUREF10612Added new Material Stage "Texture Component". It maps single channels of a texture to different channels of the material. This is useful for packed textures.
FEATUREF10660Improved Particle Systems compilation and background scene loading, especially from Director in dual-pipe mode.
FEATUREF10551Effects, 2d Displacement: added option to use absolute displacement maps in the 0 to 1 range. These displacement maps must be in floating point precision and loaded as DDS.
FEATUREF10380NDI: Output resolution is now freely definable!
FEATUREF10472NDI: Update to NDI 3.5
FEATUREF10258New Layer Effect : invert R/G/B/A.
FEATUREF9258Particles: Added new modules capable of 3D rotations. See the User Manual for more information on the Rotate by Euler, Rotate around Axis and Rotate Randomly modules.
FEATUREF9322Particles: Sprite and Mesh Renderer now have option to order particle rendering by Depth, Distance from Origin or Age.
FEATUREF9735Particles: Order Preserving simulation when the particle count is constant. This is enforced through a new simulation node (SimCC - constant count). During the simulation, no particles may die or be emitted. This helps with nodes that need particle order, like path rendering.
FEATUREF10154Particles: Extended already existing Box, Sphere and Bubble by Disk and Ring shapes emitters. Also added possibility to have the same random number for speed and position.
FEATUREF10382Particles: Added Touch module to get feedback from clicking on particles.
FEATUREF10395Particles: Ability so swap color channels (Swizzle) and ability to replicate one color channel to all channels (Broadcast).
FEATUREF10531Particles: Improved Lissajous up-vector calculation in cases where amplitude was different for x, y and z.
FEATUREF10550Particles: Double vertices in Mesh Vertex Emitter are now eliminated by default. You can turn that back on e.g. for correct UV Mapping.
FEATUREF10591Particles: Created Modules to create Triangles, Edges and Points from particles - Nexus Random Emitter and Nexus Renderer. See User Manual for more details.
FEATUREF10593Particles: Added new Renderer module to render particles of Mesh Emitter as the original mesh, allowing to do mesh deformation with the Particle System (only in function and constant count simulations).
FEATUREF10594Particles: Added Flag "Same Random" on Source and Secondary Emitters to use the same number for the Position and Speed of a Particle.
FEATUREF10595Particles: Data Emitter now has two more Data Sources: Random and Range, that map randomly or evenly distributed values in a given range to a target Particle Attribute.
FEATUREF10613Particles: New options for Property Group "Target Position". They allow mapping values to the local position of a particle.
FEATUREF10641Particles: In Animation module added new property "LoopTime", to switch animation from 0..infinity range to a looping 0..1 range. Default is true, which is the previous behavior.
FEATUREF10318The Performance Statistics provide more information: GPU name, number of cores and their granularity as well as the base clock freqency and the current clock frequency.


CHANGEC10659When deleting a Geo Import or Geo Import Live node, everything that was connected to it will be automatically unlinked.
BUGB10603In Shaping/Warping Editor Auto-Edge UI was enabled even though no necessary overlaps existed. Fixed!
BUGB10614Fixed crash when moving Runtime or Designer window from one screen to another and switching between fullscreen and windowed mode.
BUGB10615Reference Layer did not resolve referenced camera if scene was loaded in Runtime (Director mode). Fixed!
BUGB10620ColorPicker node crashed Ventuz when a scene with this node was validated in background. Fixed!
BUGB10626AudioAnalysis node no longer takes more CPU when audio is off on some processors.
BUGB10642Auto-generated scenes from e.g. Geometry Import were saved outside project folder structure. Fixed!
BUGB10644In a Particle System with Secondary Emitter certain combinations of 'StepsPerFrame' and 'Rate' could cause discontinuity in particle emission. Fixed!
BUGB10652OpenVR / Vive : fixed problems with Steam Updates destroying VR Controller detection.


CHANGEC10604Warping/Shaping: Edge blending is now automatically enabled when editing the edge blending parameters.
BUGB10455Flipbook Loader for image sequences will now work if the image sequence does not start with 0. Also improved string parsing for filenames.
BUGB10480Preventing negative values for Width & Height in BlockText nodes to avoid exceptions in DirectWrite layout engine.
BUGB10481In very rare cases a Project Font could not be loaded and DirectWrite logged an 'Unspecified Error'. Fixed!
BUGB10513Fixed missing textures in Geometry Import when the path only partially matched.
BUGB10519Some Interpolator nodes could fire the Reached event delayed by one frame due floating point precision issues. Fixed!
BUGB10547Convert to Text node could not be dropped on bindings. Fixed!
BUGB10610DMX nodes could cause crashes when validated in background. Fixed!
BUGB10309CrashZoom post effect: fixed problem with extreme aspect ratios
BUGB10515Director: Fixed a crash caused by an invalid Uri when creating a new Asset Browser window.
BUGB10522Director: Data items of type double[] were not displayed in the Property Editor. Fixed!
BUGB10524Director: Preventing crash when loading an inaccurate Show file.
BUGB10516Particle System: Fixed problems with deleting content streams (not in-lined streams).
BUGB10363Web Browser: fixed problem with switching off lighting and rendering the web-browser.


BUGB10337DMX In node had some issues with output property invalidation. Fixed!
BUGB10388Certain bindings coming from Input Properties of Value Generator nodes like Mover or Movie Clip invalidated bound nodes even if these Input Properties did not change. Under certain circumstances this could decrease performance of scenes significantly. This is fixed now!
BUGB10389Under certain circumstances the Movie nodes could log an 'Internal Movie Error' even though the according VideoPlayer was not created yet. Fixed!
BUGB10390Async resources have been stored as sync when generated in background thread and needed to be re-created in renderer thread when according node was validated again for some reasons. This could generate render stalls! These resources are now stored with the right Async property value!
BUGB10391Some debug log message have not been written in Runtime even if log level was set to 'Debug'. Fixed!
BUGB10427Fixed Problems with shadows and particles. Mesh-Particles are fully integrated with shadows, sprite particles can cast shadows. Sprite particles do not interact with light so they can not receive shadows. When working with directional lights, the particles are not part of the bounding box calculation so you might need to place dummy objects to extend the bounding box for directional lights.
BUGB10436Fixed problem with Particle Systems where multiple streams have different maximum particle count.
BUGB10437Fixed problem when using Render Cubemap node or the Effect node with SSAO or DOF enabled. The cubemap and effect rendering will have this disabled.
BUGB10438GPU Memory used by Particle System buffers was not included in the GPU memory statistics. This memory depends on the maximum particle count, so be conservative about those!
BUGB10445The Config Editor now does not allow config file imports and RenderSetup creation when local VMS is not available to avoid crashes.
BUGB10446Config Editor did not show anything if the local VMS was not running. Now after a certain timeout another available machine is selected and the user is informed about the missing local VMS.
BUGB10447Directory node did not update Uri output (with disabled AutoUpdate) if files that match the search pattern were added later to directory and Update was triggered.
BUGB10448Custom JavaScript output properties have not been updated on the WebBrowser node. Fixed!
BUGB10392Director: Fixed crash that occurred when a Template could not be loaded from an incompatible SceneModel.
BUGB10275Geo Import: Displacement maps now get imported
BUGB10284Geo import: Fixed missing embedded textures in certain FBX files.


FEATUREF7551Audio Clip node now has output properties for loaded/playing state and current position.
FEATUREF8176Designer now shows progress bars when scenes are saved.
FEATUREF8257Added nodes to support for DMX & ArtNet. See user manual for details.
FEATUREF9097Introducing new Content node Geometry Provider and a Geometry Renderer which can exchange geometry primitives as PropertyGroup.
FEATUREF9191Float properties can now be easily animated with integrated LFOs (low frequency oscillator). See user manual for details.
FEATUREF9196Introducing new Analyze Audio node to replace the FFT node.
FEATUREF9202Introducing nodes and functionality to handle numeric type 'double'.
FEATUREF9268Added possibility to watch properties and events in Renderer and dedicated Designer window.
FEATUREF9494It's now possible to extract certain PropertyGroups (like TextureLoader, Mapping, etc.) to a separate node. Click the 'Extract' button right to the PropertyGroup.
FEATUREF9514In EffectFX and Mirror Nodes you can now use 2D Displacement, Polar, Kaleidoscope and Color Difference Keyer.
FEATUREF9530When the content of a PropertyGroup is changed (like 'Effect' on a Layer) the property values are migrated if they have the same semantics.
FEATUREF9534Scene Statistics now also shows an overview of the used PropertyGroups.
FEATUREF9792Designer now contains a Container Outliner to visualize scene structure and to improve navigation.
FEATUREF10007Colors in Enriched Blocktext can now define an alpha value to render parts of the text with different transparency.
FEATUREF10009Animation Channels for Color type now support alpha.
FEATUREF10108In the AV Config, Deltacast boards are now displayed with the full product name. Instead of e.g. "Deltacast hd key" it now is "Deltacast hd-e-key 22".
FEATUREF10120Introducing extensive and versatile Particle System. See user manual and demo scenes for further details.
FEATUREF10121Introducing possibilities to import and render 2D/3D paths. Paths can be imported via C4D Live Link or from SVG files. See user manual on Path and Arrow nodes for details.
FEATUREF10123Added Flipbook Loader as Texture Loader for a Material Stage which can load a movie and automatically animates through the frames.
FEATUREF10137Depth of Field effect now supports alpha channel processing
FEATUREF9103Animation Editor: Staggering mode for moving multiple keyframes on multiple channels. See user manual for details.
FEATUREF987Geometry import: Errors during importing now get written into the Ventuz log and will result in way more descriptive error messages.
FEATUREF1287Geometry import: Added option to invert material opacity
FEATUREF6612Geometry import: SRT animations are now imported either as one animation for everything or as one per scene graph node.
FEATUREF9204Geometry import: can now read embedded textures from formats like FBX, etc.
FEATUREF9394Geometry import: it's now possible to import Light and Camera parameter.
FEATUREF10122Introducing new draw modes: Sprite, Path, Line as part of the extended Material System.
FEATUREF9975Ventuz now comes with a utility to migrate settings, configs and caches from Ventuz 5 to Ventuz 6: VentuzMigrationHelper.exe
CHANGEC8372Changed the way bounding box calculations are done for directional lights and objects that only receive but do not cast shadows.
CHANGEC9081Nodes which create random values (Mover, Spreader, TextEffects, RandomPoints) are now Cluster compatible and create the same random values on all machines.
CHANGEC9187Property & Layer Editor now list PropertyGroups horizontally and allows multi-selection.
CHANGEC9213Hierarchy Container can now be inactivated in Designer.
CHANGEC9273GPU & Rendering details now have its own Performance Statistics option.
CHANGEC9595Animation nodes as well as Scene and Project channels do not push changes to all connected node anymore. Now only real value changes are forwarded to dependent nodes. This improves performance of scene with a lot of animation or data channels.
CHANGEC10039Shadows of Pointlights now use Percentage Closer Filter like all other light types, giving a much better filtering quality.
CHANGEC10125Custom Model Editor has been merged into the Property Editor for a simplified workflow.
CHANGEC9779BREAKING CHANGE: Trackmen Camera Tracking : in Ventuz 5 the Center Shift Y was inverted and this had to be compensated by setting the Trackmen configuration to inverted center shift Y. Ventuz 6 has this corrected and you do not need to invert it in the Trackmen configuration settings. Please update your Trackmen configuration accordingly when switching from Ventuz5 to Ventuz6.
CHANGEC10017BREAKING CHANGE: Depth of Field and SSAO effects now work with multisampled scenes.
CHANGEC8808C4D Live Link: can now disconnect multiple selected nodes.
CHANGEC8878C4D Live Link: Fixed broken behavior when copying+pasting tagged objects.
BUGB7532Editing PropertyGroups in multi-selection mode did not work but only affected one single node. Fixed!
BUGB8772Fixed bug with AntiAliasScale of shadow maps which have been scaled incorrectly for non-fullscreen layers.
BUGB9144Fixed problem with 3D Reference Layers when either the original or the referenced layer where not fully on-screen, and screen aligned UV mapping was used (like the background texture node does implicitly).
BUGB9716Project Browser did not show online content on very first start of Designer. Fixed!
BUGB9726Having a scaling axis in front of a camera node broke lighting and clipping under certain circumstances. Fixed.
BUGB10022Fixed problem with Offscreen Layers in Render Once mode where one black frame was generated.
BUGB8798BREAKING CHANGE: Nodes bound to SystemID had wrong validation dependencies. Fixed!
BUGB9036BREAKING CHANGE: Fixed Lens Flares / Glare highlights not being visible when color correcting a layer with an alpha channel.
BUGB8039VR: Bounding boxes and selection highlight are now displayed correctly on both eyes.