The Substance Integration offers easy import and live tweaking of substances to streamline your workflow.
SBSAR’s can simply be dragged and dropped into Ventuz or loaded in the new Substance Material or Substance Loader Node. Change any exposed substance property on the fly in Ventuz Designer.
During import, Ventuz will create the right material stages, so you can focus on the material design and fine tuning.
Material Slots will be condensed to save material stages if Ventuz can merge gray-channel textures, like roughness, AO and metalness.
Importing textures and substances has never been easier before!Also, Ventuz is now able to decode the free, high-quality, GPU powered NotchLC video codec.Other new features:

  • Replace assets for the whole scene or single nodes, or start an automatic search for missing assets through the Assets Tab of the Scene Statistics.
  • Introducing new GetBoundingBox node to retrieve the bounding box of a subtree.
  • Introducing Scene Optimization section in the Scene Statistics dialog to detect and remove unnecessary nodes in the scene tree.
  • OpenVR: added vibration (haptic feedback) to Vive controllers.
  • New option to disable writing normals in the Z Test options .Useful when doing transparencies and SSAO.
  • Ventuz now comes with a Remoting4 Dll for .Net Standard and .Net Core.
  • Ventuz is now able to send the render output in real-time as h264 video stream

Also new is the exclusive streaming App made by Realtimedepartment. The basis  is a streaming API that is now included in the latest version Ventuz 6.4 for the first time.