Airbus Digitalizes Showroom with Ventuz

Digital media allows companies to move away from crowding their spaces with physical exhibits, and instead use technological experiences and interactive design to present their portfolio, communicate their message and entertain their clients. With the help of the Ventuz software suite, Agency VS Factory assisted Airbus in turning their showroom at the last SIAE into a digital haven filled with information.

On over 800 square meters, VS Factory installed a large LED wall, 8 display pillars and two OLED screens. Every application was interactive and featured a different area of operations inside of Airbus. Over 6800 media assets – videos, images and more – were tied into the presentation content and gave deep insight into the company’s services and innovations.

The main element was the video wall, which consisted of 48 NEC screens powered by six Ventuz machines running in sync. Three rotation laser devices were used to offer interactivity to visitors via six menu interfaces – allowing several people to browse the content simultaneously. “Through the menu, users could access a vast amount of media files stored in an internal database,” said Martin Dorai of VS Factory. “Ventuz was able to handle thousands of assets due to its powerful real-time engine with no lag or delay at all.”

The same graphic design was used on the totems, which consisted of two touchscreens stacked on top of each other in portrait mode. “The flexibility of the Ventuz design and authoring environment made it possible for us to easily adapt the central graphic elements to different aspect ratios, resolutions and color codes”, explained Martin Dorai. “We could also use the same underlying logic for interactivity, even though we switched from laser devices to touchscreens and even to camera tracking. This allowed us to work very fast and efficiently.”

Camera tracking was used on the two OLED screens. Next to their access to the media assets, they served a special purpose: on two occasion during the event, a high-ranking company representative held a custom presentation in the Airbus showroom. This presentation was triggered by a fingerprint can on one of the OLED screens. All screens in the entire room synchronized and displayed the according presentation content. The swift and delay-free communication between Ventuz systems inside a network made this setup particularly easy and gave VS Factory the utmost flexibility.

But flexibility was also of the essence during the three months of production. “Airbus provided us with a multitude of large vector graphics”, said Martin Dorai. “The rendering power of the Ventuz engine allowed us to handle these files with ease and use them in any graphical context we desired. Additionally, we were able to implement all ideas and requests that the Airbus staff brought to us during production, even shortly before the event.”

And not just Airbus was happy with the outcome. VS Factory was awarded the “Heavent Paris” in the category “Best Digital Solution”. Currently, VS Factory and Airbus are discussing the possibility to create a permanent showroom based on this concept. We are looking forward to seeing the magic happen.