Ventuz now supports Audio devices with ASIO drivers. This allows use of professional audio devices with low latency.
Audio and Movie nodes now support audio channel configuration for Multi-channel Audio content. This allows selecting which audio channels should be played back.
The Remoting 4 API has been extended and can now be accessed via Websockets to allow remote control of Ventuz scenes from a web page.
Introducing a new Interaction Rectangle node to be able to remote control computers or applications from within Ventuz. Within this feature, you can create Remote Desktop or VNC applications inside Ventuz.
Ventuz 6.5 offers a new Snapshot Framebuffer node to achieve some new rendering effects.
Our Director now has Macros capabilities, which allow triggering of predefined actions via shortcuts, like cueing a specific Template or modifying a Project Data value.
Last but not least, the Director has a huge number of workflow improvements and bug fixes.