Immerse yourself and be amazed – data visualization 4.0 interactive presentations

Interactive presentations and workshops in media spaces are becoming increasingly popular

But rooms have limits concerning location and capacity. The more senior the participants are, the more difficult it is to bring people and room together at one venue. So, the question is: How to enable customers to participate in a session, who cannot come or just do not fit into the room?

Driven by one of thei customers, who already successfully uses an interactive 360-degree showroom for presentation purposes, they have found an answer to this question in close cooperation with Ventuz. The basis for their development at Realtime Department is a streaming API that is now included in the latest version Ventuz 6.4 for the first time. This new interactive streaming solution comprises several interlinked tools: a streaming sender accessing the Ventuz API, a server module as well as a native Android app as receiver module (more platforms are already in progress). The new solution offers the opportunity of a bidirectional stream by which on the one hand the complete content of the Ventuz render can be sent with multi-adjustable parameters via Internet to the receiver, and on the other hand touches of the receiver can also be sent back to Ventuz. Thereby, you can not only visualize data and share content but also interactively collaborate in real-time. At the moment, RealTime Department is still in beta phase, but their customer is already enthusiastic about the new possibilities of their interactive real-time streaming solution.

To gain first insights into the benefits of the new API all Ventuz users can now download a limited version of our new streaming solution at…

Password: Streaming!

It’s time to discover a new dimension of virtual collaboration. Enjoy!