Maintenance – FAQ

What is Maintenance and what does it include?

Maintenance is an optional service, provided to always keep your licensed products up-to-date. Maintenance includes:

  • updates, like bug-fixes, code corrections and patches,
  • minor and major releases, like new features, enhancements, new technologies, extensions, general enhancements and/or modifications

Keeping a license under Maintenance ensures access to the latest releases as well as all previously released versions (back to version 6.0)

Maintenance is considered a seamless service provided by Ventuz and does not include additional support services. See also  General Terms and Conditions, §4 Maintenance

Since when is maintenance available?

Maintenance is only available for version 6.0 or higher. Older versions must be version upgraded to the latest release. The first year of Maintenance is included in the upgrade.

Upgrades can easily be ordered in the Ventuz Customer Portal for 20% of the current list price of the licensed product.

What does Maintenance cost?

Purchasing a new perpetual license does include the first year of Maintenance. Maintenance can only be purchased for one single year in advance. One year Maintenance is 12% of the current list price of the licensed product at the time of purchasing.

The free Community Edition as well as any rented or subscribed license always include Maintenance.

Does my license still work if its Maintenance is expired?

Yes, perpetual licenses are still functional in the last valid X.Y version of the licensed product whose release date was within the valid Maintenance period. (including any older version)
Rented and subscribed licenses are always under Maintenance within their valid rental or subscription period.

Must I purchase Maintenance?

No – purchasing Maintenance is optional. Even though it is highly recommended to have access to the latest release at any time. An interruption and later reactivation will add additional cost – see below.

Maintenance is always included in the subscribed and rented licenses, so there are no additional Maintenance costs for this type of licenses.

How do I extend my Maintenance?

Maintenance can easily be purchased within the Ventuz Customer Portal. Maintenance can be extended earliest 2 months before or latest 1 month after the Maintenance period has expired. The purchased Maintenance year will be seamlessly appended to the previous Maintenance expiry date. Maintenance can only be purchased for one single year in advance. Extending  Maintenance that is expired for longer than 1 month is called reactivation – see below.

Can I reactivate my Maintenance?

Licenses whose Maintenance is expired for longer than 1 month need to be reactivated. A reactivation means that an additional year of Maintenance must be purchased. The interruption  between expiry and reactivation will be charged pro rata retroactively. This reactivation-fee is capped at one year of interruption. Therefore the reactivation of a license with an expired Maintenance for longer than one year will cost 24% .

For any questions regarding Maintenance, please contact your sales agent or contact us directly.

See also  General Terms and Conditions, §4 Maintenance