Presenting our Latest Software Release at ISE 2019

Date: 6th February 2019
Market: Digital Signage
Technology: Motion Graphics

Just in time for our presence at ISE 2019, we have released Version 6.3 of the Ventuz Software Suite for download. With this release, we have taken a close look at pipelines and 3rd-party integrations to optimize workflows and simplify everyday processes for designers and showrunners alike.

3rd-party integrations are an essential element of the Ventuz workflow, which is why we make sure to offer comprehensive pipelines that provide great performance and intuitive handling. We understand that no software tool can exist in isolation and always try to allow our users to continue to utilize the entire software toolbox and workflows that they are familiar with.

One of the biggest improvements is the update of the Cinema 4D Live Link to version R 20 of C4D. MAXON Cinema4D is a favorite application of Motion Designers around the globe. The Live Link provides a seamless workflow between asset creation in Cinema 4D and the real-time motion graphics authoring in Ventuz. By updating to R 20, we are making sure that designers can stay at the pulse of time and get the most out of the workflow they are familiar with.

Another improvement to our 3D pipeline comes in the form of an added option for glTF 2.0 imports. The “Merge Subsets” functionality now merges subsets with the same transform and material, which greatly simplifies workflows and optimizes the use of the new glTF 3D standard in Ventuz. We encourage our users to try glTF 2.0 as an import and export format for their 3D workflows, because it offers very flexible handling of assets at impressive data rates.

We have also updated our NDI workflow to version 3.8. NDI provides high-quality video distribution over IP and has quickly evolved into one of the most stable and powerful video streaming options for many simplified, modern installations, especially when it comes to high resolution projects.

For smoother web handling, the integrated Chromium Browser has been updated to version 71. It now offers fully hardware accelerated rendering, providing increased speed, modernity and flexibility for web integration in Ventuz real-time projects.

When it comes to updates – especially major updates – the problem of migrating projects from an older software version to the newest release is always present. With Ventuz X 6.0, we have introduced the MigrationHelper.exe, a little utility that analyzes projects created in Ventuz 5 and identifies missing or changed features to simplify the migration into Ventuz X. This little tool now supports more project options and thereby ensures a seamless workflow when migrating old projects into newer versions of Ventuz.

There has also been a significant change to the scripting workflow in Ventuz version 6.3. It’s now possible to import DLLs to Script from the Local Assembly Cache in the Ventuz installation and from the Scripts folder in a Ventuz project. This new feature is especially interesting when transferring a Ventuz project from one computer to another. While it was necessary before to install all DLLs that were relevant for the Ventuz project separately on the designated machine, the project now incorporates these DLLs, which provides a more streamlined scripting workflow in Ventuz and increased flexibility in production environments.

ISE 2019 will be the perfect opportunity to view Ventuz X 6.3 live for the fist time and receive a professional demo from the Ventuz staff on the booth. Find the booth in hall 8, booth number 8-K330.