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Ventuz Director

Ventuz Director is a playout control application dedicated to driving Ventuz content in any kind of audiovisual production realm.

Ventuz Director requires no system specific knowledge to use as an operator and a minimal learning curve. It allows for the operation of any kind of configuration or show, but also gives the possibility to write bespoke applications that then run within the Director interface.

Director uses familiar concepts and workflows, such as a template/page paradigm, complete with playlist and shotbox, or a timeline based workflow more reminiscent of NLE systems. Both work fluidly with the same content and with each other. Thereby, Director brings real-time data driven 3D graphics into a standard pipeline that operators will be comfortable and familiar with.

Director’s customizable interface allows operators to quickly and easily run through a playlist, preview graphics, make last minute changes to the content and take the graphics to air. The interface can be completely customized to suit any workspace environment and can span across several screens. With lightning fast response times, it is built with the requirements of a live production environment in mind.

Intelligent animation behavior is inherent in the Ventuz architecture. Thus, allowing graphics to transition in, out and through multiple takes without manual intervention becomes a simple task. The Ventuz state logic engine automatically selects the appropriate animation path from any graphic to another. Graphic collision errors are a thing of the past and operator control is significantly simplified.

ventuz director interface modelling 3d imagesventuz director interface forming charts and diagrams

Product Features

  • Timeline and Playlist based Workflow
  • Modular Template and Page based Scene Setup
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Full Unicode Character Support
  • Multi Format Movie Clip Playback
  • Sample Accurate Audio Playback
  • MOS Protocoll Integration
  • XML/JSON Based Data Exchange
  • Full .NET API for Custom Interfaces and Controls