On-Air and In-Studio Graphics for BingoLotto done with Ventuz


Swedish all-time classic BingoLotto has been on air for over 20 years. This season, they have switched to Ventuz.

BingoLotto is one of Sweden’s most popular TV game shows. It combines the thrill of Bingo with music and other entertainment. Every Sunday, with only a short break during the summer months, the host Marie Serneholt leads through a wide variety of games in which people in the studio as well as viewers at home can participate. The show utilizes on-air graphics and in-studio LCD displays, projection screens and an 11 meter LED backdrop wall. 
The requirements for the graphics engine and the multimedia setup of BingoLotto change constantly, as new games are introduced and old ones thrown out. “Our previous graphics solution put many restrictions on our creativity”, said Niclas Carlsson, CEO of Refoundit. “A new solution was desperately needed – one that would equip us not only for the challenges of this show, but also for the evolution of the entire broadcast market.” The choice was Ventuz. 
“What was most intriguing about Ventuz was that it comes as one complete package with all features included”, stated Carlsson. “Plus it is a very open system, which allows me to create anything I want, from on-air graphics to interactive games and large projections.” BingoLotto also relies heavily on custom made control applications that trigger graphics on the different screens. Since Ventuz offers flexible input/output options, all control applications could be reused in the new setup.
“We have looked at a number of graphics solutions for this show, but Ventuz really convinced us”, explained Carlsson. “Working with this tool is a joy, and so far everyone involved in the production of BingoLotto is very happy with the outcome.”
BingoLotto is owned by the company Folkspel, a Swedish gaming company owned by 70 national non-profit organizations scattered across the country. It is Folkspel’s mission to earn as much money as possible by selling lottery tickets for their member associations. Since the start in 1991, they have generated the almost unreal sum of SEK 15.8 billion.
Refoundit also uses Ventuz for other Swedish TV shows, among them popular formats such as Så ska det låta and Bullseye.
bingolotto sweden tv show studio backdrop showing the bingo numbers winner of a vw being happy