Business Transformation on Interactive Sliding Display


Video wall installation uses shift-display technology to show five different presentations. 

When our customers join forces for a project, we can always expect some outstanding work. This is especially true for an installation created for the Transformation Forum in Astana, Kazakhstan, which took place in October. Glare Productions and Realtime Department got together to realize hardware and content for a video wall setup concept created by DITIS. Due to extraordinary technology, the installation hosted five different interactive presentations. The entire project was based on the Ventuz software suite
The forum was organized by Sovereign Wealth Fund “Samruk-Kazyna”, which is the state shareholder of the major national companies of Kazakhstan. The event itself was held to present the Fund’s business transformation program to the President of Kazakhstan. This installation was dedicated to the chapter of transformation programs inside of the largest assets of the Fund: KazMunayGaz (Oil & Gas), Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (Railway Transport), Kazakhtelecom (Telecommunication), Kazpost (Postal Sevices), and Air Astana (National Airline). 
In order to allow every single presentation to spread across the entire video wall, the team used the shift-display-solution. A touch frame was mounted in front of the video wall and could be moved across its entire length. Depending on the frame’s position, one of the five presentations was triggered and an easy to use touch-menu appeared inside of the framed area.
During the President’s visit, the CEO of each company slid the frame to the position of his company’s logo and held a speech regarding the transformation in this company.
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Additionally to this installation, the team also created a real-time presentation for Samruk-Kazyna’s CEO, who gave his speech at the roundtable conference. 
P.S. For the same event, DITIS & 2RISE also created another intriguing installation. 
touch frame displaying a collage of photos LED screen displaying 3D graphs and charts view of the conference room with a round table and the stage with a LED screen and touch frames in the fronttouch frame displaying information boxes and a map touch frames displaying diagrams charts and information with a mood graphic in the background