Carl Group Launches New Ventuz Based Digital Backdrop Product


The DPG – short for Dynamic Playground – is a mobile interactive sponsor board that is aimed at offering additional media content for sports and entertainment broadcasts. Developed by Carl Group, a long-time Ventuz customer, the DPG was recently used for the first time in the live broadcast of the 2016 FIS Ski World Cup. Here, the DPG was installed in the hospitality area and served as backdrop for a variety of interview situations.

The device consists of two 65” multitouch screens which offer high-end color contrast and brightness, which makes them the perfect choice for the use in broadcast studio environments. The unit is equipped with a sturdy pedestal that rests on hydraulic wheels for easy transportation – the height of the screens can be adjusted for maximum flexibility. The entire device is also weatherproof and can be used outside without any problems.

Main goal of the DPG is to add additional layers of content to any live broadcast. A social media integration allows for the involvement of the audience, slow motion sequences and clips can be played back for review, statistics and diagrams can be visualized in easily understandable manners. Since the entire content is interactive, moderator and studio guests have the opportunity to use visual elements to dive deep into each topic.

Carl Group chose Ventuz as the visualization tool because of the combination of features offered by the software suite: interactivity, data visualization as well as broadcast stability and playout functionalities. Also, future customers shall be given the opportunity to easily adjust their content. By implementing the Ventuz Director user interface in the backend, Carl Group is offering maximum flexibility while maintaining high-end graphical standards.

2016 FIS Ski World Cup DPG Backdrop2016 FIS Ski World Cup DPG Backdrop Interview with sportswoman2016 FIS Ski World Cup DPG Backdrop displaying supporting graphics for the moderator