Microsoft feels the Human Touch with Ventuz


Munich agency stereolize celebrates their tenth anniversary as Microsoft’s multimedia expert for CeBIT!

It has become a never-ending story: stereolize creates the stage presentations for IT-mega-house Microsoft at CeBIT. One could ask why we bother to speak about it again and again. The answer: Because they manage to stun us again and again.

At CeBIT 2012, stereolize revolutionized the entire concept of stage presentations at Microsoft by introducing a talk-show-like atmosphere onto the center stage. This same idea was adopted this year and completed by one key aspect. Additionally to the couch, the talk-show-host, the band and the drinks, the presentation control center was also placed on the stage. This meant that the content on the backdrop video wall was driven by an editor who was visible to the audience instead of being hidden in some dark room on the back. Not only did this approach serve for more transparency, it also made it possible to create and rearrange the flow of the presentation, add interesting facts or skip through entire sections.

Stereolize used Ventuz to produced interactive media content for 5 hours worth of presentations in the classic metro design. Five cameras were placed on stage, their video feeds being seamlessly embedded into the realtime 3D content on the video wall. To let the presentations reach far beyond the exhibition floor, every minute was broadcast into the internet through a live stream. A chatroom enabled the editors to also include questions and remarks from the outside world into the everyday happenings on the Microsoft Center Stage.

For more information, visit the stereolize website!

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