Party Check goes on air with Ventuz


New customer OPENGAMES.TV creates on air graphics for teen game show in Ventuz.

KIKA’s game show Party Check is a fun piece of teen entertainment, but also a sophisticated puzzle of voting data and game results that need to be visualized in an entertaining way. The German agency OPENGAMES.TV is an experienced creator of interactive technology for game shows and has now turned to Ventuz to realize the on air graphics for the second edition of Party Check.

The show revolves around six teens – three boys and three girls – who meet for the first time. During a number of games and quizzes they get to know each other with the cameras always close by. The candidates collect points for achievements and sympathy-votings. At the end, the winner will pick one person who he or she liked most to share the prize with. If the sympathy is mutual, the prize will even be doubled.

OPENGAMES.TV created their very own control software which calculated all voting results. The data was then fed into the Ventuz engine which rendered all on-air graphics in real-time. Additionally, a video wall consisting of nine screens on stage displayed the graphics content for host, candidates and audience to see.

OPENGAMES.TV chose Ventuz for this project for its reliability and stability, but also because it allowed them to create interesting animations in a short period of time. They were especially intrigued by the fact that changes to all aspects of the content could be made at any point of the production process, even shortly before the show, and would be updated in real-time. The flexibility of the Ventuz engine also made it possible for them to make changes on an offline machine, such as a laptop, which could be transferred directly into the online project without any further alterations. Consequently, working with Ventuz gave them every possibility to interact with their content – absolutely necessary for an interactive technology company.

The show won the Golden Sparrow in the category Entertainment. We are proud and grateful to have been a part of this project!

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