Smoking design for KENT


British American Tobacco promotes KENT with interactive installations all over Moscow.

Enter the future with KENT – that was the motto of the promotion campaign by BAT held in December 2012 in Moscow. In three different locations all over the city custom promo booths were installed that gave visitors the chance to playfully interact with the brand. The centerpiece of the booth was a futuristic glass capsule, which provided visitors with touch-interfaces and a photography setup. The visitors could choose a preset background, a futuristic car, then take a picture of their own face which would be integrated into the setup. After entering name, e-mail-address and age, the final collage would be e-mailed to him.

The Russian agency Visuals in Motion created the installation in Ventuz, using one touch-screen-monitor with the selection interface and another video panel for the photography, plus a video wall consisting of 15 screens, which displayed the final collage and ran KENT’s promotion videos when nobody was using the booth.

All three installations were up and running for a whole month and proved to be extremely reliable and stable, even on highly frequented days. BAT was more than pleased with the outcome.

kent visitor posing in front of the booth