Tvmining Introduces Big Data Command Center

Date: 22nd February 2017
Agency: Tvmining, Location: China
Market: Broadcast
Technology: Data Visualization, Motion Graphics, Video Wall

The Spring Festival is the most important traditional holiday in China. Networks across the country create special programs during this time, many of them designed for viewer participation, resulting in massive amounts of data that need to be evaluated and processed. Agency Tvmining has now created a Big Data Command Center at their broadcast studios using the Ventuz software suite.

The Big Data Command Center gathers information from 40 TV stations and displays them on a 10 by 3 meter LED wall in real time. The installation is based on Tvmining’s very own big data technology that helps operators to collect the information they need to flexibly change their schedules and plans for optimal viewer turnaround.

The system allows operators to dynamically select a large number of channels and view their current program simultaneously. At the same time, the system collects all relevant data for each program and visualizes them in easily understandable graphs and tables. In addition to incoming information, operators are also able to send out data, for example in the form of well-wishes to TV audiences.

The installation was introduced on the occasion of the Spring Festival, but it will remain in use for an unspecified time and will serve as a consulting tool for TV stations across China.