VirtualEvent platform Call Studio TV with Ventuz

Date: 27th October 2020
Agency: Pictures That Move
Event: Virtual Event, Virtual Room

Madrid based company Pictures That Move (PTM) has been providing innovative audiovisual services and solutions for more than 25 years now.

As part of their aim to offer the most advanced audiovisual solutions in the market, they added Ventuz software to their workflow more than 10 years ago. All these years of experience have established PTM as a reference Ventuz agency in Spain, with cutting edge projects for companies and institutions like Inditex (Zara), LG Electronics, Iberostar Group, Zurich Insurance, IBM and the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic bid, just to name a few.

Ventuz-based virtual events solution not only because of Corona.

PTM has been planning a Ventuz -based virtual events solution for quite some time, so they were already developing it when COVID 19 crisis started. Quite obviously, the COVID pandemic has accelerated this development, with companies looking for innovative and flashy ways to communicate with their customers and partners, while keeping costs under control and complying with social distance and the rest of the COVID 19 security procedures.

PTM has launched their virtual events platform, Call Studio TV, during this summer. 

“The goal was to offer virtual events that go beyond the standard video streaming talking faces, which have become almost ubiquitous nowadays. We wanted to create something as close to a TV show as possible, with the highest quality and adding all the creative possibilities that Ventuz real-time graphics allow”, says Peter Specht, CEO of PTM.

“Initially, our target has been small to mid-size events, that normally take place in small venues or hotel meetings rooms, but the system is flexible enough to be scaled up for larger events and bigger spaces. It was also very important for us and our customers to deliver the best content quality and to have the creative freedom to customize the events, while keeping costs down, which is mandatory in the current pandemic situation. We knew that this was only possible using real-time graphics, and after all of our years of Ventuz experience, we were convinced that it was the best solution for this task”, continues Specht

As of today, PTM offers a compact TV studio in their facilities in downtown Madrid, Spain, with three cameras, a chroma-keying system, background displays, interactive solutions and even semi-transparent touchscreens, all those elements can be integrated and customized for each individual event.

The graphic and video content is displayed in both real and virtual displays, together with a live presenter, a professional host or a representative from the event customer, and live video feeds from participants over Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, or other similar video conferencing solutions. The final composited video signal is then streamed to the event attendants or general public audience.

“We have been working with Ventuz for more than ten years now, and we know how flexible and reliable it is, so it was the natural choice for us to for CallStudio. Ventuz allows us to easily integrate video streams, live video input signals and video over IP technologies, such as NDI, and combine them with 2D and 3D graphics generated in real-time to present live data feeds.”, explains Guillermo Plazzola, Ventuz Project Manager at PTM.

“Interaction was also crucial for this project, and Ventuz brings us a fantastic set of tools for this requirement, from touchscreens to external control data using OSC, TUIO, etc, the system has a very streamlined workflow to integrate it all within the Ventuz graphics project. In addition, Ventuz also gives us the possibility of controlling studio lighting using industry-standard protocols, such as DMX or ArtNET, which is mandatory due to the current situation that demands small technical teams.”, comments Plazzola.

“ Ventuz for us was the best solution for this project, its flexibility is helping us with the challenges that every new event brings.”

For instance, we had to include live subtitling and hearing-impaired translation for a recent event, and thanks to Ventuz flexibility and expandability it was quite easy for us to integrate such requirements into our existing platform.”, states Peter Specht.

CallStudio TV is already live and has been used in many marketing actions during last weeks, like virtual events for IBM CyberSecurity week or Spanish publisher Anaya event to launch their new Social Business books.

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