Attracting Investors in a Ventuz-powered Media Room

Date: 26th July 2018
Agency: Digileone, Artist: Alexey Zotov, Location: Moscow
Event: Events, SPIEF
Market: POS/POI
Technology: Data Visualization, Touch Screen, Video Wall

At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in May 2018, the City of Moscow targeted potential investors on a stylish booth packed with digital media installations. Digital studio Digileone took on this massive task and chose Ventuz for most of the applications ranging from video walls and LED ribbons to an interactive media room.

The goal of the Moscow City Government was to present investment opportunities in their famous technoparks, industrial areas in Moscow that are tailored to the needs of tech start-ups and big players alike. In the media room, potential investors had the chance to review the different zones and even calculate their possible return on investment in a private atmosphere.

The installation consisted of a threefold video wall shaped like a triptych. A touch screen in front of the wall served as a navigation interface. With the help of a staff member, visitors could browse through the technoparks and receive a wide array of information to help them make their decision.

“The real-time calculation of the possible return on investment was quite a task”, said Alexey Zotov of Digileone. “Visitors could type in voluntary numbers through the touch screen interface. These numbers were then sent from Ventuz into an Excel sheet which calculated the ROI based on the information we received from the Moscow City Government. The results were then streamed into the video wall presentation and displayed in the form of an easily understandable table.”

Since SPIEF is an international event, the media room needed to suit visitors from different areas of the world. With localized versions for Russian, German, English and Chinese, Digileone made sure that the effect would not be lost on foreign investors.

Naturally, media installations weren’t restricted to the back room. In fact, the open front of the booth displayed a multitude of applications with a massive video wall forming the center piece. In idle mode, it showed a 3D movie designed to highlight the technological character of the entire stand. Via a touch screen, visitors could click through the selection of technoparks and receive a concentrated version of the available information. This station also served as the trigger for the entire booth. At the beginning of the show, the mayor of Moscow was able to start all media applications with a single handprint.

Additionally, Digileone used Ventuz for a colorful LED ribbon along the front of the booth and a wayfinding station which featured a touch screen and a transparent display. With such a wide variety of applications, a lot of attention had to be paid to the design. “We took inspiration from the booth design in order to make our content fit in smoothly with the entire setup”, said Sam Tokemaro. “But we also made sure to give each installation a unique look and feel while staying on brand and delivering highly usable interfaces.”

Although Alexey has known Ventuz since 2013, the team only really started using the tool about 3 years ago. He explained: “I always enjoyed Ventuz, but we were lacking the right talent to make the most of it. We have grown a lot during the last few years and finally have a team big enough to really get into new technologies. Now, I am very happy that we have Ventuz on board. It is a simple and very smart tool, and with every new update it seems we can create even better content.”