A Dive into Almaty’s 2022 Bid Presentation

Date: 27th October 2015, Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan, Event: Presentations
Market: Digital Signage, POS/POI, Technology: Data Visualization, Interactive

For the Candidate City Presentations to the Winter Olympic Games 2022, the Spanish agency Pictures That Move produced a series of presentations and touchscreen app’s for the Kazakh city of Almaty.

A main element of the campaign was an interactive presentation installed at Lausanne. The interface created in Ventuz allowed the IOC members to get every detail on the venues, infrastructure and distances between the locations, as well as see pictures of the current state of the venues as well as 3D renderings of the final architecture. Additionally, videos gave insight into the city’s mission and philosophy for their Olympic Games.

The interface was used by the Almaty 2022 bid team as one of the main assets for their exhibition in Lausanne, counting on four 40″ touchscreens and a high resolution 3 meter LED Wall.