MIG Creates a Connected Booth for TD Auto Finance

Date: 16th December 2015
Market: Digital Signage, POS/POI, Technology: Data Visualization, Interactive

The most valuable thing a company can gather at an exhibition is information about their customers. Not only does it give them better opportunities to reach out to potential clients, it also allows them to personalize marketing and thereby connect with the visitor in an especially engaging way. This was the goal for the booth of TD Auto Finance at the NADA Exhibition hosted by the National Automobile Dealers Association. The US event production agency Multi Image Group (MIG) used a multitude of interconnected installations to put this concept into reality.

When coming into the booth, the visitor was greeted with a gift – a rebranded Hotwheel equipped with an RFID sticker. A staff member scanned the visitor’s badge, thereby storing the person’s information in the database, and registered the RFID chip of the Hotwheel, connecting the chip with the person’s information. The visitor then proceeded into the booth to the first of a number of Ventuz powered installations.

One installation was an interactive prize wheel on a multitouch monitor mounted in portrait mode. To activate it, the visitor had to scan their RFID chip. The installation then allowed the attendee to push the gas, which started the turning of the wheels in true automotive fashion. This was a fun way of using gamification to enhance the experience of handing out giveaways in a trade show booth.

A second installation served as an interactive information hub. Again the visitor had to scan their RFID chip to activate the content, which then appeared branded to the person’s name and/or company. The content showed a virtual dealership and highlighted a number of different scenarios in the life of an automobile dealer. On the multitouch monitor, the visitor could select one of the many topics and was then given detailed information on solutions offered by TD Auto Finance. This station allowed the attendee to have a personalized viewing experience, while TD Auto was able to capture valuable customized data on what each individual attendee showed interest in.

To connect the user to the outside world, MIG installed a photo booth which allowed visitors to take pictures of themselves and distribute them via a tablet installation across Facebook and Twitter. This station generated more than 200 tweets, which was far more than any other individual booth at the trade show.

These Ventuz powered installations reliably delivered the intended results: firstly, to engage the audience in the booth through fun experiences and thereby prolong their retention time, and secondly to gain more quality leads for the sales team with customized information displays. Ventuz proved a perfect fit for the complex infrastructure of this project. The booth of TD Auto Finance was a great success and won Best In Show at the NADA Exhibition. For more information on this project and other Ventuz projects, please contact Multi Image Group at marketing@mig.cc.