Projection Mapping and Presentation for Jewelry Catalogue Launch

Date: 10th October 2013
Location: Ireland
Event: Launch, Presentations
Technology: Mapping, Presentation, Projection Mapping

Energetix Bingen uses Ventuz projection mapping to present their newest collection of jewelry to their sales force.

On August 31st Energetix Bingen, a large direct marketer of magnetic jewelry, invited their distribution partners to the annual presentation of the new product catalogue. An entire day was dedicated to this event, which offered speeches, motivational workshops, multimedia shows, award ceremonies, stars, and, naturally, the newest collection of magnetic jewelry.
Following the theme of the catalogue – Ireland – LK AG created a stage setup that resembled the Giant’s Causeway, one of Ireland’s most famous sights. Elements designed in the hexagonal shape of the Causeway’s pillars were placed in front of the 18 meter wide projection surface. Two sets of projectors illuminated the stage: one set consisting of three Panasonics, which were used to project the main presentation content, video footage and mood images onto the screen, while the other set of three Barco projectors illuminated the Giant’s Causeway elements. To make sure that no overlapping occurred, the content was mapped to fit the two different projection surfaces perfectly. Also, all edge blending was realized in Ventuz. The entire setup ran on two VBoxes sporting AMD FirePro graphics boards.
The centerpiece of the day’s multimedia content was the presentation of the new collection. Every item of jewelry was presented by a model and additionally featured on the screen in a real-time Ventuz presentation. 
This event marked a crucial point in the history of Ventuz – it was the first time (as far as we know) that the new product Ventuz Director was used in a live event setup. A number of Director templates were created beforehand for reoccurring situations on screen. The Director allowed for the easy replacement of content while the structure of the scene remained the same, which proved to be extremely efficient in the heated atmosphere of a live event.