send ON SCREEN® brings social media into Ventuz presentation

Date: 11th December 2013
Agency: ON SCREEN, OnScreen, Location: Germany
Market: Social Media
Technology: Data Visualization, Interactive, Presentation

A new social media asset management tool connects the audience directly to the Ventuz content. 

The German agency ON SCREEN has developed a social media asset management tool that allows a customer to incorporate messages and tweets from different sources directly into the real-time Ventuz presentation. So far, Twitter, e-mail and text messages are supported. Via the use of a certain hashtag selected by the customer, comments are compiled and stored in the system for further use. This allows companies to deploy the tool even in closed environments and also lets those visitors participate, who do not have a Twitter account or cannot install an app on their business phones. 
A web-based administration platform gives the moderator the opportunity to browse through the incoming comments, make selections and bring the content into the Ventuz application manually or in a loop. Additionally, statistical reports can be exported and viewed after the event. 
Since the visualization of the content is completely handled by Ventuz, absolute freedom in terms of design is provided. No more relying on boring presets. Instead, the CI can always be followed and the installation can be created in the most appealing way. 
The application was first used at the Broadcast Symposium Berlin 2013 in November and will also be presented at the Social Media Week in Hamburg this coming February. 
Find more information about this tool on the website of ON SCREEN.