Ad Tech Company Impresses with Wide Screen Video Wall at Annual User Conference


A growing Ad Tech company, who is an expert in brand advertising, decided to take their own event up a notch this year from the standard projection surface set-up. For their 2016 User Conference, which took place this fall in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, the client commissioned InVision Communications to come up with an innovative stage design which resulted in a 5 screen

LED wall. InVision engaged with Mountain View Staging and Ventuz users Meru Interactive to execute on the idea, creating a truly impressive video wall setup for the main stage. The Oracle 2.9 Mil touring LED wall was provided by MVS and consisted of five sections of 185 individual panels for a total 840 X 6216 pixel count combined. Backdrop graphics, video loops and transitions were mapped across the entire pixel space, while other content was dedicated to specific segments only: The center segment hosted alpha graphics, which included speaker titles and bumper transitions between speakers. The left and right outboard screens were used for the speakers’ presentations and IMAG during panel discussions. Logo branding with alpha was displayed on the outboard screens as placeholders and transitional graphics between active sessions and breaks throughout the day.

Ventuz was used as the primary media server, allowing Meru Interactive to control the entire pixel space in an all-in-one platform. Additionally, Ventuz was used to generate real-time content for lower third titles. Much of the live data was delivered through an Excel spreadsheet, which enabled Meru Interactive to build and adjust cues from a remote station during the show.

By using Ventuz, Meru Interactive was able to reduce hardware requirements and run client content at full aspect ratio in uncompressed quality. In addition, Ventuz offered a very flexible workflow, especially in generating look combinations with backgrounds, titles, logos, videos and stills in one unified space. All content could be easily adjusted as the production progressed, providing the production team and the client with absolute creative freedom up to the last minute before the show.

“The combination of the 2.9mm video wall and the Ventuz media provided an exceptionally high-end experience for our attendees. The Ventuz server allowed us a wide range of options on delivery content over multiple display areas which really wowed our audience! This combination of display & switching technology is a fantastic look in today’s corporate events environment.”
Michael Curtis
Senior Producer
InVision Communications

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